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this is the bedroom of prince Ithuriel

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Ithuriel entered his room he was happy really happy he hadn't expected the day to be better than this even it was beyond his imagination now he was waiting for the next meet with her but he won't be able to sleep he doubt that night will be extraordinarily long so he leaved the castle silently to search a place he accidentally came across few years ago
he smiled to himself and vanished into the darkness of the forest.

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((Oh my gosh Tanzeel! This is a really really long sentence!))

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( lol finally I managed to write a long really long sentence ;) ))

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Melody was bustling around the kitchens, getting together the scones Ithuriel had requested before he retired to his bedroom. She placed a few scones on a tray and fetched a pitur of water and a large goblet as well, gathering them onto the tray. She tied her blonde hair back with a blue piece of ribbon, tying a precise bow at the back of her head. She chuckled at something one of the cooks said, a joke, made to lighten the atmosphere in the room. Not that it needed to be more pleasant, the kitchens were a generally happy place to be, just food and servants, nothing to make it unhappy. She shouted something back to the cook and listened to the room erupt in laughter as she pushed through the door, tray in hand. She walked through the halls to ithuriels room and knocked on the door, waiting for him to either call that she could renter or open the door.

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Ithuriel was walking in his bedroom waiting for her to arrive she was taking a little more time than expected and than he heard the knock his face brighten up "you can come in melody" he said in a happier voice rather than he had expected

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Melody opened the door and then pushed it open with her hip "g'evening Ithuriel." She said with a grin to him, placing the scones on the table by the window "what've you been up to today? A little bridie told me you took the path to Guildenstar first thing this morning" she said with a raised brow

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"good evening melody ahaa thanks for the food have a seat, well yes the first thing I did was to takes the path toward the guildenstar" he said to her imitating her raised brow in a funny manner

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Melody giggled softly at him and sat down in the big fluffy chair. It was the first time shed actually sat down all day. She looked over at him and rolled her eyes "leave my eyebrow alone! Come on tell me what you did" she said

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he smiled at her "first thing first I'm hungry he motioned her to eat along with him" he enjoyed her company she is her best friend afterall "well you see I have this super secret meeting with someone" he tell her

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"Oh? And who did you meet?" She asked, popping a piece of a scone in her mouth

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"hmmm" he started giving it a thought "my secret gf" he said plainly without any emotions in his voice and grabbing a scorn from her hand and eating it,winking at her

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Melodys eyes bulged "GIRLFRIEND?" She hollered, the shut her mouth "you have a girlfriend now? Wince when? What's she like? What's her name?" She whispered urgently

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he was amused by her curiosity he was smiling "take it easy girl" he said at last "her name is lackshana I met her yesterday and she is super cute you should know" he said to her patting at her back, "and she is......." he trailed off he wasn't sure that he wants to tell about her real identity

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"Lashina? Now that's a name for ya" she said, saying the name wrong. But she didnt care. She tapped his cheek "you just told me what I could find out from looking at her. What's she like?"

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he fell of laughing he tried to make her pronounce the name right but he failed "well she looks good with her fair skin and dark eyes and she is tall capable of fighting you should know'.he told her "you are my bestfriend so you should know that she isn't human" he said hoping she won't get mind

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"Not human? Well jeez what is she, a cactus? Elf? Horse? Fawn? Giant? Ogre?" She asked, just spouting off random things, whatever she thought of first

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he laughed at the random names which she was saying "ok promise me you aren't going to scream or freak out and its between you and me" he asked and waits desperately and finally she nodded at him "ok.she is a siren" he said offhandedly "and I think you knows who they are"

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"A siren?" Melody looked at him like he was crazy "I know what sirens are, do you? I'll tell you. They live in the sea, their soul purpose being to KILL MEN." She said, trying to hit a nerve "and you're dating one?"

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"yes exactly that is the case I'm dating that siren and she isn't killer type except her looks" he said winking and taking another scorn seeing her worried look he added "see I was with her alone and she didn't touched me.....well except in THAT WAY" he said playfully to her

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Melody rolled her eyes "oh my god if you expect me to sit here and listen to how much of a stud you are with your siren girlfriend, you're seriously delusional"

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"well I'm not delusional my dear melody you're the person who wil listen to anything I have to say" he said to her taking her hand in his "and she is good you know a good hearted siren and I was thinking you should meet her at our next date"

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"I don't believe that there is a good hearted siren, I guess I'd have to meet her" melody said, squeezing his hand "so you truly care for her? Very much?" She asked

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"well yes you have to meet her" he said his eyes lightning up "you wil fall in love with her if you' know" he added grinning at her "yes I do care for her she is so good and seems too innocent she got fascinated by little things"

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"Well she didnt exactly a local..." Melody said "maybe I can meet her the next time you see her. When will that be?"

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"I don't know when I'll meet her next time I promised her to meet her tommorow but I doubts that will be possible I'm going to be busy here in castle with arrangements and other stuff" he told her in an upset voice

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"What about tomorrow night? We can sneak out, I know how to keep the others quiet" melody said, eager to meet this girl that he was so in live with

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"well ok I'll try to sneak out if you're willing so much I think you're already falling in love with her huh ?" he questioned
he wasn't sure about sneaking out he never sneaked out to meet a girl he was a rebellious child who used to sneak out but for a girl...,,,that's an adventure for him

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"Oh of course, I always fall in love with female sirens, it's what I do with my days" she said, rolling her eyes and standing up "ten o'clock tomorrow I'll be here"

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he laughed at her words " ok I'll wait and try to look more beautiful to make her fall for you than" he smiled at her and saw her leaving the room

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Melody waved to him as she left the room, grinning at the idea of A new adventure

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he opened bag in which he keeps his books so that he won't have to go to study hall and took out a book and starts reading it immersing himself in it

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he was waiting for her in his room but she was taking a long time to come.....he paced along the room impatiently.....
he had searched some books on lycanthropy and had them put on his was when she entered the room,old shay was back with her cloths and hair as usual tied back and covered with a cap,he whistled at her, "welcome to my small kingdom where I rules" he said extending his both hands,winking at her "so make yourself comfortable and than we will discuss your problem"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay hesitated to enter the room her hands shoved into her pockets before she shrugged and entered the room.. She glanced around raising an eyebrow before looking at him and smirked, "and what a mighty kingdom you have," she retorted rolling her eyes as she closed the door and leaned against the walls closest to it and gave him a hard look, "thanks I'm glad shifting into a wolf is a 'problem'," she muttered before gesturing for him to go on...

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he was still grinning at her "I said sit down would you please and eat something" he said nodding towards the food which was on the table,he had ordered only vegetarian food keeping her in mind "maybe it's mighty but a kingdom is nothing without his queen" he said half serious half joking to her "well if we see it this way but it's not a problem for me but for others"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) "You never said sit down, you said get comfortable," shay corrected giving him a look before glancing at the food, "I'm not hungry," she said way too nervous to even think about food before she chuckled rolling her eyes, "oh this kingdom would fall surely without a queen," she said chuckling before glaring at him and shrugged, "what do you propose i do about it?" She asked raising an eyebrow..

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"in my world getting comfortable is either sitting down or........." he trailed off his eyes eyes twinkling with mischief "getting laid" he finished with a chuckle "you think I'll eat without you ?? nah I won't I didn't ate dinner either" he said simply to her before he chuckled at her next words "yes highness it will surely would fall" he said raising his brows "here we have to find it from from these books" he said motioning towards a clunk of books...they were atleast 20...

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"in my world getting comfortable is either sitting down or........." he trailed off his eyes eyes twinkling with mischief "getting laid" he finished with a chuckle "you think I'll eat without you ?? nah I won't I didn't ate dinner either" he said simply to her before he chuckled at her next words "yes highness it will surely would fall" he said raising his brows "here we have to find it from from these books" he said motioning towards a clunk of books...they were atleast 20...

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay scowled at him, "yeah well my world getting comfortable its leaning against a wall or on the ground dead," she said simply batting her eyes to seem innocent before smirking and shook her head, "whatever Ithuriel I'm not eating, not hungry..." She stated simply and gave him a look raising an eyebrow but let it slid wanting to get down to this as she pushed off the wall walking over she grabbed a book and started flipping through it..

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"Ohh I see than that's the thing but you can change your dictionary when with me" he stated simply to her and open the dishes,he was hungry and wanted to eat anything like he had asked was vegetarian meal with vegetables from around the world "so you get something intresting in it about you.....?" he asked with mouthful of noodles....he sounded stupid but she was silent from a long time reading the book..

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(( well honestly girl you makes samael the way I wants him to be .......the personality and backstory are 90% the way I wanted and would have made if it were in my we really shares the psychopathic link ;););););) and btw can you rp with him right now here ?))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay didn't answer him slowly moving back to her spot on the wall and slowly slid down until she was sitting on the floor reading intensely flipping through the pages (>.< hehe) completely consumed with the fascination of it..

((Lolol that's so weird! ^.^ hay as they great minds think alike... And I don't think he was accepted... Was he?))

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he saw her moving back to where she was standing originally, but she doesn't replied to him she is a lost reader like me he smiled to himself thinking about her...she really haven't noticed that he was talking to her so he continued with his food giving her time to complete her quest..

((well he is approved I did approved him....yes great mind thinks I guess you're too busy these days ? ))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((>.< yeah been working on my room downstairs I was covered in dust! From sanding the mud... Got in my eyes soo bad... But si I'll add him in!))

Shay absorbed in her book didn't react as she would have when the door swung open and walked in Samael, or as shay knows him the scarred knight... Salmael looked at Ithuriel, "I heard you were back there has-" he paused glancing down to his side where shay finally looked away and froze fear and anger gripping at her... In seconds the book was on the ground and Samael had Shay by the throat pinned against the wall her cap on the ground near the book while shay kicked at her angrily her nails digging into his wrist but he took no notice of, "Genevieve we met again..." Samael growled.. (>.< hehe you'll see soon why he called her that!))

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he was busy eating his food,when samael entered his room. he beamed at his friend but Samael's was looking at shay and then everything happened so fast,he saw it all.....fear crossing shay's face and then samael had pinned her to the wall.
Ithuriel was confused for a moment,he didn't had any idea why his friend was attacking her but than realization struck him,Samael was the knight with a scar. Ithuriel was stupid why he didn't understood it earlier,in a swift motion Ithuriel gets up and tackle Samael,it was enough to push him away from shay "are you alright ?" he asked shay than turning towards his friend he asked "what's your problem ?" he yelled at him

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((ohh I see doing your favorite thing managing and cleaning but I guess it's dirty lol right ? and yes I'm dying to know why he called that ^.^ ))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) ((Hehe looky that its weird since my room once again is a mess! OMG I have these awesome slipper socks that go all the way to my knees.. Love em! >.<. And if your dying to know then get Ithuriel to ask!! Cause I'm dying to explain!! And yes very dirty.. Not a nice feeling..))

Samael released his grip on the boy/girl and stepped away when Ithuriel went at him knowing not to defy the prince even if he was a friend.. He scowled down at them, "do you know who he.... she is? What Genevieve has done?" He asked stiffly raising an eyebrow at Ithuriel before shooting shay a glare...

Shay thumped hard onto the ground with a grunt when Samael had released her rubbing her throat as she glared darkly at Samael getting onto her feet on a stance that implied she was ready to attack him growling low in her throat her focus on the knight with her marks slashed down his face to even answer Ithuriel everything in her screaming, danger attack!

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he shot Samael a dead glare "yes I knows her" he hissed under his breath but his next word caught him "what you just called her ?" he asked simply stunned than he moved his gaze to Shay with a questioning look in his eyes he knows her name is shay but the ' ?' he haven't get the hold of the name yet.
he knew that she wants to attack Samael but he was holding his hand so that she won't attack him or more importantly,won't turn into the wolf.....he bent and quickly kissed her despite the situation, maybe he is stupid but he wanted to calm her and that's the best way he came across....

((haha I can imagine all work in vain.....uh huh I see got new slippers vry well done lmao ;);) well than get things clean lazy girl lol jkjk ))

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Samael narrowed his eyes at Ithuriel not yet glaring but he looked away In disgust when he kissed her clearing his throat...

Shay was on the verge of knocking Ithuriel's hand aside and attack the knight before he had caught her in a kiss.. Reacting instantly she melted into the kiss her mind turning to slight mush before when the knight cleared his throat she pulled away breathlessly shooting Ithuriel a silent 'thank you' before adverting her gaze shifting on her feet with Samael looked back at them.. "Some times over the years I couldn't get a job as a male so I would go as a women," shay admitted looking up and glared at Samael, "i worked at a bar and a restaurant a few times some times made clothes or cleaned like a maid, I also went by the name Genevieve," she muttered, "I was working at a restaurant, I actually was your waitress at the time," she said glancing at him and back at Samael, "but this b**t**d recognized me from the scar... The other guard got you out of there while I scratched up his face," she hissed clenching and unclenching her fists, "Genevieve was my friends name, the maid..." Shay said her voice hitching slightly..

Samael rolled his eyes looking at Ithuriel, "she's done many things that's are against the law and must be punish as seen fit," he growled..

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Ithuriel heard what she told him about her other life which she hadn't told him earlier but he wasn't angry at her this time he just nodded at her words...
he remembered the night when all the thing had happened but he never connected the pieces before because Samael haven't told him the reason of his scarred face....he had told him that its from a thief. he was lost in his own thoughts when her voice hitched and he registered her words 'was friend's name'..he puts his one hand on her waist so that Samael will get the clear message
"ohhh really she broke the law ?" he asked in a mocking voice "and what the hell were you doing when you gave her this scar ?" he growled at him pointing towards the scar on her face "you tried to kill her because she stole a piece of bread......" he trailed off unable to control his anger "....I thought only my father the white knight king gives death sentence and you were clearly insulting His pride" he said in a threatening voice "and she is Shay and she is staying in the castle as long as she wants to and I appoints you as her protector as her oath bound protector" he stated simply because oath bounding was the only way to protect her from him...

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