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I learned about this on Sunday morning. Jack Vance Dies at 96

He was never my favorite science fiction author, but he was my first. The first "adult" science fiction novel I read on my own by my own choice was The Blue World when I was in sixth grade.

I guess the big surprise is he was still alive until last Tuesday.

RIP Jack.

message 2: by Chas (new)

Chas (chazza123) Thanks Greg for posting this and the link to the LA Times story. I loved the Dying Earth series and have re-read it many times, his creation "Cugel" was a classic anti-hero, always never quite good enough, always unlucky after lucky. I wonder if Cugel's sense of injustice was a complete creation or whether Vance drew on his own life.

His books will always have an honoured place in my library.

From the article ...

"In 2009, a New York Times magazine profile described him as "one of American literature's most distinctive and undervalued voices" "

... Absolutely.

"I'm motivated by avarice, by greed," he told the Washington Post in 1988. "I'm not motivated by art, for God's sake. If I worried about these things, I'd be a raving maniac."

I wish I'd met him.

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