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Jessamae rode in on her horse,Dutchess, the hooves creating a satisfying thumping sound. She knew how to ride,well the basics of it. She had been scared to even get near a horse ever since the freak accident that her father had. Though, about a year ago she got enough courage to get on a horse. Her mother taught her the basics like how to ride it in a simple trot,which is really all her mother knew. Now, Jessa was ready to actually get into riding,which is why she came for a private lesson. It was no use in denying that Jessa had money, so she was able to afford everything in the riding facility. Jessamae didn't like having money,she hated being pampered. So,she paid for the riding lessons on her own,which is all she could afford in her own money.

hey, it's layne. Matt led his Irish Sport Horse gelding, Finn into the arena with a soft groan. His father had put him up to it again; Some rich bitch had requested a lesson, and Jamie, being the busy father he was, had other things that needed to be done. He guilted Matt into it, considering Matt hadn't planned on doing anything other then driving out to the beach or riding out there later that day. Matt looked up at the girl on her horse, and he immediately smirked. She was hot, definitely to his standards alright. 'Jessamae? I'm Matt, Matt Finchley. I'm going to administer your lesson since my dad is trying to help some junior hunters today.' He winked at her, charming her with his million dollar smile. Maybe he'd have some company for his beach trip this afternoon after all.

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When Jess heard the familiar trot of hooves,she looked up to see a guy no older than her enter the Arena. She had requested Jamie,but she guessed he was busy. The boy was cute, though she had no intention in mingling with him. She was there to train, and she wasn't going to waste her money on talking with a guy.When he mentioned his name,everything clicked. The son. Well, thanks a lot Jamie. she thought. When he winked at her she grimaced. God, was he really flirting with her. She dismounted her horse swiftly and walked up to him. "Look, I don't have time for your petty flirting and such. I paid for lessons and I sure as hell be getting them."Jessamae replied bluntly. Yes, she could be a bitch at times. Though she seriously didn't have time for this.

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hey, it's layne. Matthew stared at her, becoming stiff as a frown fell upon his full lips. 'Excuse me, Miss, but if you want any lessons at all, you should know better then to talk to me that way.' He snapped right back, then smiled innocently. 'I wasn't flirting with you, sweets. You're not my type. You're that cold hearted, "rich-bitch" type. Now I'll be damned if we don't get on with these lessons, here.' He placed Finn's reins in her fingertips, and brought her horse in, tying it nearby the doors to the indoor arena. Finn didn't have a saddle, just a blanket on his back and a set of reins. Matt hoisted her up onto the horse, then ushered towards the arena. 'I'll untack your horse down to the saddle blanket. I want you to take Finn around the arena a few times at a trot, then try the low oxers on the left side of the arena.'(view spoiler) Matt said as he began settling her horse. 'You need to build on the basis of what you have. Finn gets a bit excited when you kick him into a trot, so if he goes into a canter you'll need to pull him back.' Matt said, becoming stoic.

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Jessamae laughed cynically" Oh really? Than you should really get that eye checked out.Looks like you've got some twitch problem. Hell, call me a bitch. At least I'm not some bastard who thinks he's all that because his daddy owns the place. Reality check: Your nothing in my book. Just because you may have money doesn't give you the right to get into peoples pants.I may have money but at least I pay for what I do. " Jessamae hissed coldly. She could be horrible when she wanted to,and today she was feeling extra bitchy. "Oh and next time, don't touch me. I can get on a damn horse quite well without your help."She whispered into his ear before pulling on the horses reins, getting Finn into a nice trot. She was pretty good at the basics, exquisite actually. She just needed help on advancing forward.

hey, it's layne. 'I never said I wanted in your pants, alright? Calling you a bitch really was uncalled for, and frankly, I don't want in this business. My dad owns this place, big whoop-dee-doo. You think I have money? My dad pays for my college, that's all. I don't get any money other then five percent from the horses I help sell.' He said, his words the honest truth. 'I really am sorry, I shouldn't have called you a bitch.' He said, shaking his head honestly, then he smirked slightly. 'It's customary, just until you get a good grip bareback.' He said, settling Dutchesses' saddle onto the fence before raising his hand. 'Go ahead and move into a canter, but try those low jumps right after the oxers, only if you feel comfortable.' He said, becoming serious now.

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"Huh. Well then you should really watch that mouth of yours.One day your going to get hit,and it won't be a great look on that pretty face of yours.I also don't care if it's customary or whatever. Don't touch me."She yelled as she swiftly brought the horse into a canter. She jumped the oxers easily, and she finally realized what her father saw in riding. There was a point,when you're in the air, and you get a rush. Jessamae moved onto the low jumps, not holding back since she knew that holding back would cause the horse to hold back. Her hair blew back behind her and she thought she thought that she should of put her hair back into a pony tail. In the heat of the moment, she forgot what she was doing because of a silly thought. So when the horse went to jump one of the low jumps, she slipped off. She wasn't holding onto the reins so the horse had thrown her off.

hey, it's layne. Matt had been watching admirably as she rode, somehow missing the sensation of riding over the jumps. He wouldn't admit it, but he really did miss riding as much as he used to. As she fell, Matt immediately ran to her aid, lifting her to her feet carefully as he steadied Finn. 'Are you alright? What happened there?' He asked, seriously, as he checked her for any possible injury, sincerely worried about her. Gently, soothingly, he settled his hand beneath her chin, lifting her head gently to make sure she didn't have anything on her neck. Of course, through all of this, he ended up staring into her eyes for a brief moment, before letting go of her and sighing softly.

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Jessamae fell with a thump,and although it did hurt,she would have been able to get up on her own. She disliked when he came to her aid,as if she needed it. She swatted his hands away, straightening her shirt and wiping off any dirt that may have been on her. "Look. I'm fine. Stop freaking out." She said. Jessa was way to independent to even let him help her. When he looked into her eyes, Jessa turned her head. Gosh, what was he trying to do. She regretted even coming to the practice, since the fall brought up memories of her father and his death. Suddenly,she refused to get on the horse. Jess kept telling herself in her head that if she falls again, she could die. So why should she get on again?

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hey, it's layne. (("Gosh, what was he trying to do." That just made me laugh xD))

Matt stepped away briefly, handing her the reins gently. 'Come on, Jessa. I'm sorry I hit on you, alright? I admit it, I did. I thought I'd have an easy companion for when I hit the lake this afternoon, happy?' He snapped slightly, but then looked down at her with his puppy-dog big brown eyes. 'What's wrong? Finn won't hurt you. You can get back on him. Don't make me hoist you back up there.' He was teasing with his last words, taking FInn from her and returning with her horse. 'Try it on your horse now. Maybe Finn was a bit too...bumpy for you. He's got an odd gate, but he's a good jumper.' He patted the horse affectionately, handing her the reins to her horse.

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Jessamae had wide eyes as he approached her with the reins to her horse.Seriously,something must have snapped in her heard because she had gone insane."Get that away from me. You want me to die don't you? You want me to fall off and die!" She yelled at him. Her trauma was slowly coming back as the barrier so desperately tried to built slowly collapsed. Jessa was beginning to show her real self: Weak,scared, alone. She didn't want to nor mean to, but the whole repetition of events made her go just a bit looney.

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hey, it's layne. 'Jessa, calm down. She's your horse, she's not going to hurt you. I promise. Can you just trust me? I'll show you.' He gently led her to stand out on the outer edge, mounting Finn flawlessly. He took the gelding over each of the jumps before riding back to her, grinning sheepishly as he dismounted the lazy gelding. 'I told you, he wouldn't hurt a fly.' He said, then offered her the reins. 'Come on, I promise. I'll even walk you through things.'

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"Dont.Get.Near.Me. You all are plotting to kill me right?!You want me to fall off and break my neck?! Just like you plotted against my dad right?!" (view spoiler) She said as she closed her eyes, covering her ears. She could still see the haunting image of her dad on the track,laying there unconscious. That day it had been a race, so when he fell off,there wasn't enough time to stop everybody. There were a few instances where he was trampled by hooves, leaving him a bloody mess. The images still haunted her today, along with the bloodcurdling cries of her mother. She hated that she had gone that day,because she had been permanently traumatized.

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hey, it's layne. ((Just a wee bit, maybe. It just gives Matty the opportunity to coddle her though))

Matt dropped the reins and immediately brought her into his arms, engulfing her into a hug. 'Stop, Jessamae, just stop. You're scared, you fell. It's okay, alright? It's okay. Nobody's going to hurt you,' He held her tightly and rocked her gently in his arms, stepping out of the arena as he held her. 'Jessamae, you're alright, okay? I'm going to take you to the lounge, and you're going to calm down.' He held her face gently as he suddenly picked her up bridal style and walked out of the arena, motioning to one of the stablehands to take care of their horses.

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(view spoiler)

Jessamae began to block out all her surroundings, like she did when she was younger. Truth is,she was still as weak and scared as when he first died. She tried to put up barriers so that nobody would see her in her worst state,but that obviously didn't work. She didn't even care if he was touching her or if he picked her up. Jessa never wanted anybody to see her like this, but it was inevitable. Tears slipped out of her eyes though she didn't wipe them in fear that if she moved her hands from her ears she would hear the cries of her mother, the cry of pain when her father fell.

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hey, it's layne. ((Onto the Lounge!))

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Adriane entered the arena heading over to the wall. After pushing Ace up against the wall she herself grabbed the upper railing lining the concrete wall and hoisted herself up. Before Ace could move, she swung one long leg over his girth and settled into the saddle with a natural horsemanship. Patting Ace's neck, Adriane then slips her heels into the stirrups of her english saddle and squeezes her calves against the large horses girth. His ears flicked back towards her as if listening and easily picked up a long, smooth trot. A small smile crossed Adriane's face; one of pure joy, as she moved seamlessly along with this giant creature.

She remembered when she had first saw this horse. He had been a completely different horse then. With large patches of hair missing and every bone visible Adriane herself, who always tired to be optimistic, had a shadow of doubt creeping under her determination to help this horse. This creature who could barely stand. As soon as she saw him though, she found a kindred spirit. One who just wanted a second chance so she took him in and now just over 2 years later his was the arrogant, bossy, and annoying horse all stallions should be.

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Gordon pulled Randy along by the lead, his hand resting on the crest of the horse's neck. Randy was all saddled up, and ready to be ridden. The two did come to a halt as they noticed another pair in the arena, but shook it off. Maybe she would just leave them alone until after the riding session. Normally Gordon was all for chatting up girls, but riding his beautiful gelding was a time he didn't want to be disturbed. He swung himself up on the chestnut beast before pressing his heels gently into Randy's sides. He responded better than other horses did, so he didn't need much of a signal. They went into a brisk walk at first, then sped up into a slow trot.

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Adriane turned her head a miniscule amount towards the familiar creek of the front gate of the arena before turning it back to her horse. She didn't mind the company, sometimes she even preferred it to the quietness of just her and her horse alone in a large arena. Shaking off that thought, she pushed Ace into an extended trot and dug her heels deeper into Aces sides. he easily picked up on her cue and as she slid her hands up his reins, he ducked in his head in an elegant arch his ears flicked forwards in attention and curiosity.

Adriane smiled slightly as he responded within a second of what she asked. Pure happiness rushed through her the way only it did when she was with Ace. At some point Adriane had even forgot that someone else was in the ring and blinked in slight surprise as a guy and his horse went into a trot on the other side of the ring.

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Gordon felt eyes on him, and his gaze immediately flicked to it's source. A girl was glancing curiously at him as they trotted around the border of the arena. Grinning, Gordon came to a complete stop and Randy's ears twitched in surprise as if to say 'Why did we stop?'. He waited patiently until the girl was approaching them at a steady pace and he pushed Randy into a slow canter. The competitive side of him was showing, and a rush of joy spreaded through Gordon as he moved fluidly with his equine.

The girl now riding beside him seemed a little confused as to why he had stopped and waited for her but now they were evenly matched, side by side. Gordon's eyes flickered back to Ariane as they made their way around the arena and he was pleasantly surprised. She was quite pretty, he noticed and his grin opened a little wider.

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Watching the guy warily as she came closer to him and his horse, she was about to slow so as she wouldn't run into them but he suddenly spun around and matched her pace. If Adriane was surprised she didn't show it however tensing slightly Ace picked up the pace slightly. Flicking his tail around, Ace turned his ears to the other horse and pinned his ears slightly before Adriane quickly corrected him. Glancing over at the guy she noticed he wasn't the worst looking man she had seen and pursed her lips slightly before relaxing again.

Out of curiosity Adriane pushed Ace slightly faster and he immediately picked up the pace pulling away from the other pair. Ace bobbed his head asking for more lead but Adriane kept him back not wanting him to get to excited if it wasn't needed. Glancing back slightly the tips of her mouth tipped up in a small smile before she turned her attention back to the arena and what she was doing.

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Gordon smirked as the girl urged her horse into a faster pace and turned away to the side, changing direction. With another nudge, Gordon pressed his heels into Randy's side a bit more and adjusted his grip on the reins. Randy snorted a little but sped up and took a corner, heading down the other side. The mystery girl and her horse were a few yards ahead, but Gordon let Randy go into a gallop, slowing to a canter once again when they had reached her side.

Gordon did make sure to keep their horses apart, as he had noticed her ride's dislike of Randy. His eyes flicked to her and he couldn't help beaming as he saw Ariane's lips tilt into a small smile. She was obviously enjoying the little competition, but it wasn't over yet. Randy shook his mane with impatience, wanting to return to a gallop but Gordon held him back.

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Adriane kept an eye out on this guy and cocked her head to the side slightly in a moments contemplation before picking up a slow loping canter. Dropping Ace's head, he relaxed his ears but kept a wary eye out at the other guys horse. Being a stallion and being his past he had a tendency to become slightly possessive and defensive around other horses. Not that Adriane blamed him for it and she glanced at the guy before picking up even more speed and as she came around the straightway, pushed Ace into a gallop.

Perking up, Ace raised his head and his stride became quicker as well as longer as he stretched out and sped up. Adriane let a full smile cross her face as she laughed quietly, the sound like light bells. Shaking her head slightly, Adriane slipped her hands farther down the reins loosening the control she had over him and as he gathered speed her eyes danced with excitement.

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Gordon's eyes brightened as he heard that laugh. It was melodious, like the light tinkling of bells and reminded him of his youngest sister. The memory settled in his head, and he became a little side-tracked before realizing she had picked up a faster speed, her beautiful ride shaking his head in excitement. Randy pulled at the reins a bit, begging to go faster and match the other stallion's pace. Gordon allowed him, and loosened his grip until his gelding had plenty of room to gallop. They continued the little competition for a while, Gordon's facing adorning a wide smile.Underneath the long sleeved shirt you could see prominent muscles bulging as he rode and the sight was definitely not hard on the eyes.

The wind blew in Gordon's face the feeling was of absolute freedom. Nothing in life even came close to comparing with the magic of riding a horse. The closest description he could think of was flying, and for once all his worries disappeared into the wind. Every now and then Gordon's eyes would flick back to the pretty girl, his lips tilting up more each time.

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Adriane grinned before pulling in the reins slightly and Ace pinned his ears although not in anger but more than in disappointment and annoyance. Rolling her eyes Adriane tugged again and he begrudgingly slowed back to a loping canter before going down to a trot. Turning around, Adriane watched the other guy and even from her slowed pace she could see the muscles and talent in his posture and horsemanship. Adriane's green eyes dance with a relaxed and at ease excitement before smirking slightly. "I'm Adriane," she called out smoothly her voice soft and smooth like butter. "May I ask yours?"

Absently Adriane reaches down and rubs Ace's neck before pulling him into a fast paced but steady walk. "Good boy," she cooed before coming up next to the other guy and looking over at him with curiosity and a slightly guarded expression albeit it was well hidden to most people.

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"Gordon. It's a pleasure." He grinned, a bit of his Brazilian accent shining through. Randy shook his mane a little as he was pulled to a stop, but Gordon smoothed his palm down the side of his horse's neck, calming the great beast. "What's his name?" He gestured to Adriane's horse, then moving his gaze to her eyes. Gordon almost fell off the horse.

Adriane was gorgeous up close. Her skin was flawless, her hair silky and long. Taking a moment to clear his throat, Gordon put a smile on his face and looked into her eyes.

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Adriane nodded slightly in acknowledgment before cocking her head to the side slightly. "Ace," she said looking down at him fondly before flicking her eyes up at gaze at him through her dark thick lashes. "So what's your horses name?" She asked smiling slightly as he seemed to almost fall of his horse for no apparent reason. Adriane found Gordon both humorous yet interesting seeing as how he rode beautifully but had just now stumbled slightly. Brushing it off she decided it wasn't her business.

"He's gorgeous," Adriane added referring to his horse and smiled slightly at the seemingly excited creature before turning her attention back to Gordon.

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"Thanks," Gordon grinned, flicking his eyes to Randy and stroked his chestnut coloured coat. "This is Crested Triumph. Or Randy, if you prefer." He answered, gazing proudly at his prideful gelding. When Gordon had moved to America to his uncle's farm, there was one horse he simply couldn't take his eyes off. Flicking his eyes back to Adriane's he smiled a little more with a little dimple showing in his left cheek.

"How long have you been riding for?" He asked, still patting Randy's crest. Adriana was very intriguing, not to mention beautiful to him.

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Adriane watched Randy and nodded slightly, "your welcome. He seems very bonded with you." She said before shifting slightly in her saddle and after fixing her position, turned to look back at Gordon. "Well let's see...I lived in Paris for a while so when I went riding with my mother or father it was when I was young..." And one of the only times they ever let me out of the house. She added on in her mind before pushing the thought out of her head and then shrugged. "So I'd probably say most of my life. I think I really got into it when I was around 5 though. I saw this movie about a girl and her horse and I decided I wanted to be that girl. I wanted to have that bond." Adriane ducked her head a blush coloring her pale cheeks and glanced up at him. "It's kind of stupid but it's what got me here so I'm glad."

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"It's not stupid." Gordon reassured, smiling gently at her. "I came from Rio de Janeiro, in the streets. My parents couldn't support us and wouldn't accept help from our other relatives. So I moved to my uncle's farm where I met Randy." Gordon said simply, leaving out the parts where his mother had died and father left in a drunken state. He averted his gaze from Adriane's eyes, a bit embarrassed. She probably came from a normal household, and now that she knew he was a piece of Brazilian scum, she'd avoid him for as long as he remained at Pelham Lane.

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Adriane watched him curiosity mixed with something she couldn't decipher. Something that felt comforting about him. "Well that must have been interesting at least, they say that those who were poor only really are able to find value in life," she suggested before blushing again. "I mean...I'm not saying that being poor is a good thing or a bad thing but at least you're here; plus you obviously have a great relationship with Randy so there are always upsides I guess in life as long as you wait for them." Adriane reassured him and then shrugged. "I never had a normal childhood." She responded in a clipped and to the point tone.

Slowing to a stop, she turned to Gordon and smiled. "Want to go put these big boys away and just go chill with me?" She asked curiously and slightly wary seeing as she would probably be rejected. Well it's happened before and it hurts but it's definitely not the worst thing out there.

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((Sorry that my writing isn't very good today~ I'm focusing on a very annoying assignment *_* ))

Gordon nodded in response to her reaction. At least she hadn't walked away right then from him because of his loss of money. When she asked him if he wanted to hang out with her, he immediately perked up. "I'd love to." He grinned and dismounted Randy, gathering his reins in one hand. Gordon waited patiently for Adriane to dismount and the two walked to the edge of the arena side by side.

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(( 'Tis alright my friend! Sorry I haven't been on all that much c:))

A smile slipped onto Adriane's face and she stopped Ace before dismounting and after rubbing his neck, placed a light kiss on his cheek. As she started walking, Ace followed suit matching her pace and she looked over at Gordon. "So do you have a job at this barn or do you just ride here?" She asked curiously and reached out to unlock the gate. Hearing the familiar click of the latch, she pushes it open leading Ace out before going down a little ways to make room for Gordon to catch up with her.

"I think it would be a lot of work to be a barn hand but I also think it would be fun honestly." Adriane said after stopped and Ace bobbed his head into her shoulder. Grinning, Adriane rubbed his nose and he snorted before standing still.

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((It's okay dear:p I promise I'm not normally this terrible of a writer))

As Adriane opened the gate and walked through, Gordon followed suit. Randy followed at a brisk pace, having to slow down every few seconds. A light grin spread across his face when he noticed her smile. It was similar to the sun; it could brighten anyone's day. "I'm actually a stable hand at my uncles farm, and in return they pay for me to ride here." He answered, remembering the long, harsh days of work at the farm. He chuckled when Adriane commented on his job, agreeing slightly.

"It's definitely a hard job. Though its good because you get to work with the horses," Gordon smiled and patted Randy lightly on the muzzle.

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((Haha it's all good! To the stables? I gtg to bed but I'll reply in the morning! c:))

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