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His Dark Materials: poorly written?
deleted member Jun 02, 2013 10:10AM
Hi! I would like to know what you think about these books.
This series seems extremely popular. I decided to read it because I needed something to read in English (English isn't my first language and I am sure you got it from my awkward writing). Well, I thought the plot was good, but I found it poorly written.
So am I the only one? Does anyone think its prose is really horrible?

No, have to join in with disagreeing with your assessment there.

I found them poorly written, inconsistent and lacking proper character motivation for what their actions are. It's like Pullman didn't bother to proofread his work.

Just one example, (and it's been years since I read it) Lyra was telling the Harpies made up stories to make her life seem exciting, but honestly, with the life she had already had, why the heck would she want to do this? There is no reason to lie as her recent adventures were more interesting and exciting for her than anything she made up.

Just little stupid touches like that (plus major plot inconsistencies and that it looks like Pullman forgot what he set up to begin with) just makes them poorly written novels.

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No, I did enjoy it and the prose was acceptable.

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I listened to all three during work commutes, on audio book cd's. They were outstanding! I highly recommend them for those with a lot of time in the car.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoyed Pullman's works and found no issue with the prose quality. He drew me into his world with good characters and an engaging plot line. As a fantasy author myself, I appreciate that talent.

I'm about 80 pages into the first book and found this page by searching 'His Dark Materials Prose' because I find it incredibly tedious and written to be full of really annoying dialogue exposition dumps. I understand that it's written for young adults, and I'm not the target audience in more ways than one, so I'm not sure how much my opinion should really matter, but, setting plot aside, the writing alone is a major turn off for me.

These are very well written books.

I loved the books, which I found intelligent and well written. If you want to know what 'horrible prose' really is read any of Dan Browns books. They maybe page turners, but atrocious prose.

His prose isn't great but my problem is with the Japanese Manga still plotting of the Suble Knife. Will and Lyra's story is fine but Coulter and Asriel having access to unlimited resources fueled by new super-powers?
Asriels can how control time and construct a super-giant fortress of millions. (VERY manga)
Coulter can now speak to and control mindless spectres that devour every soul in their path? WTF?
That is so dumb I'm in two minds as to whether I want to read the last book in the series.
Does Goku turn up in the finale?

It's well written, but it's not eloquent. I'd say it is well-written light reading material. A fairly good plot, though many fantasy tropes present. As a whole, I think the work is a Young Adult piece and that shows - for better or worse. I liked it, when I allow myself to consider the intended audience - which is not me.

I didn't come away with any sense that the novels were poorly written, but I read them early in my writing career. I left with a sense that Pullman had a great story, one that sticks with the reader long after the reading was done. The sense of danger was well done for me. I would wish my readers of Justi the Gifted came away with a similar satisfaction.

I found the first book to be very well written and then it was all downhill. I am still not sure why i even finished them except for maybe being a glutton for punishment. The third book was so assinine I spent the entire time i was reading it going WTF and shaking my head.

Bookbear I felt the same way. The first book was really outstanding and very well written (story-wise). The second was so-so and the third was downright awful. ...more
Sep 29, 2013 08:25AM

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