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Andrea (brokencompass) | 151 comments Mod
As I’ve been doing my catch up on Star Trek: Enterprise books, I noticed that The Expanse by JM Dillard was one I didn’t already own. Fortunately it was still in print, as I’ve been having difficulties trying to find Trek books originally published before five years ago. This one turned out to be a print on demand title, which I found really peculiar.

But anyway, onto the review! Warning, there are some spoilers in this post.

The Expanse is a novelization of two Star Trek: Enterprise episodes, the season 2 finale “The Xindi” and the season 3 premier “The Expanse.”

Admittedly, it has been a while since I’ve seen either of the episodes of which this book is a novelization. I think that helped me to enjoy this more because, though the story felt familiar, there was still a lot I didn’t remember. Plot wise the story was good, and as far as novelizations go, the author was able to keep things interesting even when the I’ve seen the episodes already. The author was given a bit more leeway than some novelizations have been, adding in scenes cut from the show and throwing in a few extras.

Though it was nice that the author was able to expand on the inner thoughts of the characters, I felt a lot of the time the mark was very much missed. It wasn’t that the characterizations were poor – they were actually pretty good. What was disappointing was the fact that a character would correctly guess everything that had just happened in the prior scene, even when they weren’t involved and had no way of knowing of what had taken place.

For example, when the Enterprise cannot contact Captain Archer, rather than assuming something suspicious is going on, T’Pol suddenly works out in her head that the mine is actually a forced labour camp where they abduct unsuspecting starship crews. The reason why she could figure this out wasn’t explained in a way that felt correct to me – it was as though she had come up with this conclusion with little to no facts or signs pointing that direction. Though this type of omniscience didn’t happen in the first half of the book, the second half was littered with it.

All in all I’d say if you’ve seen the episodes, you could definitely not bother with this book. It was an okay read, but nothing that would put it on a recommend list for me.

message 2: by Ben (new)

Ben Guilfoy | 33 comments Andrea wrote: "All in all I’d say if you’ve seen the episodes, you could definitely not bother with this book."

That's the unfortunate part, really. I'm not sure why these two particular episodes would be adapted. They're really two separate episodes, even though there's common connecting tissue between them with the ship heading into the Expanse to locate the Xindi. But they're very distinct from each other, rather than being an actual two-part episode that was common for 'Star Trek' since the 90s.

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