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message 1: by Abenet (new)

Abenet | 8 comments Mod
What does it take to create the perfect hero or villain? Who are some of your favorite (mystery/thriller/crime) literary heros and villains?

message 2: by Vallsykes (new)

Vallsykes | 4 comments A good villain to me needs to exhibit a very human side, but also be unfolded to the reader in a subtle or alarming spiral of descent.

I like to be conflicted about whether the villain is purely evil. I don't like villains who have no uniqueness, who are random rather than methodical, and who are written in a plastic cookie cutter way--oh, he's just a serial killer, or she's just obscenely jealous and obsessed (fatal attraction)LOL.

I prefer to "feel" the villainous bent b/c is a trait or state of being born out of society and human tendency as much as heroism.

message 3: by Mona (new)

Mona Grant-Holmes (monatwin) | 7 comments My favorite hero is Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlings. I also like Alex Cross. I like a villain who is developed as a person, and not there because of necessity.

message 4: by R. (new)

R. Smith | 3 comments The perfect way to create a villain is--stay with me here--don't write villains. By which I mean, no one thinks they're a bad guy. An evil person can slaughter a room full of puppies and find a way to feel okay about it. Mustache twirling, black hat wearing baddies aren't as interesting than the ones who act with the opinion that they are justified in their actions. "I deserve to rule the world!" "Well, my wife should have just given me the divorce!" Etc. Anyhow, there's my two cents.

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