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hey, it's layne. Matt shooed some ornery, obnoxious teens from the lounge before he set Jessamae on the couch carefully, going through the cabinets for the first aid kit. Then he slowly sat down beside her, bringing her a bottle of water as he began checking her for any sort of injuries. Not that he minded being close to her; After all, women flocked to him. But, she sort of intrigued him in a way, a way different then most of the girls here at Pelham Lane ever had. 'Jessie, drink something, alright?' He ushered firmly, opening the bottle of water.

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As Matt checked Jessamae for any injuries, she kept her head down to her knees. She didn't want to see anybody, she didn't want to share anything she was feeling inside.She appreciated what he had done for her, but, she also disliked that he had to be the one to see her like she was.When he told her to drink something, she just shook her head.
"Please.Please don't make me."Jessa pleaded, her voice raspy from the small amounts of tears she shed.

hey, it's layne. 'Jessie,' Matt started, using a nickname for her he'd just made up on the spot. 'You will get back on that horse and ride again, someday, and I'm going to help you. Now drink. It'll help keep you hydrated.' He gently rubbed some antibacterial on a scratch on her arm, then wrapped it in a bandage securely. 'Don't be afraid, alright? I'll leave you alone if you'd like but you need to stay hydrated, or else so help me I'll get Jamie-dad, and it won't be pretty.' He threatened as he slowly settled into the couch next to her. 'Do you want some pain medicine?' He questioned.

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Jessamae shook her head when he tried to comfort her and persuade her into getting on a horse again.She didn't want to get on again just to fall off again and get injury. Jessa was passing it off as a fear of physical pain but there was bound to be something else in there that she didn't notice. Jess winced when the antibiotic stung the small cut on her arm. When he told her to not be afraid,her head snapped up. Jess looked flawless even when she was dying inside.
" How can you tell me not to be scared? Do you think I can help the nightmares and sounds I hear?! Is it my fault I can't sleep at night because the screams haunt my mind?!" She hissed. Since Jessa's wall was down so was her calm demenor.

hey, it's layne. Matthew was really trying to be kind and gentle, but anger was starting to boil inside him. He was just trying to help, for Pete's sake! 'Jessie, I can't help it, alright! Stop being angry with me for trying to help you out, damn it! You can't live your life in fear, I should know, and it hasn't gotten me anywhere!' His voice rose, 'When I was younger, a damn whore broke my heart and I've been terrified to get close to anyone ever since! But then girls like you come along, and you're different then the rest. You threatened to kick my ass when I put the moves on you.' Matt sighed, 'Not that I'm interested in dating you or anything, because I'm not, but if I don't take a chance one of these days, then I could miss something completely wonderful. That's all I'm saying.'

((They're precious xD))

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Jessamae got angry when he began to tell at her. Goddamn her anger issues. " How the hell do you expect me to get rid of the shit I live through everyday? Cause obviously with one magic word everything will be okay and I won't remember shit right? " She yelled as she stood up. Jessa walked up to him and glared at him right in the eye so he could see the fury in her eyes " I threatened to kick your ass because I couldn't care less about love. I don't give two craps about guys who flirt without even knowing the girl. You want risks to be taken? Fine. Just don't come crying to me when you heart is broken because I don't want anything to do with you." She said before she pressed her lips to his. She pulled away and walked out of the lounge,done with all the yelling and anger. Jessamae didn't care if what she said didn't make sense because actions speak louder than words. She assumed her actions would be like a slap to the face.

hey, it's layne. :O Its getting a bit hot in here....))

hey, it's layne. 'I never said that, damn it! I never said I wanted to risk anything with you, i never said i had feelings for you! How the hell am i supposed to know how to help you fix things if I don't even know why you're so afraid?' Matt said in frustration. 'I'm a flirt, just being honest, but I said you were different from other girls I didn't mean that I wanted to take a chance on you-' Matt didn't know what to think at the moment, unable to process things quick enough. 'Don't walk away, don't you dare walk away from me.' His eyes held such an anger as he calmly grabbed her arm, jerking her back into the lounge. His hands held her arms in place as he pushed her back down. 'What happened? Why are you so afraid? I want to help, I didn't ask you to kiss me, damn it!'

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments Dmitri held Lizbeth close to his chest as he pushed the door open with his back. As soon as he was in the lounge he gently laid her down on the couch. "Don't move" he ordered as he rummaged around for the fist aid kit, he could deal with the more minor injuries but he wasn't all that sure how to deal with the more serious things. Once he found the familiar white box he grabbed it and knelt down next to Lizbeth. "Tell me where it hurts the most or else I'll have to feel you up" he threatened "and we both know you don't want that" he stated simply. He opened up the kit and pulled out the things he knew he'd need: bandages, antiseptic and band-aids.

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hey, it's layne. Liz had to say, she really didn't mind being this close to him. It was a lot closer then the young ladies who pined over him got, and it made her feel...triumphant in a way. 'I really love how you find reason to carry me here when it's my wrist and my arm that are hurt.' Liz replied as she peered up at him, watching him curiously. Lizbeth's jaw dropped at his words and she felt her face heat up at his words, 'So are you saying you wouldn't mind feeling me up? Because that's the just of what I'm getting from what you're saying?' She was just teasing, of course.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments "You're a pretty girl, I'm a teenage male, of course I wouldn't mind feeling you up" he stated bluntly, as if saying such a thing was completely normal. "And I carried you because you wouldn't have come otherwise" Dmitri told her as he unraveled the bandages and took her wrist gently in his large, slightly calloused, hands. He examined it for a moment, prodding it gently to see how bad it hurt, it wasn't the best way to check to see how bad the injury was, but hey, he was doing what he could. "Your wrists has a pretty bad sprain" he said as he lifted his eyes from her wrist to meet hers directly "wrapping it up and icing it for a couple days should have it better pretty quick" he said before moving his eyes away from hers and back to her wrist. He dipped his head down as he wrapped up her wrist carefully, his brown locks falling into his dark eyes as he did so giving him a very cute, boyish look.

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hey, it's layne. Lizbeth just laughed, shaking her head slightly. 'I would have come on my own time, which would have been after I took care of my horse.' Liz replied, then shot an angry glare and scowled at him as she jerked her wrist away. 'Ouch. It's not rocket science sweets, its obvious its sprained.' She said, sighting softly. 'Why are you so....stoic? I don't understand, you don't even seem annoyed by the fact that I've been extremely independent. You're like a robot. Although my words back in the arena must have gotten to you a little bit at least.' Lizbeth was being bluntly honest in the moment as she allowed him to wrap her wrist, staring at him with such intensity as she tried to figure him out.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments When her wrist was finished being wrapped he released it and looked up, shrugging slightly at her question. "Emotions do nobody any good, plus, I don't like people knowing what I feel" he said in a flat tone. He reached over for the antiseptic and reached for her right arm which had a large scrape on the elbow "this will sting a bit" he murmured as he opened the bottle of antiseptic and dropped a small amount of its contents on the scrape. Once the wound was disinfected he placed one of the large band-aids on it. "And as for what you said at the arena" he started, pausing as he turned to look at her "well, you'll just never know how I felt, now will you?" he asked her, a smug smirk forming on his lips for a millisecond before it fell back into a straight line, leaving his face blank like a canvas.

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hey, it's layne. 'But holding things in isn't the answer.' Lizbeth replied, 'Of all people, I know because I held things in for two, almost three years. For three years, I let someone push me around and make me feel worthless. It wasn't until he crossed the line that my brother finally stepped in.' Lizbeth explained quietly, staring at him curiously. 'Not a single person here's broken your shell? Got on your nerves? Pissed you off? You mean to say that I didn't piss you off, make you furious this morning when I almost ran my horse right into yours on the course?' She was intrigued, to say the least.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments "I was plenty pissed off. People anger me every single day, I just choose not to show it" he informed her as he continued treating her other wounds. When he was finally satisfied with his work he allowed his gaze to meet her's. "Why do you care so much anyway?" he asked her "we are not friends, I wouldn't even classify you as much of an acquaintance" he stated bluntly with an arched eyebrow. As he waited for her answer he placed the supplies back into the first aid kit and put it back where he found it. "There, I've done what I can, you'll have to see an actual doctor about your finger" Dmitri told her as he returned to her side to help her up.

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"You want to know why I'm so goddamn afraid?! Three years ago my father died in a freak horse race!!How would you feel if you heard his cry in pain as his neck broke?!How would you feel if you had to watch horses trample him to death?! How would you feel if you felt that everything was reoccurring and that you could die from one slip?!"She yelled at him. She was tired of people asking why and telling her that they want to help. Jessamae hated sympathy,she always thought it was a bunch of bull.

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hey, it's layne. Lizbeth tilted her head as she watched him clearly with her enchanting crystalline blue optics, her dark eyelashes framing them beautifully. 'I care, because I You intrigue me, I suppose, and the fact that you're brooding and moody just makes me want to break down your barriers.' She murmured gently.

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hey, it's layne. 'I didn't know, Jess! I didn't know, damn it! Calm yourself down!' Matt firmly settled her back into the couch in the corner, sighing. 'Just calm down, alright? I'm not trying to be sympathetic , because I honestly, damn straight don't know how you feel or what you went through. But I'm trying to help, so just give me, and your horse a shot, alright?' Matt said with a soft sigh escaping his lips as he slowly sat beside her, keeping a grip on her.

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Jessamae closed her eyes as rage bubbled inside her. She disliked being yelled at, and more about somebody who claims to be trying to help. She clenched her fist, trying to calm herself. Jessa was usually so calm it was unnatural for her to be so angry, well to show it anyways. "Get your hands off me." Jessamae replied firmly. Putting your hands on her disturbed her, for she didn't like when she was being restricted and gripped like so. "I don't need your damn help nor do I need to give you a shot because you say so."Jessa hissed as she attempted to pull her arm away.

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hey, it's layne. Matt slowly removed his grasp of her, staring intently at her for a few minutes before he did the unthinkable. He smoothed some hair out of her face, placed the painkillers within her hand, then kissed her forehead and silently walked away. She wasn't going to sit and yell at him when he was just trying to help. He knew he didn't deserve that, but he also knew she'd come crawling back to him eventually, begging for him to help her out. If anything, he'd be back, but he'd never admit that. He was too prideful.

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Jessmae expected him to walk away, but not what Matt did before he left. When he kissed her forehead she winced back slightly, not in pain but in the utter shock that a pair of lips had grazed her forehead in the first place. She dropped the pills on the floor, not needing them. She didn't want to follow him, for she felt as if she would seem weak, but somewhere inside her Jessamae wanted to. She wanted her comfort although she would never bring herself to say it. Jessa slowly opened her eyes and dialed her brothers number, asking him to pick her up. She didn't want to ride her horse back anywhere after what happened, but she wasn't cruel enough to leave her horse where it was.

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hey, it's layne. Why? My post? haha ))

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hey, it's layne. ((Where do you want to send them? ))

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((Hmmm.Maybe the cafe since she probably won't get near Pelham Lane?))

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments Layne Marie♬{Nee-Nee} wrote: "Lizbeth tilted her head as she watched him clearly with her enchanting crystalline blue optics, her dark eyelashes framing them beautifully. 'I care, because I You intrigue me, I suppose..."

Dmitri sighed at her statement, it wasn't the first time he'd heard such words. "Others have said the same and all have failed, don't even bother trying" he told her bluntly as he placed on hand in hers and the other behind her back, slowly helping her up into a sitting position. He was silent as he allowed his dark, emotionless eyes to scan her from head to toe, this time not as a way to check for injuries but to merely take her in. His eyes moved slowly, drinking everything in. As the minutes of silence stretched on he finally met her gaze again. "People have walls for a reason, it is unwise to try breaking them when all you could be doing to them is taking away their only defense against pain" he told her. Dmitri took a step back from her and stuffed his hands in his pockets "well, since you seem to be alright now, I'll be leaving" with those words said he walked past her and made his way towards the door without even a glance back.

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hey, it's layne. 'But what if those walls weren't meant to be there in the first place?' Lizbeth commented, following him towards the door. 'I never said that I was going to pillage your villages, my goodness. I don't know why talking to me is such a big deal for you, I'd almost rather you be as angry as hell then to sit and be stoic and brusque.' Her voice was filled with such a compassion and gentleness, it didn't match her hoity toity physique.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments Dmitri sighed as she followed him "who are you to decide whether they are meant to be there or not? Everyone who has walls has a reason for building them" he stated, his voice holding a slight edge of irritation. "And talking to you means nothing to me, I just have no intention of having some form of heart to heart with you which is exactly what you want. It's what everybody wants" he said with a resigned sigh. "I still don't understand your interest in me. If you are so eager to fix someone, find someone who is willing to be your patient" he said, anger seeping into his voice when he said "fix." He didn't like the idea of being fixed when in his mind, he wasn't broken.

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hey, it's layne. 'Dmitri, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.' Her voice grew quieter, as she retracted suddenly. 'I don't want to have a heart to heart with you, I just wanted to be your friend, honestly. I don't want to know how you've been hurt, or why.' She continued to speak. 'If it had been anyone else, outside of the staff and my brother or Scotland, they wouldn't have stopped. I'm abrasive and stubborn, but I wasn't trying to "fix" you. I really just wanted to be...friends.' With that, Lizbeth entered a completely emotionless state and made her way in the opposite direction without meeting his gaze.

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