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Train station

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Rebekah | 60 comments Mod
if you are entering narnia from the train station

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Violetta sighed. back to school again, she thought. back with all the bullies and the whisperers and the sarcastic teachers. the holidays were never long enough. she sat down on a bench

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie walked into the train station. 'why must life never be interesting?' she thought. In school, despite Callie being pretty, she was bullied. There was no reason to bully her, but the kids got a kick out of It. She sighed. Callie just wanted to leave this world and go into a different one. She had always read about other places in books.

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Violetta looked up as the pretty girl walked into the train station. she felt a stab of jealousy. she would never be pretty.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie sat down beside her. She sighed. The train was running late. She looked at the floor.

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Violetta was surprised. did this girl really just sit next to her? did this mean there was one person on earth who didn't run away at the sight of her? strange.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie looked up and looked where the train was supposed to be. She thought about what happened at school today.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments Aria standing a few feet away noticed all of this and leaned back against the wall. She was unsure if she should say hi.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie looked over at Aria. "Hi I'm Callie," she says. She smiles.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "Hi. I'm Aria." I reply smiling a bit.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "Nice to meet you," she says.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "Nice to meet you. Where are you heading?" Aria asks looking for the train.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "I'm not sure," she says. "Anywhere that will be be away from here."

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "Random traveling! Always the best." Aria replies smiling comically.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie laughs. "Where are you going?" She asked.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "My old professors mansion just outside of London. But that's only a stop." I say thoughtfully. "I'd say that's pretty far." I add.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "Could I go with you?" Callie asked.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "Ugh sure if you want. I just met you though." I reply thoughtfully.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "Sorry for asking. I've had a bad day," Callie says. Her cheeks go a little pink. Callie looks at the ground.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "No don't worry about sure you can come." I say apologetically.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) "thanks," she says. Callie looks back up.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments "Yeah no problem." A few minutes later the train roles up. "This is us." I say straightening and walking over to the train.

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie gets up and follows Aria to the train.

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Jessica Mills | 32 comments I walk onto the train looking back and smiling at you. (So now to the professors mansion! Right?)

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) Callie smiles back. (Yep)

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