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This is the room of Princess Adelaide.

♛ █ Adelaide's Bedroom:

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((Yes ma'am))

Adelaide led Cassie into her bedchambers, it had been a while since they had spent any personal time with each other. Suddenly, Addie felt rather guilty, as if she had abandon her younger sister in some way. "You sit on the bed, and I will grab my brush." She smiled down at her, and walked over to her dresser.

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((I have to leave soon.))

Making her way over to the bed, Cassie watched her sister shuffle through her dresser to look for the brush. It was nice to spend some one on one time with Adelaide again. She had honestly felt pushed away from her family for some time. It was no wonder she acted rudely towards a few of them, blaming them for not caring. Some times what they all needed was family bonding. Cassandra messed with the tips of her hair as she thought until it was pulled lightly from her grasp.

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Adelaide pulled the hair gently from Cassie's hands into her own, as she sat behind her on the bed. Taking the brush softly through her youngest sister's hair she starting humming quietly to herself. She was not sure how to bring up the comment that Cassie had made about Gabriel. She knew she needed to find out exactly just how much her baby sister actually knew about his escapades. His and her own sake depended on their 'missions' staying secret and if Cassie knew about them, surely someone else did as well. Which is why Adelaide prayed that Cassie only knew what everyone else had assumed, that Gabriel was 'rolling in the hay' with peasant girls. Not that he was seducing the wives of Lords and important diplomats, which could get him killed. She sighed, deciding to go about it slowly, "So Cas, how do you feel about Gabriel being your dance instructor?" Adelaide might have being gathering information from Cassandra, but she was struck by how much she had missed spending time with her. She made a mental note to start being apart of Cassie's life again, after all they used to be inseparable and Addie missed that.

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"Gabe is Gabe, as always." Cassie stated bluntly. He obviously didn't make an effort to be part of her life, though when they were children Cassandra would have considered them to be close. "I don't think he wants to teach me anyway, and it's not as if he cares." She shrugged, implying indifference, but that didn't mean that's how she actually felt. She wanted the closeness with her siblings that all families were supposed to have, but apparently it wasn't meant to be.

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Adelaide's eyes widened in surprise and she burst out into laughter, she had forgotten how Cassie could make her laugh so hard. "You are probably right, he seems to have other interests in mind as of late..." Adelaide trailed off, to allow her sister to fill in just what she thought those other interests could be. "I could take over teaching you...if you wish for me to, I mean," Addie offered seriously, she was after all a better dancer than Gabriel. Besides, the way that she had compared dancing to horseback riding seemed to really help her younger sister.

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A knock sounding on the door cause Adelaide to pause what she was doing, "Yes?" she called unwilling to get up from the bed at that moment.
One of her handmaidens came in, a look of embarrassment on her face, "I am so sorry to interrupt your highness, but you are summoned by your father..."
Adelaide sighed, but not before a frown crossed her face, what could be want with her? "I shall be on my way shortly..." She replied to the maid, then turned to Cassie, "I am so sorry we have to cut this short, I will come find you later. I have missed spending time with you, I wish to do it again soon." With that she left her bedchambers in search of her father.

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"Goodbye Adelaide," Cassandra addressed quietly, as her sister was already out of sight. Sighing, Cassandra decided to go to the stables where she felt most comfortable. It was where her horse Tempest Journey stayed, and where Cass felt most at home. "I wish to spend more time with you soon as well."

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