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Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2)
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Ester (ester395) | 99 comments Mod
This is the place to discuss this book :)

Kristi Started the book last night and already half way through. So far as enjoyable as the first book in the series, although I think the character of Scarlet is a bit too temperamental and hot blooded for me; love Wolf though.

Kristi Finished the book; must say that I liked "Cinder" more. What I do not like most about YA series is that the first two or three books are a really long introduction and then the final book does a very hasty tying up of the different story lines (think of Hunger Games for example).
Here we get to meet two new characters and learn very little about Cinder herself - I personally wanted to know more about her childhood and what happened on Lunar, but the reader is left clueless about why or how she was saved and what the plans for her future were. Instead of finding answers we get to know that everyone from her past is dead.
Also I would like to know more about Queen Levana, besides the fact that she is ruthless and without any morals - I believe there has to be more to her story than just bloodlust. Hope the author will tell us more about her motivation in the next book - which by they way has jet another new character; Rapunzel this time.

Sainabou started this today, so far all I am reading about is scarlet and frankly I am a little upset because I want to know how cinder escapes and stuff
it's still good though, enjoying it

Kristi The book I would say is 60% about Scarlet and 40% about Cinder. But do not worry, you will learn how she escapes :)

Sainabou lol!!
I finished it!
oh my God, does anyone know when the next one comes out?! How good is she at ending with cliffhangers?
I was complaining but I really enjoyed it, really really did

Rebecca Good to hear! The book is pretty popular I'm on the wait list with my library can't wait to get it!!!

Sainabou you will be very happy, but whilst you are waiting, I left the links of glitches and the queens army for you on my glitches review, so you can read them

Rebecca Awsome!! Thank you! I will enjoy.

Kristi The hardback for "Cress", the next book in the series, will be out in US on February 4th 2014.

Sainabou that is so far! had I known this, I would not have read the books because I am hooked now :( lol sad times

Kristi She is also planning on writing a fourht book "Winter" which publication date is not certain, but will be somewhere in 2015.
I also know the sadness you are going through as I have many unfinished series for which I am unpatiently waiting the publication of the final book.

Sainabou yeah I saw that as well, in that one apparently they finally go to Luna, I hope she releases more novellas though, they help you understand so much more

Rebecca I have been reading this book. I was very excited in the beginning but life has gotten in the way and I am only about half way through the book. So far I do like it, however, I did go through the last chapter twice because of interruptions. I was trying to read while at an emergency room! I had to bring my husband in he'll be fine but I finally realized that reading there was not going to be possible.

message 15: by Sainabou (last edited Aug 07, 2013 06:35PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sainabou aww I hope its not too serious, is he okay now?
ahh well just take your time, he is more important

Rebecca Sorry to not reply for a few days but Al has been in the hospital and is currently in a rehab/nursing home. The facility is only about 5 miles from my house but I am now going from home to work to rehab and back home on most days. I actually had to return the book to the library but have re-requested it although it will take a few days for them to get it to me. In the meantime I have started another book.I'm certainly not getting as much reading done as usual but I'm still plugging along.
Al will be fine he just needs to get the infection out and that could take up to a week of I.V. antibiotics. He could come home but he has a pic line in that in the past has caused a very large blood clot and I don't want him to be at home without any medical personal so we decided to have him go to the rehab!
I hope everything is well with you. School must be starting soon. I hope to be able to be on the site more often soon. Take care.

Sainabou oh wow!
I hope he gets better soon sweetheart, you must be so worried, it will work out okay though :)
yep school starts soon and I haven't even started preparing!

Rebecca I am worried but he's in the right place. The food is good, I can get a guest tray for a few dollars, and the people seem very nice. I think I'm going to bed early tonight and hopefully get some reading done. Take care.

Sainabou you as well darling, he will be fine, you will see, those people sound like they know what they are doing

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