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hey, it's layne. Scout had Flame, her beloved angel, tied outside his stall as she helped one of the younger riders saddle her gruff little pony. 'Melanie, make sure you tighten Dime's girth before you ride, alright?' She gently patted the girl's back before bringing her attention back to Flame, who was eyeing one of the head trainer's yapper dogs suspiciously. She had been planning on just relaxing for the remainder of the day, but considering that Flame had worked very hard with the oxers that morning, she wanted to reward him by taking him out to the beach. Scotland was always busy with someone or something; Mainly because she was such a pushover, but she really did try to help out. Sometimes, though, she overextended herself and didn't realize it, and she really didn't know how to relax. But did she really deserve to? After all, Flame stayed there for free, the only thing that came out of her pocket was vet bills, which could be very expensive at times. She didn't mind, though. It was worth it to keep her wonderful horse, and his filly, Promise.

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Aron walked into the stables,his horse Jack right behind him. Jack's hooves thumped softly on the wooden floor as Aron led him by the reins into his pen.Aron has been training with Jack rigorously that day, which explained the small bit of sweat that gleamed against his skin. Aron took off his helmet and ran a hand through his hair,putting it back into his customary style. He hand't really taken notice to anybody in the room,because it wasn't really like he cared who they were. Yet,he heard a kind voice talking to probably one of the new kids who came to learn how to ride. Aron cringed,oh how he despised kindness. He turned and saw a girl,probably not much younger than him. He rolled his eyes yet said nothing, he wasn't that bad. Plus, why would he waste his beautiful and gracious voice on such a creature?

hey, it's layne. Scotland glanced down at Flame, frowning slightly as he grew more and more restless by the moment. He'd just have to wait, especially considering Aron had just came in with his horse, and she knew they'd been out working all day. Making her way over, she pulled her long waves of chocolate up into a ponytail, offering the kindest of smiles she could muster as she glanced at the horse. 'Is there anything I can help you with? Jamie mentioned you'd been out all day. I could, untack Jack if you'd like.' She offered, but remained towards the middle of the aisle, keeping her distance. Scotland didn't want to seem rude or anything, but Flame really needed her attention at the moment. Of course, if Jamie Finchley, the head trainer, mentioned it, then she had to take care of it.

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Aron smirked when the girl came over to him. He held his helmet in one hand,his other wiped off the small amount of sweat he had on his forehead. He noticed who the girl was when he got a good look of her face,she was the one that had to work to be at the facility."Would you? Oh your just so kind child. Untack him and if you could brush him a bit that would be great.I mean, I'm sure you need to get in as much work as you can to even get your horse to stay here." Aron scoffed. He was rude,and he himself knew that. Though, he felt as if he didn't need to thank her. She was the one who offered, so he had no obligation to her. Aron was very good friends with Jamie Finchley, well at least his parents were. So, Jamie treated him like a prince since his parents would donate things here and there.

hey, it's layne. Scotland smiled so innocently as she led the horse out, tying it as she began to untack it. Yes, his words hurt, but she wasn't going to let it get to her. 'Actually, yes, I do. Some of us actually have to work for what we want, not that you'd understand working towards your dream.' She spoke, her voice delicate and kind, although her choice of wording was more blunt then sarcastic. Stopping for just a moment, she led Flame back into his stall and then came back, untacking the saddlebred without another word. 'By the way, not that I'm complaining, but you don't have to address me in such a way. Jamie didn't tell me to do anything, I'm doing it because the last time you brought Jack in and said you brushed him out thoroughly, he spent two days with dirt in his coat.' Frankly, with her words, her best friend would have high-fived her. This hadn't been the first time she had to put Flame's care aside to take care of his horse.

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"I'd rather get things done for me than look like a dirty commoner.It's not my job to do the things that you do to the horses. All I do is train him to be the very best. Thats it. So, get to work."Aron said with the wave of his gloved hand. Yes pampered was an understatement when it came to him. Though, it's not like he really cared. It was true, he believed his only job was to ride the horse, not do all the other necessities.He walked around the stables, inspecting all the horses. He looked at which ones were competition and which ones weren't worth his time. When he came across flame he scoffed slightly. He turned to look at her "Hey girl, you better train that horse good. He looks quite lacking to me."Aron said, his voice different from before though it still held arrogance in it.

hey, it's layne. Scotland continued to smile innocently, taking every single word of his criticism as she neatly put the tack away and brushed the horses' coat out. As soon as he brought up her beloved beauty, she dropped the brush and stepped out of the stall, calmly. 'Commoner? Wow, very medieval of you.' She stepped closer to him, too close typically for her comfort, but enough that she was going to get her point across. 'Listen up, alright? I don't know what kind of issue you have with me, other then the fact that the people here at Pelham Lane don't talk behind my back and scatter when I walk in. It seems that your relationship with Jack is lacking, or else he would be performing better. As for Flame, here, why don't you come see him in action and then you can decide?' She placed the brush within his hand before making her way to Flame's stall, leading him out smoothly. She was a sweet girl, but she wasn't going to sit and take his shit.

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Aron laughed "Listen.You shouldn't talk to me like so. Or else you could just loose your job."He hissed "If you claim to be so good, then are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is? I'll pay you 200, no 300 dollars if you preform an exquisite sequence." Aron didn't care if she did win, it's not like 300 dollars was worth much to him. He held quite a lot of arrogance in his voice, it seemed that his ego could fill the room. He was cocky, and he didn't care. The girl was daring enough to talk back to him, so who knows what kind of fun she could muster up. Maybe, just maybe she would succumb to his charm.

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hey, it's layne. 'I don't claim anything, and I certainly don't want your money. I'm not the only one who's complained about you. Besides, you can't complain if you don't even know my name.' Scotland fired back, securing the girth of Flame's saddle before adjusting his bridle for just a moment. 'Aron, the real world is a lot less kind then I've been to you. I'm not interested in being a part of your little game, I'm only here to take care of my horse. You're welcome to come see me ride though.' With that, Scotland smiled that same innocent smile and made her way out of the stables with Flame prancing excitedly beside her.

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Cadence led her horse into the large stables, unhooking the specific gate and led Peyton in. Giving her one last kiss on the nose, Caden shut the little gate behind her quietly and locked it. Peyton gave her a sheepish gaze, as if to say she wanted out. "Sorry girl, not today." Cadence grinned and leaned against the stable wall, removing the padded helmet. She regarded her horse with a passion that she only reserved for the things she loved. Pink Champagne was the only thing in Caden's life that truly mattered to her, so she made sure to make the horse feel special. Being around each other since birth helped the matter as well.

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hey, it's layne. McKinley was incredibly hesitant as she stood outside Dreamcatcher's stall, a groom box full of grooming tools within her hand. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail, and she had on some old, worn riders' boots along with a pair of thin riding pants (that fit like skinny jeans, which really didn't make sense to her, but she wore them anyway) that she had come across and picked up at the local thrift store. A long-sleeved dark grey tee shirt with Yale printed across the front graced her upper torso as she stood outside Dreamer's stall, confusion written across her face. Everyone she had asked to help her had just laughed in her face, assuming she was just kidding; But the thing was, she really wasn't. Dreamer stuck his head over the stall door, peering curiously at her and causing her to stumble backwards. 'Alright, Kinley, you're going to have to just do this. Don't be afraid, if he crushes you you'll live and get through it.' Kinley spoke to herself and she darted into the stall shyly, leaving it open. Dreamer began to slowly walk out, and Kinley stopped in the middle of the aisle. 'Hey, where are you going?' Dreamer turned to peer at her but then continued to walk down the aisle, causing her to stand there, dumbfounded. Boy, did this girl have a lot to learn.

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The intention of readying his mare for a ride was still fresh in Heath's mind after having taken a small promenade to his wanted destination. Such fact was rather surprising because the boy's focus was as theoretical about there being smaller nothings than atoms.

Speaking of, his previous goal was wiped blank from his mind upon stepping inside the large barn, the size never ceasing to captivate him for the few brief seconds before the sound of shuffling feet sounded from a small distance. Much to his surprise, his oculars caught sight of a large mammal, strolling out of its stall, unsupervised - toward him.

Having spoken too soon, a girl walked out, following the horse's trail, although she had stopped. Suppressing a laugh at her innocent inquiry directed toward an animal whose response wouldn't make much sense other than the approval of having been heard. Taking the initiative, Heath stepped considerably closer to the warm-blooded creature, the beast halting its path as the new smell was introduced.

Brown eyes meeting blue, the boy smiled at the confused, possible owner of this horse, "Is this your horse?" His inquiry was graced with a small tilt of the lip, his hand removing itself from below the horse's nostrils and onto its nose instead, running a hand down its length, observing him.

"He's a beauty."

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hey, it's layne. McKinley watched the interaction, surprised and a bit jealous as she saw Dreamer's responder to his interaction with the equine. 'Well, he's not really mine, but he's mine because I inherited him, but,' She found herself mumbling in the presence of such an attractive guy, finally she cut her words off. 'Its a long story. But long story short, Dreamer here is mine indeed.' She replied with a very small, casual smile as she grabbed the fluorescent blue lead.
'Okay, just hold still...' Slowly, Kinley snuck up around the side, clipping the leadrope to the tall, pinto's halter. She suddenly looked very amused and accomplished, leading the horse back into it's stall. 'I don't know how you got him to stop, he hasn't listened to me at all,' Kinley tied him and searched for where she had put the brush, turning to find the brush in the horses' mouth. He snorted as she attempted to pull it from his grasp, her nose scrunching up adorably at the amount of slobber on the brush.
'Oh, he's definitely beautiful, but I'm still not sure how I feel about things. I'm not even sure how to put a saddle on him, let alone ride him like the trainer wants me to.' She said, honestly, flinching as she felt the horses' hot breath on her hair. She really, honestly didn't know what she was doing.
'I'm Kinley, by the way.' She said innocently, offering the hand that wasn't covered in horse slobber.

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Adriane walked into the stables and lead Ace into his stall. After clipping on a lead so he couldn't leave, she undid the straps along his bridle and slipped it off over his soft ears. Shaking his head slightly, Ace flicked his ears over towards Adriane before walking over and taking a long sip of water. Adriane walks out and heads towards the tack room slipping the bridle up onto her hook before walking back and into Aces stall.

After undoing the cinch, she slid off her saddle and set it outside the door by her other stuff. Taking the body brush, Adriane quickly went over Aces body and picked out his hooves.

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Gordon smiled brightly as he saw Adriane care for her steed in an adorable manner. He followed stead and lead Randy into the stall next to Ace's, untacking the great beast. Once he had finished, Gordon quickly ran over his coat with a bristled comb and patted the horse gently when he twitched. Randy was an impatient horse, but if you knew how to treat him he was amazing in competition. Gordon finished up and offered Randy a sugar cube before closing the latch behind him, turning to Adriane's stall.

"Ace is a beauty," He commented, genuine appreciation filtering through his voice. Gordon has always been one to guard his true emotions, but with Adriane, things felt difference. He didn't know if it was false or not, but he had a sense of security around her that really shouldn't be there. Leaning against the stable wall, he waited patiently for Adriane to finish.

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Adriane watched Gordon from the corner of her eye while she was grooming Ace before finishing plucking out his hooves. Straightening, she flipped her hair over her shoulder in an impatient manner before turning to face Gordon. "Thanks, Randy really is gorgeous too." She replied before being knocked in the back by Ace's head. Adriane burst out laughing before turning around and wrapping her arms around his face. He twitched slightly but other wise remained still and took a deep breathe relaxing.

Letting go, Adriane pulled a carrot out of the grooming bag she had besides her and feed it to him, his soft nose sweeping it up before turning back to Gordon. "He may be beautiful but he can be arrogant as well." She added although the comment was not without affection.

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Gordon chuckled as Ace swung his head around to knock the back of Ariadne's. Her long hair flipped over her shoulder, and he couldn't help but admire the length. "I can see that. Though Randy has a zero-patience level," He replied, grinning as the girl hugged her stallion. It was like something you would see out of a movie, that instant connection between human and beast.

Gordon's eyes roved around Adriane's flawless face, searching for any imperfections. He found none, and returned his opticals to her eyes. From the next stall, Randy snorted impatiently and Gordon laughed in response, stroking the chestnut beauty's muzzle with affection.

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Adriane rolled her eyes before turning to walk out of the stall. Reaching out, she unclipped his lead and then took the halter before closing the door. After making sure it was shut, she set the halter on his hook underneath the smooth and shiny name plate. Adriane then turned to Gordon and smiled, "so what would you like to do? We could stay here or leave and go someplace in town." She says and shrugs. "Doesn't matter to me," she adds on before checking her phone for the time. "It's around 12 now so we could go get lunch."

Adriane ducks her head slightly smiling sheepishly before slipping her phone back into her pocket.

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"Lunch sounds great," Gordon grinned, back to his usual flirtatious self. A girl like Adriane had to be treasured, he knew. You didn't come around girls like that very often. Giving Randy one last pat, he offered the crook of his elbow to Adriane in a gentleman-like fashion with an eyebrow raised attractively. He wouldn't admit it, but he was quite hungry but he would never say that out loud. Famine was a feeling he was used to, only getting food every two days. He had grown up as a bag of skin and bones, but with all the hard labour at his uncle's farm, his muscles developed and a six back had replaced his protruding ribs.

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Adriane nodded before raising an eyebrow and looking at him arm. Her smile slipped into a smirk before shrugging and slipping her arm through his. "Well what a gentleman you are," Adriane mused. She was used to it of course, all those men asking her to dance at one of her mothers giant parties. Them all being the same thing. A prodigy just looking for another prodigy. There wasn't any real love in there. Simply appearances for the press. Things to talk about while the 'commoners' sipped their morning drinks and read the paper.

Adriane didn't want that and from the way it was shaping up to be, that was exactly what her mother wanted her to do. Get married young and to use her academic skills to reach the top and to stay there. Her father wanted the same of her but he was never around so it didn't really count she thought before reaching the parking lot.

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