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Atheism + Skepticism > Kansas Religion Bill Urges Military To Defend 'Judeo-Christian Tradition' Against Alleged Discrimination

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Republican lawmakers in Kansas want the state Legislature to call on the U.S. military to aggressively defend the "Judeo-Christian tradition" in the face of alleged discrimination by the Defense Department.

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Alicja (darkwingduckie7) | 25 comments "...ban on Bible verses being printed on rifle scopes..."

Discrimination, seriously? I would have though they'd all get standard equipment, kind of like the uniforms.

"For its part, the Navy has said that the restriction on bringing Bibles to the medical center came from a poorly worded visitors policy that was not enforced and quickly rescinded. In April, the Army told Fox News that the shocking identification of religious extremists was an "isolated incident" involving one instructor that was also dealt with."

And the cases of actual discrimination were delt with in a timely manner...

WTF do they want? If this is discrimination than I'm a millionaire.

"In terms of addressing all religions, he said he believes that only Christians are being attacked."

What alternate universe did he come from because surely it isn't this one...

So, to get this straight... the religious majority that has been in power for, oh, as long as anyone can remember has faced a few discriminatory mistakes that were fixed right away and a ban on adorning your rifle with Bible verses (I bet none will quote "do not kill") and they are throwing a hissy fit?

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Lex Allen (lexallenbooks) JESUS CHRIST! (Used as an exclamation of disgust). The religious fervor disease is alive and well. What did Barbara Bollier have to say, "... our legislators had little to do." So, hey, let's raise a little religious discrimination stink.
a. It's none of their business what the DoD is doing.
b. Having served 40 years in the military and DoD, I can attest to the fact that there is zero religious bias in that organization.
c. Our government was not formed on any particular religious principles (instead they were formed on ethical and moral human standards) and our founding fathers were NOT all Christians. There are plenty of historical documents that attest to that little known... rather, diversionary fact.

Here's another example of DoD oversight and control. When email became the standard for sharing information, many Christians (and others) would put a little message at the end of their official mailings. As soon as the powers that be in DoD discovered this, it was firmly and abruptly stopped! BTW, they weren't all Christian messages, either.

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