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Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult fiction vampire/human series [s]

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Tanya (supermanslois) | 7 comments Please help! The female lead is a young woman who, along with her boyfriend, become under attack before they enter a stadium to see a concert where their friends are currently waiting for them. She suddenly had a surge of energy come out of her that ends up killing the one who attacked them. Suddenly, after this happened, each of her friends begin to turn into vampires/immortal in order to protect her since she continues to remain human but with special abilities. Her boss at the antique store where she works, ends up being an immortal herself and informs them that this has occurred before many times in the past centuries. Her boss than has all of them leave home to go to a mansion on an island that is hidden where they will train to fight and kill who intends to kill the female lead.

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Sounds Interesting Tanya. I'll be checking this out when it's ID'ed.

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Tanya (supermanslois) | 7 comments No sorry Arielle, that's not it. The female lead is actually a 'slayer' of sorts. Not like Buffy but she's supposedly from a long line of revered humans with special abilities but are in fact mortal. Her boyfriend and friends were human as well, all friends from school. It wasn't until she was attacked that they all suddenly become vampires. Changing when ever she's under attack. One scene when the group is driving, to the dock to take a boat to the island where the mansion is located, they end up in a car chase where they're almost forced off the road. During the chase one of her friends ends up turning in the car. They eventually made it to the dock and thereby, the island where they begin their training. The friends, to learn to control their powers and protect her, for her to learn to control her powers and try to save humankind.

Tanya (supermanslois) | 7 comments I been searching for months trying every google search with the limited info I have. I'm beginning to think it was my imagination that I read it but I'm holding out on psyching myself out only because I remember certain things that I vividly remember reading. I just wish I could remember a character name or something.

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Tanya--don't give up. I'm sure that someone out there has also read this book. And, to cheer you up--if no one else has, you can always write it yourself. I would certainly be interested. :o)

Tanya (supermanslois) | 7 comments LOL thanks Ann. Though I already have over 15 books I'm working on writing I wouldn't mind putting this book to paper but I just know I've read it. I keep thinking I read it on my Kindle app but I've already went through Managing My Kindle over 10 times trying to see if I missed it but its just not there. I've searched on Amazon Kindle store for hours too trying to find it. I do hope you're right about someone else knowing if this book is real LOL. I would love to know what happens after since it was the first book in the series or trilogy.

Tanya (supermanslois) | 7 comments Okay we can move this thread to the solved category, I found the book. Just for the info, The book is "Mortal Obligation" from The Dark Betrayal Trilogy by Nichole Chase. Thx!

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