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message 1: by Ester (new)

Ester (ester395) | 99 comments Mod
This is the place to discuss this book :)

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Read the book about 16 years ago (right after The Scapegoat by Daphne du Maurier), but still remember the nice characterisation of the second Mrs. de Winter and all the similarities that echoed when I thought of Jane Eyre (though this book ends with fire, whereas in Jane's case the fire is just the beginning).
Am thinking of rereading the book, just need to make time for it.

Rebecca I read it last year. I found it a slow read until the end when it really picked up! I did however find that the descriptions were terrific unfortunatly that's what slowed the book down for me too.

Sainabou lol sounds like the book I am reading right now, "The Light Between Oceans", its also really slow but its so good honestly, I am really liking it

Sainabou I will start this after scarlet because this one is a library book and I can only have it for 3weeks

message 6: by Lenka (new)

Lenka | 5 comments I love this book! I read it about three-four years ago though, so I don't really remember that much... except liking it a lot :D

Sainabou I just finished this book, damn! its so creepy how there is no ghost but there is a ghost, I don't make sense but yeah, isn't it creepy?

Rebecca Yeah I guess it is creepy. This is a book I almost didn't finish. The reading for me was so slow until the last 100 pages that there were a number of times I almost just put the book down. In the end I was glad that I got through it however... I don't know as I would read it again.

Sainabou I really would, enjoy it that much, its those books that elude to everything and so you have to think and conclude yourself

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