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message 1: by BookLover6767 (new)

BookLover6767 I am so in love with the world of Rakhat. The culture the author created was so rich, and even though it was quite disturbing at times, it was so believable.

I enjoyed the style that the author chose to tell the story, moving back and forth across the timeline so that not everything was revealed at once. I think she was more successful at this than most authors who attempt it, especially because she clearly indicated the "when" at the start of each chapter.

My least favourite parts of this novel were the parts that focused so much on religion, and the different characters' struggles with "finding God". While I appreciate the fact that the Jesuits provided the funding for the expedition, and that it is a likely possibility a religious group would take on an expedition like that in real life, I found all of the religious thoughts and discussions to drag on a little too much. I found myself skimming over those parts, in order for me to stay interested in the rest of the story.

message 2: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Dominic (tervalentfrog) | 28 comments Mod
I don't know if a religious group would be capable of such an expedition in the future. I've observed the changing trends, in my generation at least, it's "cool" to be an atheist. On some level it gives them this feeling of superiority.

Seems to me like religion is slowly dying. I'm supposed to be Catholic. And really! They refuse to adapt! In my country, we have 10 years of Sunday school, before "confirmation"
I quit on the 5th.
*Sniffle* *Sniffle* I still can't believe Meelo killed Askama. Now. These are tears of pure manliness. Don't Judge me.

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