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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments It's Sunday afternoon and I've decided to make an ad-hoc list of my top 20 Alice Cooper songs. I could be doing something useful with my time but I decided this would be more fun in the long run because I get to listen to lots of Alice Cooper songs.

I'm a long-time fan of Alice Cooper, his unique brand of shock-rock was a huge influence on my somewhat depraved and perverted outlook on life. He's had a long and somewhat up and down career and I'm way too fond of some stuff he's recorded that I shouldn't be, of course,so I'm going to attempt to at least unearth a couple of rarities as well as include the obvious classics. However, I lost touch with his work post Last Temptation since he's completely failed to find an outlet for his creative genius. (or just gone too commercial)

Ok, enjoy.

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Alex  | 33 comments #20 Go to Hell

The not so well known 1976 follow up to Welcome to My Nightmare was "Alice Cooper Goes to Hell" , an underrated if a little scrappy work I always get a huge amount of pleasure listening to since it's so varied and silly, veering between hard rock and camp musical to subtle ballad. It's at its best when it's being over the top like the title track, which has lines like;

"You're something that never should have happened
You even make your Grandma sick"


It's a pompous hard rock track that doesn't take itself seriously.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #19 Prince of Darkness

The 80s wasn't generally a good time for Alice but he got it together towards the end. 1986's "Constrictor" was a noble but misguided attempt to blend pop and metal, and its all but unlistenable. 1987's follow up is the sadly ignored "Raise Your Fist and Yell" a straight up hard rock album - atypical for Alice in that sense - stuffed full of fist pumping gems. If you want an out and out headbang I still feel this is a good record, and it also happens to be the first Alice record I ever heard and fell in love with.

This one apparently showed up in a John Carpenter movie I haven't seen, but that's cool anyway. It's probably the most pompous track on the album but I like its broodingness.


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Alex  | 33 comments #18 Hey Stoopid

Alice had a moment in the sun as a popular commercial artist and ended up appearing in Wayne's World because he was a living rock legend that people actually currently knew. I'm not a huge fan of the Hey Stoopid album though I give it a spin occasionally when I need something light and breezy to listen to. There are some good tracks on there but the title track is the only one that's a roaring success and does the job of blending pop and hard rock in a way that Constrictor had tried to do earlier.

It's got such a great singalong anthemic chorus.


Oh, I just noticed that Ozzy does backing vocals on there - hardly worth it, was it?

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Alex  | 33 comments #17 Trash

Conversely, commercial comeback as it is, I absolutely love 1989's Trash. I probably could have picked any track from this album and put it on the list for entertainment value, it's loaded up with classic pop tunes tinged with Alice. it's a wonderfully produced album full of life and featuring a bunch of guest rock stars too. It wasn't a single but I love the title track because it's full of the typical edgy satirical Alice humour

"You're daddy's dream, you're a peach in cream and you're finally ripe at last
But when you hit the sheets you just turn to trash"

It's great the way Alice drawls out Traaaaaaaash. And Jon Bon Jovi is clearly having buckets of fun too. I nearly picked "I'm Your Gun" for it's obvious, but funny sexual humour .. but this one just pips it.


message 6: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #16 Poison

But this is one of the classic moments of 80s pop, period. I loved this song before I knew who Alice was. My friend lent me a cassette of Trash after RYFaY and I damn near wore it out and it became one of the first CDs I ever bought and I wore that out too.

This song is completely great - putting it this low on the list seems like a disservice. Even better is the wacky video which I like to think is a pisstake but I'm not really sure.


message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #15 Elected

Billion Dollar Babies is probably my least favourite of the classic Alice Cooper group albums, though typically it's the most well known and popular, possibly because it had this anthem and the original vinyl came with a giant Billion Dollar note you could do what you liked with. Can't argue with that really, it's still a fucking incredible record, it's just a little more inconsistent than the others.

I was torn between this and No More Mr.Nice Guy which ultimately didn't make the cut. This one has suffered a bit over the years from overexposure but then I remembered going nuts to this and how addictive it actually is as a song, and how funny the concept of Alice for President is too.


message 8: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #14 Only Women Bleed

Generally not known for being a very sensitive soul, this is one of only two Ballads that have made the list. it's surprisingly astute in subject matter as well as tone dealing, as it does, with the subject of domestic violence.

It's a quiet, lyrical, beautiful and quite a sad song that eventually turns into quite a frightening one. A great example of why the Welcome to My Nightmare album has always been so well loved and regarded.


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Alex  | 33 comments # 13 My Stars

I really have a soft spot for Alice Cooper's third album (proper) School's Out. It's full of almost completely unknown tracks barring the title anthem and it's a shame that they're rarely played or listened too because, whilst individually they might not always amount to much, the experience of sitting down and listening to this record is one hell of a ride, and the concept of schoolboy disenfranchisement is a brilliant one - and remarkably toned down for a group better known for shocking and subverting.

This song just has a great driving riff to it, coupled with the traditionally Alice Cooper grandiosity. And the wonderful line "All I need's a holocaust to make my day complete"


message 10: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #12 I'm Eighteen

Alice Cooper's first anthem, now not as well known as some of his others but appearing as it does on one of my top 2 Alice Cooper albums it was destined to get a shout from me.

I probably spent the entirety of my life from being 16-18 singing this song though when I finally reached 18 it wasn't so special, somehow. But the song is still damned cool. Alice Cooper what maybe at their rawest and most punkish here. They never really could play their instruments all that well...


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Alex  | 33 comments #11 Halo of Flies

The first entry from my very favourite Alice record, Killer, a record I could easily have just picked all the tracks from and stuck them down as my top 10, but I thought I'd be more varied than that because I'm awesome. Incidentally, if you open up a gatefold sleeve there's a nice calender and a picture of Alice hanging himself in the noose. I don't think I ever showed it to my mum, but I suppose it goes to show why my parents thought I was fucked up.

This song is stupid good and I'm starting to question why I've put it so far down. it could easily be my favourite, but I suppose that shows what good quality songs the top 10 are going to be. This is a mental rock, pomp, prog epic that builds to a riotous, punkish climax, all played with more spirit than skill, but it just shows how vibrant and enjoyable performance you can get out of a group of musicians who are obviously having a lot of fun.

I don't really know what this song is about... putting timebombs in submarines.


message 12: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #10 Steven

When the original Alice Cooper band disbanded it all could have gone so very wrong. Well, it did quite quickly, but before that happened Alice recorded what many to consider the greatest album of his career "Welcome to my Nightmare" the concept of which has formed the basis of his stage-shows ever since. The shows are brilliant, but his stage performances are imo routinely dire, but that's another matter.

Another song that has memories for me. Another cassette tape, this song cut off half way through the middle and about a minute was missed off in whirs and clicks. I'd listen to it over and over imagining what it would be like. The joke was there was no UK CD release at the time and vinyl was getting pretty scarce, so I actually could not hear the full song. Maybe because of that it's always been more epic in my head than it really is ... and yet, listening to it now I'm still in love with its eerie atmospherics and frightening theatrics. it's a song like no other, that surely only Alice could have recorded.


message 13: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #9 Welcome to my Nightmare

And likewise, Alice at his most pomp-rock theatric. The strangely eerie opening leading into a almost funk rock. it's just brilliant and perfect for teenage perverts. "Welcome to my motherfucking nightmare" for sure, for sure... this album is genuinely a little bit scary and it just shows you don't need death metal growls or blistering guitar hooks to create an atmosphere of the creepy and macabre.

I regret that this was never followed up with the same pizazz


message 14: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #8 Muscle of Love

The original band's final album and another strangely derided effort. I unapologetically love it from start to finish. It definitely has a different feel to it, it's less about the shock value and more of a feelgood record but there are still a lot of moments of humour and down and dirty rock. The title track is a great example of how good this group were at rocking out, but also it's just goddamn hilarious with the chant "I've got a muscle of love, must be a gift from above" if there was one thing that Alice understood, it was what it was like to be a teenage boy - bless him for that!


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Alex  | 33 comments #7 Never Been Sold Before

Another one from Muscle of Love. This was a holy grail album for me because it was unavailable in the UK when I was 16 and it was the last original Alice record I hadn't heard. My girlfriend paid stupid money at the time to import a CD of it for me, and I recall having the best xmas ever listening to this CD that I'd been waiting to hear .

This song was an instant favourite, another all out rocker with a great anthemic chant, it's just so much fun to listen to.


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Alex  | 33 comments #6 I Love the Dead

My brother said to me "this would be a good song if you changed the lyrics to 'I love you' or something". I somehow felt this was missing the point. I like them just good as they are.

Yes, it's about necrophilia, Yes, it's hilarious. Yes, some people I have known have found it somewhat offensive. It probably is, but it still makes me laugh because I'm sick.

It's also just a terrific track.


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Alex  | 33 comments #5 Hello Hooray

The final track on the list from Billion Dollar Babies. Opening the album in style this is just weird, freaky and bizarre and somewhat memorable. Another one that starts off ominous and ends up a little anthemic. It's particularly good because the group tone it down and keep it quite dark and it sets up the album as something of a criticism of apple pie America.


message 18: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #4 School's Out

Needs no introduction. Not sure why it's become so acceptable to like and sing this song since it's genuinely as critical as it says it is on the tin, kinda like "Another brick in the Wall" later it's completely critical of the homogenisation of American kids and the dehumanising effect of the school system. I think people treat it as "hooray we're having a holiday" but that's not really my reading...

Anyway, it's famous for a reason and it embodies the spirit of all that is rock music.


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Alex  | 33 comments #3 Killer

Could easily have been my favourite. Possibly the only piece of music that has literally had me quaking in my boots. The story of a man condemned to death and sent to the electric chair, taking us through his confession, final prayers, build up to the event and the actual electric chair itself ... if my parents had understood what I was listening to it probably would ave been confiscated. But I have a love for all things horror and all things boundary pushing and Alice's magnum opus pulls no punches at all - I'm a staunch critic of capital punishment and the grim horror of this record is one of the reasons why I became so.


message 20: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #2 Under My Wheels

Although the very same album opens with the liveliest and most addictive track from the Alice stable. There's not much to say beyond that - this is pure, brash, punk rock and it's far more about sex than horror. Again it's anthemic and singable and I frequently play this when I need a burst of fun.

It's hard to imagine any band making another record as uniquely brilliant as Killer, it's always embodied everything I love about music, vibrant, bold, boundary pushing, fun, smart, satirical. If you read this list then give that album a spin, please.


message 21: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments #1 Second Coming/Ballad of Dwight Fry

Alice Cooper's first album basically concluded with this utterly unique piece of rock theatrics, again a horror story about a man in a lunatic asylum, the nod to the great actor "Dwight Frye" who played the insane Renfield in the original Dracula movie.

It's an indescribable song, a portrait of madness and insanity that has me caught between gleefully singing the chant and being scared by this crazy person. the short opening speech from the child who misses her daddy is almost heartbreaking once you know what's coming.

One of the great moments in rock music but sadly it'll never make Rolling Stone's top 100 list of anything and this isn't even one of Alice Cooper's better known tracks.


message 22: by Alex (new)

Alex  | 33 comments And thus ends my tribute to the great shock rocker, Alice Cooper!

message 23: by Nermin (new)

Nermin  (narminstaley) | 65 comments Mod
Awesome job, Alex!

message 24: by Raquel (new)

Raquel (luridandlaughing) | 41 comments I'll make sure to check out each song :)
Poison may remain my all-time favorite, though!

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