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Come in from the bitter, wet weather to be confronted with fires, warm couches, shoe racks, books, tea, and pegs for the wet cloaks.

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Elizabeth walked into the entrance hall, hung her dripping cloak on a peg, took of her soaked shoes and socks and warmed herself next to the fire. Turning her back to her brother, she said, "Mid unlacing the back of my dress?" She was wearing a linen dress underneath.

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Elizabeth let out a deep breath. "Thank you," she said, and gulped for air. It looked like she was sick.

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The princess eyed her corset and had a sudden urge to throw it into the fire.
Elizabeth watched angrily as her brother took a bottle of wine, tore the cork off the neck wit his teeth, and began to gulp it down. Fearing she was already too late and he was already drunk, she took the bottle from his lips and placed it down. "I think you've had enough alcohol today," she said stonily.

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But ELizabeth brought it further away from his grabbing hand. "Enough, Dimitris." She hated acting like she was older, but sometimes it just had to be done.

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ELizabeth put the bottle on a table and prodded Dimitris. "Dimitris?" She said softly in his ear.

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Elizabeth's face stung like fire against her skin from where Dimitris had slapped her. Slightly angry now, she hoisted him onto the couch and prodded and shook him awake.
"You have had WAY too much alcohol, your Majesty," she said.

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He still didn't wake, so ELizabeth but her heavy outer dress back on, laced up her corset- ugh! and, grabbing her cloak, walked unarmed out into the neighboring country's territory. This must have been a rebellious day for her. She stalked out of the castle.

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Alizarin Garon entered the hall and saw his brother slumped unconscious on one of the couches. He sighed. Drunk again? He crossed the wooden floor and nudged his brother's body with a foot.

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Elizabeth walked back in, hanging her cloak on the peg. She sat down by the fire.

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Alizarin Out of the corner of his eye, Garon saw his sister Elizabeth sit down by the fire. Leaving Dimitris slumped over the couch, he walked over to her. "Hello," he said quietly, taking a seat across from her.

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"Hello, Garon." ELizabeth said, shivering from the cold form outside that still clung to her body. "Nice to see you leaving your room."

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Alexander walked his way through the hall.

((Should I say Alexander or king Alexander))

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((Up to you))

Elizabeth made her best but still wobbly courtsey as her father walked in, hoping he wouldn't get her in trouble- it was obvious that she had been out again. "Good evening, father."

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Alizarin He ran a hand through his hair and then placed his fingers close to the flames. "Wish I could get out more too. But you know how Father is. He wants me to take care of the tax forms and inventories and permit applications and court reports and ... sorry. It just gets kind of annoying."

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ELizabeth mouthed, "Don't say that! It'll get me into trouble! You know i'm not allowed!"

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Gabriel was playing a harp and he was quite good for someone who started half a year ago. He learned quickly to cement his guise as a bard.

He didn't look up from playing but he had heard that someone had just arrived. Who? He didn't know just yet, but he couldn't stray from character.

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"Good evening Elizabeth I trust you are doing well now what's tis about me being what was it annoying as you put."

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Alizarin Garon blanched. "My apologies. I was just explaining to Elizabeth how well you are preparing me to rule the kingdom someday by doing meaningless paperwork."

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ELizabeth straightened up, knowing now that the time of talking about freedom was over. "Yes, father. How was your day?"

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He looked at Garon "this meaningless paper work is essential to the life style you are living or would you prefer to live like the scum of streets, don't test me boy I won't hesitate to kick you out."

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) (( Me as well. Gabriel will just be here to listen, so you can ignore him and continue the conversation. ))

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Alizarin "I meant no disrespect," Garon mumbled darkly, looking away. He'd rather be behind a sword, on a horse on the battlefield any day. But he knew that his father was right. Casting a glance at Dimitris' drunken form across the hall, he narrowed his eyes. "But perhaps I'm not your only son who takes this life for granted."

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"You're better than Dimitris I'll give you that." He said looking at him.

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Alizarin Garon shrugged, staring into the fire. "Dimitris is just a boy. An irresponsible one, but eventually he'll learn his place."

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"He better." Alexander muttered to himself.

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Alizarin Garon looked at his father, and at Elizabeth who was saying nothing. "Can I talk to you for a moment over there?" He asked the King. Garon wanted to ask about a rumor he'd heard... one that Lizzy definitely wouldn't be pleased to hear.

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"Yes." He said and walked to where he pointed.

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Alizarin Garon waited until his sister was out of earshot, then said, "Are the rumors true? Are you really going to marry her off to Lord Cliffton's son?"

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"I am thinking about this and the consequences that follow." He said.

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Alizarin Garon exhaled, heart racing. "But she's only thirteen!" he said, keeping his voice down. "Shouldn't she be allowed to live her own life first?"

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"This is why I'm thinking about the consequences." He said keeping his voice to a whisper.

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Alizarin "But what benefit could there be?" He asked. He knew that he shouldn't be talking back to his father, but he couldn't help himself. Elizabeth was his favorite sibling. "I mean, everyone knows that Lord Cliffton's son is an arrogant brat."


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The benefit is the end to war that may come one day, lives will be saved rather then lost." He started to raise his voice.

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Elizabeth just watched her eldest brother and her father quarrel in the corner. Positive that it was about politics and boring stuff, and that it didn't concern her, she crossed her legs and turned back to the fire, watching the flickering flames leap and dance.

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Alexander finished and walked away from Garon and back to Elizabeth.

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Alizarin ((m'back. :) ))

Garon looked away, anger simmering just under the surface. These were the choices that he knew a king must make-- the ones that he dreaded in the future. "I understand," he ground out through his teeth. "But she is your only daughter. Consider that among the costs and benefits." And with that, he turned away from the king and returned to the fireplace, barely containing his frustration.

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"What was that about, Father?" Elizabeth asked. She wasn't expecting an interesting answer. "Politics again?"

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"It is better you not know." He replied his tone gentle.

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Elizabeth shamefully hung her head. "I understand, father."

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"Why are you ashamed there is no reason to be."

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Elizabeth shrugged. "I- I'm sorry for being so nosy."

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"It is natural nothing to be ashamed of." He said in a soothing tone.

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Elizabeth dipped her head in acknowledgement. "Thank you, father." She was not completely reassured by his tone- something was going on. It was visible due to the fact that her the King was being so nice to her, usually when she came late, dripping wet out of the cold, he would lecture her about how much of a disappointment she was to the royal family.

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Alizarin Garon clenched the mug in his hand. It nearly cracked in half. How their father speak so kindly to Lizzy, when he was planning on marrying her off to the most pompous brat in the kingdom? It angered him. He stared at Lizzy. She was so young, too young to be married. "I'm leaving," he announced then, standing up to go. He couldn't handle being in the presence of his father for another minute.

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Elizabeth looked up at him sadly. "Bye garon," she said.

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Alizarin He waved to her, and continued out the door.

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Elizabeth waved back, feeling more lonely than ever. Her father did not impose a very comforting sense around her- more of an intimidating, imposing, 'i am better than you listen to me' sense. She sighed.

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