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Robert Spake (ManofYesterday) | 8 comments Aloha,

I'm Rob, a 27 year old writer from Southampton, England. I don't really stick to one traditional genre, although I'd say sci-fi is my go-to. Currently I have a few books out, Angelic Hellfire by Robert D. Spake

I, Tomorrow? and Other Stories by Robert D. Spake

Step Into My Soul by Robert D. Spake

I studied philosophy at uni so a lot of my work has a philosophical influence, but mainly I just want to entertain people.

I've also been doing a few interviews recently and they can be found here -




I also have a blog, http://www.manofyesterday.wordpress.com where I'm writing a superhero serial!

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Robert Spake (ManofYesterday) | 8 comments The 15th chapter of my ongoing superhero story was posted yesterday, and today I posted an interview with the author Carla Acheson.


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