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June-July 2013: The Geneva Decision discussion

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Tamara Ward (tamaraward) | 80 comments Mod
Hi! Once you're finished reading The Geneva Decision by Seeley James, let's discuss it here!

message 2: by Dana (new)

Dana Delamar (danadelamar) | 16 comments I really enjoyed this book--great action and pacing. I was never bored and enjoyed the exotic settings. I thought the portion in Cameroon was especially well-done. I also liked a lot of the characters.

That said, Pia drove me a wee bit mad at times. Most particularly, her decision to continue using nonlethal weapons against terrorists struck me as illogical, and she managed to get a team member (and later, a non-team member) killed because of it. (I understood their use in a bodyguard/crowd-control situation with lots of innocent bystanders; they made sense in that situation.) And yet, despite the injuries and the death in her team, she refuses to change her mind. I also found it strange that her team, so many of them ex-military, would continue following her after that. None of them struck me as suicidal or stupid, so I couldn't understand the blind obedience after the mission in Cameroon so clearly illustrated that Pia was wrong. To their credit, some of them did object prior to that mission, but then to have *none* of them object again after they were proven right? And Pia herself doesn't seem to wrestle with the question all that much, and I fully expected her to.

So this part of the book drove me a bit bonkers. Other than that, I really enjoyed it and recommend it, and I plan on reading more in the series.

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