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layne Scotland stood in Flame's paddock, Promise beside her. The filly was almost a year old, only ten months and she was already a spitfire like her father. Flame had accidentally got in with a Warmblood mare before he had been gelded, and out came little Promise. Promise was bonded with Flame so greatly, Scotland used these moments to begin halter breaking her. Besides, this had been her only real time with her two lovely equines for the day, since she'd been helping out with lessons nonstop. After a little while, Scotland gave up and settled up on the dance just watching the two graze.

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) To the androcentric organism with heterochromic eyes, to bask in the sun and watch his two equine species prance about was the most relaxing part of his 24 hours within the day. Both Nox and Darius were residing within Darius' own paddock. Twas rare in which both horses could actually be within one another's company, albeit when they were they were like two brothers. As close as friends can be with just a speck of hate toward one another. Darius had that sort of I-know-I'm-hot-but-I'm-a-gentleman-so-I-hide-it sort of personality whilst Nox had no problem showing off. Darius was the one with the fancy dressage skills, though.

Sebastian stood in the midst of the paddock, merely watching as the two stallions teased and occasionally chased one another. Every now and then Darius would seek attention, but with Nox being a jealous rage monster, he would often be shoved out of the way. Darius was the second tallest equine in the world, and yet he was nothing but a gentle giant; the smaller of the two reigned supreme.

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Aron leading Jack towards the paddocks by the reins.He had seen Scotland from afar and since she was the only person who seemed to genuinely like him he decided to speak with her. As he approached Scotland he waved a hand and said "Hey sweets."As he closed in on her. He still held Jack by the reins as he awaited Scotland's reply.

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layne 'Sweets? No 'stable girl'? You must be feeling extra kind today, or you want something.' She said, only lightly teasing of course as she settled on the fence rail, watching Promise and Flame within her own paddock. 'But hello to you too,' She smiled sweetly, allowing her enchanting brown eyes to scan his face for a moment before focusing back on her equines.

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Aron chuckled slightly, a slight smirk on his face" Actually, I am feeling rather kind today. Being kind to people just adds onto my reputation so I decided to be kind once in a while to not seem like a total ass. Don't expect it to be like this every day hun."He said with a scoff. It was true, Aron liked to be kind at times so that he could keep up his rep. Of course, he wasn't being genuine, and you could tell. Though, he did see some spark in her which seemed just a tad bit interesting.

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layne Scotland rolled her eyes, that unreadable spark of emotion in her eyes departing immediately. 'Once again, I'm not impressed nor surprised. But it doesn't help your reputation if you're not genuine, and reputation wise, according to stable gossip, its pretty much down the toilet.' Her words weren't harsh, but straightforward and honest. With that, she glanced at him again before turning back around, ignoring him. She wasn't going to waste any time, unless he needed help or something.

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Aron rolled his eyes" Well, if you could get out of the stable and not hang around all those type of people you would see my reputation stands quite tall. You may be all cutesy and sweet but you'll never stand up in my standards." The boy said. Aron was getting cocky and very arrogant, much more than usual. He wasn't going to let this girl go just yet, he hadn't even begun to have fun yet.

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layne 'Frankly, sweets, even if you were half as attractive as you think you are, I still couldn't give a damn what you think of me, even though you obviously have noticed me enough to remark that I'm cute.' Scotland replied with a soft, kind-natured voice, though her straightforward words hardly matched. 'If I don't meet your standards, then why are you wasting your time talking to a poor, pitiful stable girl as you once remarked?' She added simply, keeping he gaze collectively on her beauties out in the field.

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Aron feigned hurt,putting a hand to his chest. He fake gasped,making it obvious. "Did you really just call me unattractive?Dear lord you must be blind. I never said your cute. I said your behavior was cutesy, so like a child really. I was trying to make you feel horrid.I'm wasting my time on you because I pity that you have no friends. Unlike myself."Oh yes. He always found a way to compliment himself even when he sounded like an idiot.

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layne ((WHere did you want to take Jess and Matt, btw?))

'If you have so many friends, once again, sweetheart, then why aren't you out with them? I couldn't give a damn what you think of me. I am who I am, and there's nothing you can do to change me, my dear.' Scotland replied sharply, but calmly, not making an effort to even mett his gaze. 'You want to know what I think? I think you're the biggest drama king known to man, but, I think you could be sweet, if you wanted to be.' Her voice was so incredibly sweet, it could melt anyone's heart.

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