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hey, it's layne. Denver casually strolled in, looking for some means of entertainment. He'd already brushed out Fable for Liz, but he wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do next. She'd asked him to clean her bits, and he honestly didn't know a bit from a saddle, given, he only hung around the barn for two reasons: cute girls, and to keep an eye on his sister. Grinning, he noticed Desiree and trudged over, suddenly grabbing his sister's bridle, dusting it off in a strangely awkward manner. 'Desiree, how are you? I haven't seen you in a while.' He winked, grinning sheepishly as he settled on a box beside her. 'I mean, I just saw you yesterday, but I enjoy seeing you, you know.' He looked up, noticing they were coincidentally alone. It must have been his lucky day.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments Des had been placing one of the saddles recently used in its proper location when she heard the annoyingly familiar sound of Denver's voice. A soft sigh passed her deep red lips as she turned her eyes away from the saddle she had been handling to the handsome male before her. "Denver" she said with her usual half-smile, this being her best attempt at being polite. She shook her head at his usual flirtatious manner, her red, wavy locks bouncing as she did so. "I am not sorry to say I don't particularly enjoy seeing you I'm afraid" she said curtly, her old side showing a little. She arched one of her eyebrows as her green gaze landed on the bridle he was handling rather poorly. "Why do you even work here? You take no time to learn how to handle the equipment properly" she mumbled as she looked around the tack room in search of anything else that was out of place.

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hey, it's layne. At her words, he frowned. He placed his hands over his chest in a mock sadness, a frown on his handsome face. 'That pains me so much, Dessie-Darling. And I come here to keep an eye on my fiery baby sister, and see your sunshining face.' He smirked slightly and brought her into his arms, kissing her cheek teasingly. Then he took the bridle from her hands, hanging it back on a wrack by his sister's horses' name plates. 'Can you help me out, just this once? Lizzie darling asked me if I could clean Cleopatra and Fable's bits, but I'm not exactly sure what the hell she's talking about.' He admitted shyly, his face slightly heated from being rather embarrassed at his words. 'Pretty please? I won't bother you anymore if you'll help me figure out what she's talking about.' He looked so innocent, so sweet.

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments Des normally would have blushed or pushed him a way when he grabbed her and kissed her cheek but she'd been around him for so long now she no longer felt embarrassed by his actions, and she knew fighting him would be pointless. At the mention of he being there to look after his sister a tiny flash of a genuine smile formed on her lips. Everything was a joke to Denver, she knew that, but she also knew how much he cared for his sister; it was obvious and she had to admit that the brotherly affection was rather cute. At his request she let out a resigned sigh, unable to refuse. At least he had the grace to look embarrassed. "I'll always help when you ask Denver, begging is unnecessary" she told him as she let her eyes scan the name plates, searching for Cleo's and Fable's. Once she spotted them she looked over the gear till she spotted their bits and took them down from their spots on the wall. "But" she started, turning to look at him "you must pay attention so that the next time someone asks you to do this you will know how" she told him.

hey, it's layne. ((I'll brb :D They're so cute))

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hey, it's layne. 'Oh, I'm not begging, Dessie-Darling. I don't beg.' He said, simply with a slight smirk. Then he looked down at her, so innocently, so cutely and he nodded his head eagerly. 'Alright, sweets. After this, would you be willing to take Fable out for a...jog, I suppose? Lizzie doesn't have time today and she'd really appreciate it. Plus, I'm still not sure what a lunch, I mean lunge lead is and where you lunch, I mean, lunge a horse.' He was being completely serious, and he knew how much she enjoyed horses and he didn't really know how to even ride a horse. Heh, maybe she could teach him sometime....

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments "You really are hopeless" she said but couldn't keep the smile off her lips as she thought about taking Fable out for a ride. She hadn't ridden in ages, she only ever got to when someone asked her to like Denver was now. "I would feel guilty if I left that poor horse in your care, so of course I'll do it" Des informed him. She started walking towards the area where the sinks were so she could clean the bits. "Oh, and don't call me sweets" she called over her shoulder as she walked. When she made it to the sinks she handed one of the bits to Denver. "To clean a bit all you really need it some hot water and a toothbrush, depending on how dirty it is. All the equipment is cleaned frequently so they should be pretty clean anyway" she told him as she turned on the faucet and set it to hot water.

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hey, it's layne. 'I've taken petty good care of feeding and watering, but the last time I tried to tack him up for Lizzie, I kind of forgot to tighten the part that goes around his breast and the saddle turned upside down with her in it.' Denver grinned sheepishly and took the bits from her hands, settling them aside. 'I'll get Scout to do it. Let's go, come on. I know you want to ride Fable and he likes you.' Denver took her hand and grabbed all the equipment, leading her out the door with a mischievous grin. (( ---> To the stables? ))

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Vasantha (insanityisavirtue) | 44 comments "And you're still alive? If I had been your sister I would have murdered you" Des said, making a tsking noise with her tongue. When he took the bits from her hands she was about to argue with him and tell him to let her finish cleaning them, but the thought of being able to ride Fable had her mouth shutting before any protests could pass her lips. "I like Fable too, he's great" she said, in truth she loved all the horses at the center, but Fable was a favorite of hers. She allowed Denver to tug her along; she was too excited about riding Fable to even consider scolding him for dragging her around.


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