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scifi humor?

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message 1: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Daigle | 5 comments I've read a lot of good fantasy/humor books, including Robert Aspirin's MYTH, Terry Pratchett's Disk World, and Aaron William's Nodwick Chronicles (technically graphic novels). But I only know of one author who did science fiction/humor, namely Douglas Adams and his Hitchhikers' Guide. Does anyone know of other science fiction/humor books or series?

message 2: by Jp (new)

Jp (JPSonOfJohn) | 3 comments I am currently reading A. Lee Martinez, though he tends towards fantasy. However, he does have a few Sci-Fi books.
John Scalzi has some humorous sci-fi books as well.
A few of Tom Holt's novels seem to be of a sci-fi bent, however, I have not (yet) read any of his books.

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