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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I think I'm more likely to achieve this challenge compared to the UK Counties one as more of the books I read are set in the US compared to UK.

message 2: by Sarah (last edited Jan 02, 2014 02:59AM) (new)

Sarah 1.Alabama - To Kill a Mockingbird
2.Alaska - Frostbitten
3.Arizona - Timeline
4.Arkansas - Shakespeare's Landlord
5.California - The Kite Runner
6.Colorado - NOS4A2
8.Delaware - Fight Club
9.Florida - Industrial Magic (Miami)
10.Georgia - Exit Strategy (Atlanta)??
13.Illinois - Divergent (Chicago)
16.Kansas - Dark Places
18.Louisiana - Dead Ever After (Bon Temps)
19.Maine - 11/22/63 (Derry)
21.Massachusetts - Dime Store Magic
24.Mississippi - Mudbound
25.Missouri - Fevre Dream (St Louis)
26.Montana - Lost Souls
27.Nebraska - Full Dark, No Stars - first story is situated there.
28.Nevada - Shining in Crimson
29.New Hampshire - Doctor Sleep
30.New Jersey - The Silver Linings Playbook
31.New Mexico - The Running Man Harding
32.New York - Bitten (fictional city in upstate New York)
33.North Carolina - Joyland
34.North Dakota
37.Oregon - Haunted(Portland)
39.Rhode Island
40.South Carolina
41.South Dakota
42.Tennessee - Grave Surprise Memphis
43.Texas - When She Woke
46.Virginia - Stolen
47.Washington - No Humans Involved
48.West Virginia
51. Washington DC - To the Grave

Completed: 30

message 3: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
Enjoy your journey the the States Sarah.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Thanks Ian. I think I'll do better on the States books than the UK Counties challenge!

message 5: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
Ditto.....don't often read books set in the UK.

message 6: by Bill (new)

Bill | 2714 comments You're off to a great start, Sarah.

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Up to 16 now!

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Progress so far!

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah I visited 30 states in 2013 so fingers crossed I can finish the others in 2014.

message 10: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
Well done for those tricky states like Rhode Island and South Dakota.

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Ian wrote: "Well done for those tricky states like Rhode Island and South Dakota."

Tell me about it!

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