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Robert Spake (ManofYesterday) | 1 comments Aloha!

I'm Rob, a 27 year old indie writer from Southampton, England. I've lived a fairly ordinary life, although highlights would be studying philosophy in Canterbury and working at Disneyworld. I'm not tied down to a single genre, I'm curious about a lot of things and I write stories that reflect that. Currently I have three books available, and I'm writing a superhero story on my blog which is updated weekly.

Angelic Hellfire by Robert D. Spake

I, Tomorrow? and Other Stories by Robert D. Spake

Step Into My Soul by Robert D. Spake

Amazon author page with purchasing links -

Blog -

I've also been doing a few interviews recently and these can be found here.


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Virtual | 435 comments Mod
Lovely to meet you, Robert!

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