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Question about Doors of Death

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BubblesTheMonkey Is the only way for monsters/people to escape the underworld through the doors of death? If so, how did the girl in the war games, who was killed, escape? Was she in Tartarus or are there multiple ways for the dead to escape?


Serena Which girl in the war games? Which book? I think it could have been talking about the Labyrinth which is a part of the Underworld and not connected to the Doors of Death and Tartarus; the four things are separate or seem so in the Percy Jackson books.

Lani I think she came back through the doors of Death.

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Robbie i agree with anaya. she came back throug the doors of death:)

Serena Who is 'she '???

Kaelyn yeah im confused

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Gwen in SoN.

Serena Oh...

Gwen explains that she was at the River Styx and Charon had asked her for payment to cross, but she found an exit door and used it to leave the Underworld.

The "exit door" probably means the Doors of Death. Gaea had opened them, remember?

Brandon Gwen came back because Thanos was chained at the time and was unable to stop souls from coming back from death

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