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The book:

Tartaros by Voss Foster

A demon hunter, Daniel Tartaros is sworn to slay the denizens of Hell and, for over a decade, he has. He's kept the world, and his girlfriend, safe. But, one night, the demons cross the threshold to his home. His girlfriend is taken, possessed by a powerful demon. Too powerful for him. But the horror increases when he finds out the truth: it's not just a demon. Lilith, the Queen of Hell, has bound herself into a human body to be with him. But broken free and without the restraint of a human life, she still needs him, and plans to use all of her power to keep him. She'll do what it takes to keep him, even if it means the end of life. With Earth hanging by spider's silk, the tiniest ripple from either Daniel or Lilith could send it swinging into the fires of destruction.


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Jordan Jordan White

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Voss Foster (vossfoster) | 10 comments One copy left, y'all!


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Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I will take one please :)

Bridgett Flowers


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Voss Foster (vossfoster) | 10 comments All right, then. That's the last of them ;)

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