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[ <.b>Date of Birth/Time/City<./b> ]

[ <.b> Gender <./b> ]
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[ <.b>Personality<./b>] (six sentences minimum)

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) [ Full Name ]  Xander Caleb Randall

[ Age ] 17
[ Date of Birth/Time/City ]
□ March 19th
□ Approximately 10:24pm
□ Edinburgh, Scotland

[ Gender ] Male
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual

[ Local or Tourist: ] Tourist

[ Physical Appearance ]

[ General Style ]
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[ Personality]
Xander is no one but himself. He's an individual and he's proud of it. He's the type of person who doesn't give a f***k about what other people think about him. Xander is a quiet person, but he is not at all shy. He has a creative mind, but sometimes feels as if there is no way to express it to anyone else. He has a reputation to uphold and his music writing is not about to change that. He is a lover of music and even writes some himself and he loves it to bits. He has an amazing voice and he matches it with his skill on guitar.

Xander doesn't think of other people as his friends, rather tools he can use to get what he wants, when he wants. He's devious, even though his appearance sometimes makes him seem the opposite. Xander has trust issues and they get in the way of just about everything. He's the type of person who can't be in one place for too long. Xander is afraid of commitment and whenever someone tries to enter his heart, he runs away from them. He's like this because he fears he is only going to be hurt or he will hurt someone else. He trusts himself least of all.

Xander can be a dreamer, but he's sharp and his attention to detail is amazing. He notices even the smallest of things. He can read others like books, so a lot of the time he knows how someone is feeling, which creeps most people out. Sometimes, people attempt to become Xander's friends, but a lot of the time, they become impatient and learn that Xander is not the person that you should be seeking friendship in, rather, he is quite the opposite. However, Xander is used to this type of thing and he's quite content in being the guy with no friends. What Xander doesn't realise is that, if he actually tried, he could become anything with little effort.

Xander never thinks things through before he acts on them, meaning he's often in a whole world of trouble. His tongue is an aspect that always gets the better of him because, like his actions, he doesn't think his words through before he lets them escape his mouth, so a lot of the time, he says things to hurt others without realising that what he's saying could really hurt someone else. This is why, nowadays, Xander keeps quiet.

Even though he has a seemingly tough outer shell, Xander is actually incredibly insecure. For years, he has shut himself away from everyone and everything because he doesn't trust himself to treat people with respect and kindness and he doesn't trust his decisions. If someone were to break through into Xander's centre, they would find the person he truly is. If you manage to receive it, Xander's love is one of the most pure and beautiful things in the entire world.

[ History]
Xander's parents had not been ready for a son when Xander was born, and from a young age, he had to learn to be independent, because otherwise, he would not last long in the world.
Xander's mother fell pregnant at the age of 17, so was not at all ready to raise a son. Her boyfriend (and Xander's dad) tried to convince her to get an abortion, but she was against it. They looked towards adoption, so Xander ended up in an orphanage as a baby, so he does not remember who his parents are.
He was left on the doorstep of the giant orphanage, known as Sycamore Manor and when he was found, the nurse was given immediate care over the baby boy.

The first few years of Xander's life were enjoyable, however, even at the age of three, he was a loner. He found love and compassion in old Mrs Harlen and she became like a mother to Xander.
At the age of five, all children at the orphanage are sent to the main building where they live and learn beneath the watchful eyes of the Headmistress and the teachers. Xander had been so excited to move into the main building, but that was before he learned the cruel treatment of the people who govern the house. They dealt out awful punishments for the smallest of things and are treated with zero love and respect. Though it looks nice from the outside, inside, Sycamore Manor is a cold, quiet and loveless place filled with sorrow and hatred.

Through the years, Xander managed to build up impenetrable walls that no one was powerful enough to knock down. He let no one in, trusted no one, for he was a child who received more punishment than he deserved because he was one of the kids that tried to speak up for the children locked in the dungeon that was Sycamore Manor.

As he grew, Xander kept returning to Mrs Harlen because she was the only person in his life that Xander had ever received love from. She cared for him and like he thought of her as a mother, she thought of him as son. That was why it was so awful for Xander when he received the news of her death.
Xander, a thirteen year old boy at the time had been in class when word came from the nursery that Mrs Harlen had passed away. At that very moment, the walls he had tried so carefully to keep up, were ripped down. He hated the orphanage, hated his parents for leaving him there, and, as shameful as it was, hated Mrs Harlen for leaving him alone. That very night, after a brutal punishment, Xander left the orphanage. Ran from it and vowed that he would never return, vowed that one day he would be the one to bring it down.

Soon after, Xander fell in with a group of other children, all runaways themselves and he learned their stories as they learned his. His life had been better from then, but he was still the quiet and refined boy he had been at the orphanage, trusting no one and letting no one in. He once again built up his walls, but to this day, he still lives with the kids who so kindly took him in, but the vow he holds is still with him. And he would stick by it, determined that one day, he would live up to it.

Xander has felt the need to escape for a long time now and he believes Australia is the perfect destination for this.
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[ Relationship Status] Single

[ Likes ]
✔ Dogs. He looooooves dogs.
✔ Music. It's basically the love of his life.
✔ Sex. I mean, what kind of 17 year old bad boy would he be if he didn't like sex?
✔ Skating and surfing. He's only taken up surfing since being in Australia, but he adores it.
✔ The beach

[ Dislikes ]
✖ Cats. He hates them.
✖ Confined spaces because he feels trapped.
✖ Generally people. He won't accept friendship from anyone.
✖ Chocolate. Crazy right? But there's just something about it…

[ Occupation ] Currently none. But he's looking for something in the music industry, even if it's just working at a record store.

[ Hobbies ]
❣ Xander loves his music and whenever he gets the chance, he sings and plays his guitar. He's looking to create a band over the summer but he needs to find the right people to join first.
❣ Xander likes to skate and surf.
❣ Xander writes music.
❣ Picking up chicks is a hobby for him too.

[ Other ]  He's going to buy a dog sometime soon.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) {Hm yes sorry the format is different but I made her in that other group today and I like her and I'm too lazy to make someone else so here you go.}

Full name:  Avery Abigail Hanson

Age:  17 years old.
Date of Birth: 17 May, 1996
Time of Birth: Approximately 3:37am
City of Birth: Melbourne, Australia

Gender:  Female
Sexuality: Bisexual


General Style: 
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Avery, in all honesty, is a beautiful person. She has a kind heart and it's in the right place, despite how many times it seems to be challenged. Avery has a wild spirit and her curiosity is forever getting the better of her, despite how much she, and the people close to her try and control it. It just won't happen. Avery is the type of person who longs for adventure and excitement and she can't be restrained. Avery is extremely headstrong, and she possesses a strong desire for independence and self-sufficiency. She can't stand being held back and she has to make her own decisions, or she wouldn't last. Avery is independent and she longs to show people this side of her. She lets no one hold her back and only she can influence her decisions and actions.

Avery is a brave girl and she faces danger without fear, no matter what it may be. She constantly goes about with a grin on her face and a desire to show others that she is not afraid. She's a tomboy at heart, even if she doesn't show it. One of the biggest insults to Avery is being called a girl. She knows that that is what she is, however, it angers her when people believe that the female is the lesser gender. She likes to show people that girls can do just as much, if not more that what boys can do and she does a good job of it too.

Avery has a beautiful heart filled with kindness and compassion and she is the type of person who does whatever she can to please others, no matter what she has to do in order to achieve that. Avery is understanding and she has a way of being able to step into someone else's shoes and see things from their perspective. And people admire her for that because it isn't something that many people can do. Avery is incredibly stubborn and she is exceedingly outspoken. She likes to state her opinion and she says and does everything that comes to her mind, no matter what an affect it may have on someone else. She doesn't like to be proved wrong and she is constantly sure that she is right. She does what she can to believe that and in all honesty, she always does.

Avery goes through life with her head held high. She's scarily confident and she believes she can do anything she sets her mind on, despite what others may believe. She knows that she gets judged quite often, but it isn't something that bothers her because she is a girl who knows what she wants, what her aim in life is and the person who she wants to be. Avery is vivacious. She's a lively person and she's quite spirited and animated. This is something that draws others to her and what seems to be liked about her. Avery is out-going and adventurous. She loves meeting new people and she easily makes friends. She's a beautiful person with a positive outlook on life and she is no one but herself.

There is a part of Avery that will never be whole again and it has taken years of therapy to change this part of her. Beneath the out-going and adventurous girl that she is, her true self lies. She's broken inside, but won't let anyone see this part of her because she wants others to believe she is strong. Her heart was split in two a long time ago and it has taken a long time to even repair it slightly. With her broken heart comes a girl who feels nothing but pain because she misses someone she knows will never return to her, but hides this beneath a shell of happiness, determination and courage. She's insecure and often becomes disoriented. She sometimes sees things that aren't there, no matter how hard she tries to block them out. She has honestly past the point of caring and she hates herself. She isn't someone who loves and she owes nothing to nobody. She has never been able to keep a friend, but she's had plenty of them. However, in the end, she just gets abandoned every time. This is why she has built the walls that surround herself. She's done it to protect others from her, but most of all to protect herself from herself.

Avery was born in the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia on the 17th of May 1996 at exactly 3:37am. She was born to Phillip and Helen Hanson and, along with her identical twin sister Ruby, they were the 5th and 6th children to be born into the little family. Ruby and Avery were inseparable from birth and they would go nowhere and do nothing without the other. They were two halves that made a whole and one of them would surely go insane without the other, if they happened to get separated.

One day when Avery and Ruby were seven years old, they were granted permission to go to the park across the street, provided they were back before dark and they would not separate from one another. So, the girls left one sunny Spring day to be independent for once. As time went on while they were at the park, Avery and Ruby lost track of what was happening and ended up only noticing the time when it was dark. Quickly, the two girls gathered their things and raced back towards their house, their biggest fear that their parents would yell at them, then send them to bed without their dinner. But, something even worse awaited the two girls.

As they neared the edges of the park, they were abducted. Despite how much they kicked, fought and screamed, it was no use and they were kidnapped by two men and shoved in the back of a van. They were terrified, as anyone would be in their situation, but they were only seven. After what seemed like hours, the van pulled up outside an old, run down house with no others for miles. They screamed, Ruby and Avery screamed but it was no use. No one heard them. The men moved the girls into the house and locked them in his basement with nothing but an old, faded, broken pull out bed to share. Avery and Ruby curled up together and cried themselves to sleep. The fact that they were together was the only thing that kept them alive.

A year passed and all the men did was starve them and occasionally beat them. When they reached the age of nine and had been prisoners for two years was when they started to abuse them both physically and emotionally, constantly telling them they were nothing and they'd never see the people who loved them again. Despite this, they were still together and that was all they needed. But, when they were 11, they were separated. Ruby had to stay where she was, while Avery was transported somewhere else. This was the lowest point in her life.

Avery was distraught. She was broken, torn and beaten and there wasn't a thing she could do about, nor have someone there to comfort her. This was the point in which she stopped caring. Avery was taken to a house filled with other girls who were in the same situation she was, but no matter how hard they all tried to make one another feel better, each was broken in a different way. Here, Avery was subjected to sexual abuse by men three times her age. It was somewhat a brothel and it was the worst, most horrible, disgusting place she had ever been. The years passed and by the time she was fourteen, she lost count of how many times she had been raped. By this time, she had had more than enough and she felt that she had to escape. So, with the help of the other girls, some she even called her friends, they built up a plan to get out of there.

One night, when all the staff and guards had gone to sleep or were preoccupied with something else, six girls made an escape, Avery being one of them. They made their way through the dorms and down the old servant's staircase of the old home and ran. Three of the girls were caught, but three managed to get away. They ran and didn't look back, the went for as far as their legs could carry them. They had no idea where they were headed, but they followed a highway, knowing that this was probably their best bet. They eventually came to a small town where they questioned the people on where they were and how they could get back to Melbourne. There was a bus that would take them back that was leaving in ten minutes, so without hesitation, Avery and the two girls Leah and Molly boarded the bus and made it home, where they searched for their families and went home.

Avery located her family, finding out that they had moved to somewhere in East Melbourne and she went home. However, despite this, Avery couldn't be fixed. She had no idea where Ruby was and she was scarred from her experiences. Avery could no longer live in Melbourne, because it held too many dark memories for her, so the family packed up and moved overseas to London for a change. It worked slightly, but Avery still needed therapy to fix her even the slightest. Wanting to bury all her memories, Avery has built up the walls that surround her to make herself come off as someone who has had an easy life, when in actual fact, she should never have been subjected to the things she has seen in her life.

□ Helen Hanson {Mother}
□ Phillip Hanson {Father}
□ Ruby Hanson {Twin sister}{Whereabouts unknown}
□ Kyle Hanson {Older brother}
□ Rachel Hanson {Older sister}
□ Logan Hanson {Older brother}
□ Lily Hanson {Older sister}

Wishes for Summer:
࿊ She wishes to forget everything for a little while, no matter what it takes. She thinks this will be the best way to do it, if she gets away for a while.
࿊ She wishes to find love, because who doesn't want someone to call their 'summer love' ? Maybe this person will even be enough to break through her shell and see the true person that lies beneath.
࿊ She wants to learn to surf and learn to play the guitar. She has a nice voice, but she believes that if she has an instrument to accompany her, it would help her even more to let go.

✔ Cats and other animals, but mostly cats.
✔ Ice cream
✔ Music
✔ Love
✔ The beach

✖ Memories
✖ Men scare her to death because of her experiences. She knows that not all of them are bad, but she doesn't generally trust anyone. But maybe someone will be able to change her mind about that…
✖ Parks. She hates parks.

❣ Avery loves music. If she gets any time free, the first thing she does is plug in her earphones and block the world out.
❣ Reading, painting, drawing - anything that requires patience and concentration because it helps her to forget.
❣ She loves gaming as well and she's pretty good at it too.
❣ Skating
❣ Writing - anything from songs to diary entries to even novels.

Occupation: None at the moment. She doesn't really know what she wants to do. Though an option she's thinking about is radio.

Other:  She's determined to find out what happened to Ruby, no matter what it takes.

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ѕтαяк (cometocloseanduwillloseafinger) | 10 comments Full Name Mercy Arose Griffin Fleur Romesey

Age Eighteen

Date of Birth:
Dec 27, 1996
Time:1:33 am
City: Grangemouth, Scotland

Gender Female
Sexuality Hetrosexual

Local or Tourist: Still has yet to be decided. See history

Physical Appearance

Standing at about 5'4, Mercy is a beauty lost in time. She isn't the skinny type, no, she is curvy with a larger bust and hip, creating an extreme hourglass figure. She is also very strong, due to dancing, she is so strong, in fact, that she can sometimes beat out the boys in terms of strength. As for her face, well, she is a type of beauty that you only come across every so often in your life time. No, she isn't the model-type beautiful that you have to have once you saw it, but she is beautiful in a way that is different, and that is rarely seen anymore. She has a vintage look to her, with long, honey blonde hair that curls an fuzzes uncontrollably. She has full lips and an angular face with a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones. Her eyes are her most amazing feature, however. A rarity, and people usually recognize her immediately by her eyes. She has a rare case of hetrochromia, where her eyes are different colours. People say that it is amazing, she simply just waves it off. (view spoiler)

General Style
Unlike most of the people here, she isn't the bright, trendy type when it comes to clothes. You won't catch her dead in a dress, ever, and she doesn't usually wear anything strapless or pretty, her style is more boyish or vintage, with a touch of nerdiness to it.
(view spoiler)

Personality Mercy isn't the sweet nice type, she is more complex than that. She is a sly creature, with a mysterious tone to her. She is very independent and sassy. She never turns down a challenge, no matter how much the odds seem to be against her, and can live off a single thought for days at at a time. She is able to think on her feet and make split-second decisions, making her a great liar and very persuasive. She is extremely smart, and has the ability to pick up knowledge like a sponge. Because of this, she knows seven languages (German, Greek, Latin, Mandarin, Ukrainian, Thai, and Russian) She is extremely stubborn and doesn't take orders from anyone, and sometimes to prove her point she will do the exact opposite of what she is told. She can come off as very strong and sarcastic, and that usually scares people away, but she never tries to offend anyone with her sarcasm, it is more of a habit of hers. She has a bad habit of not liking people that she doesn't know, and remains mostly to herself, deep in thought or in a book. She is a very sharp person when it comes to people knowing about her and her past, people knowing too much about her makes her feel exposed. Bring up her past and you're dead.

If you do manage to make friends with her, however, than you are in luck. She is a very loyal friend that would do almost anything for you. She will always stick up for you, no matter what. If she trusts someone enough she might bring up her past, or little snippets of it, as long as you promise never to tell, and to take her secrets to the grave. She has a taste for all things dark and poetic, as well as vintage things. She is a very intelligent person that loves a conversation with another intelligent being every once in a while, but mostly she is alone. Even though she may seem like a good kid, that is the exact opposite. She is up for almost anything, no matter how rebellious or bad it is considered.

Mercy was the third child, first daughter, of Daimein and Aleah Romesey from Grangemouth, in scotland. She was four months early, therefor very sick at birth. She spent her first six weeks of life in hospital, fighting for her life, but she pulled through. A few things were noticed about her right from birth. She stood out from the family, not only with her unusual eyes but her hair, which was a sandy blonde, was nothing like the chestnut brown of her family. She was never really treated differently because of it, mostly because mother claimed that she got it from her grandfather, who was known for his hair. In her toddler years poor Daimein and Aleah couldn't keep up with their child, who was an energetic troublemaker, usually guided by her twin brothers, who were at the time nine. By the time that she hit the age of twelve she had broken at least bone from every limb. Because of this she learned pain tolerance and made her so good with dealing with pain. Sooner or later she gravitated to dancing, and started to do ballet and jazz at the age of eleven. At the age of twelve she was considered an absolute dancing prodigy, and danced nearly every free hour that she had, sometimes even cutting into school hours. She always had a passion for it, and loved every second of it, but her dance life got so tiring that she found herself an outcast at school, and she found that she had to take pills in order to sleep right, or else the stress of dance would get to her and she would have a sleepless night. She found herself on the edge of sanity, only needing a tiny little push to tip her over into the pit of insanity.

Driving home from dance one night at age fourteen, she was laughing with joy. Getting the lead role in the studios production of swan white. Her mother was driving, talking about how proud she was of her, and that she would reward her at home. It was late, and her mother was just about to say 'I love you' when a deer came out of nowhere. Mother screamed and swerved out of the way, only to roll into the ditch, totalling the car completely. Her mother was killed instantly, and Mercy was trapped in the car for hours until people came looking for the two. Mercy didn't know what she was going to do with herself anymore. After this experience she became mentally unstable, falling into depression, delusion, social anxiety and so many more things.

Her hallucinations were the worst. She never got a good sleep because both her dreams and waking moments were filled with terrors from her own mind. People with three arms, or blanketed figures or hands sticking out from the walls, it was all a living hell for her, and the medications did little to help. At her mothers funeral a mysterious man showed up with a confession. Aleah, the wonderful, caring person that she had always known and trusted was having an affair, and this man was her real father. Mercy felt sick to her stomach, and was officially done with all of this family's secrets. Her twin brothers were moving out for collage and she was afraid of her not-biological father,he had neglected her terribly so far, and she didn't know what would happen as soon as she was alone with him. She decided to move to her aunt Ginny's located here. Her aunt was a rich, wealthy happy go lucky person that took nothing seriously, but that lady was all she had left, so she went to her. Her aunt was nice, but had a rather lavish, promiscuous lifestyle, and after two weeks of seeing her aunt she went on a 'vacation' to vegas. She hasn't come back since so right now Mercy is living alone.

Relationship Status Pfft, it would take a lot of patience, but feel free to try.

-Animals. Her favourite are large cats and birds of prey.
-Reading, almost anything that she can get her hands on she will read.
-Hiking- It clears her mind and gives her a moment of silence
-Dancing (see hobbies)
-The woods. They are her favourite place to be.
-Game of thones
-The walking dead
-Harry potter
-Anything nerdy
-Anything vintage or old
-Greece and all of it's mythology
-Making music. She plays piano, trumpet and violin

-Loud or flirty people
-People in general
-Reality shows
-Ice cream
-Busy or dense areas

Occupation She is Currently working at the animal shelter, as well as a part time job at a cafe. She doesn't need the money, she just does it to pass the time.

-Reading, especially classics and Shakespeare
-Working at the shelter
-Dancing, it is a passion for her. You name it, and she does it. Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Ballet, all of it. She went to the Montreal academy of dance.
-Poetry-she loves reading it.
-Helping Animals. Her favourite are large cats and birds
-Learning. Despite already knowing more than her fair share of languages, she always is trying to learn more.
-Music. She plays piano, trumpet and violin.

Daimen Romesey (Non-biological father, 49) Strong and caring. Short temper.
Aleah Romesey (Biological mother, 49)Sweet and kind. (Deceased)
Camreon Woolfe (Biological father, 51) Sinister and sly, doesn't talk much
Chip Romesey (Brother, 24) Very athletic, teases Mercy a lot
Cedric Romesey (Brother,24) Doesn't take anything seriously, good sense of humour

Pets: She has tons of foster pets from working at the animal shelter, but she has a cat that she keeps.

A grumpy old cat that she named Pierre. It is seven years old, very lazy and grumpy all of the time, but that is what she loves about it. She adopted it from the shelter a week or so ago.


Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) [First Name] Atolla
[Middle Name] Abraliopsis
[Third Name] Tomopteris
[Last Name] Deiopea
[Name Origin] Because of the career of her parents, her name was decided on discovered bioluminescent marine life from the deep sea. Each creature that held her name was both beautiful and dangerous. Her name comes from the latin origin of the scientific name of the creatures she was named after.
[Nickname] Tethys

[Age] She is nineteen years of age.
[Date of Birth] July 14
[Time of Birth] 21:07
[Location of Birth] She was born in Cairns.

[Gender ] Female
[Sexuality ] Straight

[Local or Tourist:] She is born and raised local.

[Physical Appearance]
Despite having crossed the line of restricted age, she displays many of the features of a teenager. She has bright green eyes that reflect a strange bioluminescent greenish blue hue that led her parents to name her what they did. Her bleach blonde hair is of the current color, rusted amber. She keeps her hair just past her shoulders to avoid any real annoyances but cannot stand the look it gives when short so has decided this length is best suited for her life. Her slim figure is defined by sleek muscles built from the year-round activities that increase her ever growing athletic abilities. She has a unique beauty that is reserved to the locals there, a particular way to them that gives them the illusion of flawlessness.

[General Style: Casual] Her casual style most closely resembles her employee dress. Because her days are either spent working among her parents and the many tourists who flock to the area or keeping close to the area for which she works. Considering the year round tropical temperatures, there is hardly any need for a change in wardrobe. Due to this she owns a wide collection of bathing suits, shorts and tank tops. All of which are worn on a daily basis and have enough variation that she cannot grow sic of them.
(view spoiler)
[General Style: Employed Standard] Her employee clothing is basically the dress of her everyday job. Considering on every other day she must dress into a full body wetsuit during her teachings she finds it most convenient to dress in easily transportable and interchangeable outfits such as these and her more casual wear.
(view spoiler)


Reserved: She is not to be considered shy and is not one to avoid conversation or events. She is reserved in that way that she knows many but is satisfied enough with never making any real connections with people. Ling on such a destination as this she has met large waves of tourists and potential friend in her times but very rarely ever craves the personal attention that is wanted by many females. She is content with existing in solitude, even within the crowd.

Polite: She possesses that nature that allows her to be liked and makes her ideal for working with tourists. She has a welcoming nature that is hard for some people to compose. She has a natural politeness that can not often times be broken and often leads to her thriving in jobs that involve social situations. She is often sincere in her polite nature but does not reserve it toward particular crowds and at times this can make her seem as though he acts in a particular way with everyone.

Fun: Like most people, she enjoys having fun. She has revolved most of her hobbies around the land she lives on. She has many hobbies that filter toward her available resources. Her ideas of fun are the common ones reserved in summer such as, midnight swims along the shore, kayaking, surfing and exploring the dunes.

Scattered: She is not scattered in the sense of mind, but rather in the sense of lifestyle. She has three jobs at the moment and considering none of them halt during particular parts of the year, she basically revolves her life around her jobs. Her aspirations are more local because she appreciates how unique and differentiated her home is from other places of the world.

Birth/Infancy: Atolla was born in the small clinic available as medical assistance. As an infant, her father had just discovered his first species that allowed him the luxury of controlling where his research went on from there. Because of this Atolla was named after several of the species that her father had found. Her mother had come to this island to set up her own business in a location that would ease the difficulties of opening her own business. IN doing so she met Atolla's Marine biologist father and they soon married and had Atolla herself.

Childhood: Her childhood was mostly spent on sailing trips with her father. This was the point in her father's career where he was required to observe a species of marine bacteria and had to do trips over several days and frequent night trips. Considering her father was in charge of Atolla's education, he saw it best to take her with and teach her through the process of seeing. She soon enough learned much of what her father knew simply through experience.

Adolescence: Most of her teenage years were spent sailing with her father and soon evolved toward learning the trade and turns of her mother's business. She learned the different things that the island offered and how the place was set up for tourists and travelers. Atolla had a distinct interest in this business and so her mother allowed her to learn all the different attractions of the area and work at them to the point where it became a large role in her life.

Young Adulthood: In her first half year of adulthood she did a travel tour that included a visit to Europe, Australia and Africa. In this travel she learned more cultural things that allowed for an educational experience for her but she soon returned, with no more aspirations for the outside world other than to explore more of it than already done. The thought of leaving was not quite one she wished for.

Mother: Her mother goes by the name of Mary Claira Michaels. Owner of a surf shop that offers surfing lessons, scuba diving lessons and sells surf boards and refers to other connected attractions.
Father: Her father goes by the name of John Alex Michaels. He is a marine biologist who also offers sailing courses for teens who visit the area.

[Relationship Status] Single


~People who litter
~Self righteousness
~Sleeping pills
~Shrunken heads

[Occupation] Her official occupation include teaching scuba diving and surfing lessons at her Mother's surf shop as well as tourist photography as one of her own reserved occupations that is less popular. At times she steps in for waitressing at the bar for her mother on particularly occupied days. Her father often pulls her from her employment and uses her sailing skills for his studies as a marine biologist. This is not considered her official title but she is often paid for her assistance so it has come to be referred to as a job. She is currently looking into the possibilities of becoming a trainee to the local tattoo artist.

~Scuba Diving
~Night Photography
~Diving Photography

[Other] None to declare.

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Maddison (Brainyboots) [ Full Name ] Lola Jayne Brendon
[ Age ] 16 1/3
[ Date of Birth/Time/City ] 12th april in Los angles at 11.49 am

[ Gender ] Feminine
[ Sexuality ] hetrosexual

[ Local or Tourist: ] tourist

[ Physical Appearance ]

[ General Style ]

[ Personality] Lola is a fiery girl. And doesn't really care what you think. Though she is realible and responsible. She is loyal almost to a fault. and she is curious but not a snoop. She is also really shy deep down.

[ History]
early years: Lola was born Michelle and James Bredon - they were newly married by about 4 weeks and only 19 years old. both were only working jobs to make ends meet for Lola. When lola was 3 her mum joined the navy.

Childhood: Her mum was there maybe 2 years of her childhood. the rest was spent with the navy. In middle school she was the able to get along with everyone and still is.

teen years: Last year her mother died on the front line leaving her dad and her shell shocked. She was born with brown hair but after the funarel she died it platinum like her mother and gave it brown highlights.

Wall street

Big dogs
Loud noises
choppy tides days

[ Occupation : Airport?

[ Hobbies ]
graphic design

[ Other ]

she is about to get a cat.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments [Full Name:] Tatiana Delaney Gunn


[Date of Birth/Time/City:]April 15th, 2000/born around 4:00 PM/Born in Carins



[Local or Tourist:]Local

[Physical Appearance:]
FC/Face Claim-Vanessa Nicole Marano

[General Style:]

[Personality:] Tatiana is kind and caring. She is smart and outgoing. She loves surfing and she is natural at it. She is athletic and sweet. Tatiana is hot and creative. Tatiana spends most of her time at her mom's surf-shop, which also offers surfing lessons and surfboard repairs.

[History:] Tatiana was born to Telicia and Tavis Gunn on April 15th 2000 in Carins, Australia. It was only a matter of time before something terrible happened. For a while everything was normal, happy even if you could call it that. Tatiana began to learn surfing from her dad and mom at age 10, but it was that day that she was going to learn, there was a storm and so she couldn't go surfing, but her dad went surfing anyways and his board was overturned and lost in the ocean. Tavis drowned and ever since then Tatiana has not wanted to look at the ocean. The storm died down the next day and Telicia taught Tatiana how to surf. It's been 4 years and at the beginning of this 9th grade school year, she was dating Steven, but they broke up due to complications. Tatiana has a pet cat named Sapphire, who acts like a dog and has since he was a kitten. Tatiana even had Sapphire since he was a kitten. The week she broke up with Steven, Tatiana took Sapphire surfing. Tatiana also had a cat named Vivian, but she won't go surfing with Tatiana. When Tatiana got home from her vacation, her mom gave Tatiana at cat, which she named Vivian. Tatiana left Vivian in the bathroom yesterday and she fell into the bath-tube,which was full of water. Vivian now hates water, like cats normally do. It was apparent that she loved water at first though. Last week, Tatiana's maternal grandparents, Telicia and Hayden, died of heart-attacks and Tatiana only found that out after she had finished working at her mom's surf shop.

[Relationship Status:]Single

{Mother}Talicia Marshall/Talicia Gunn(50)*Owns a Surf Shop called Talicia's Surf Boards*

{Father}Tavis Gunn(46)

{Maternal Grandmother}Telicia Marshall(90)

{Maternal Grandfather}Hayden Marshall(90)

[Pets:]Sapphire (male cat, but he acts like a dog. surfs with Tatiana. loves water. Breed-Russian Blue. had him since he was a kitten. he is now 10 years old for a cat. wants nothing to do with Vivian.)

Vivian (female kitten. she hates water. she fell in the bath-tube. she used to love water. she is only 1 year old. wants nothing to do with Sapphire. Species- Russian Blue)

-Sabrina the Teenage Witch (tv series)
-Switched At Birth (tv series)
-Helping at mom's surf shop

-Streak (he bit Tatiana once)
-People blocking out their emotions

[Occupation:]helps at her mom's surf shop


[Other:] Ex-Girlfriend of Steven.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 5 comments [Full Name:]Steven Tyrannus Baldonado


[Date of Birth/Time/City: ]Carins, Australia about 4:00 on April 15th 2000



[Local or Tourist:]Local

[Physical Appearance:]
FC-Sean Berdy

[General Style:]

[Personality:] Steven is kind and athletic. She is smart and outgoing. He is shy when it comes to girls and protective when it comes to family. Steven is aggressive with sports and he is hot. He spends most of his time surfing, skateboarding, doing math, or playing football. He spends a lot of his time around his older brother.

[History:] Steven was born to Elizabeth and Carl Baldonado in Carins, Australia at about 4:00 on April 15th 2000. At the time, the couple only had one child, 2 year old Ryan. By Elementary School, Steven was skateboarding with Ryan. By the start of middle school, Steven had a girlfriend named Tatiana, but they broke-up. After breaking up with her, Steven began playing Football. During his 5th grade year, Steven began surfing. By this time, Ryan and Steven already had their dogs, Storm and Streak. Streak was adopted from the pound, while Storm had been bought as a puppy from the pet store. During this time, Steven's father, Carl, started a surfboard making shop, at the time Ryan would just help out and by 6th grade, Steven started helping out there as well. Steven's mother is just a school teacher in Carins, so she does not do much to help out with the Surfboard making shop. Steven often surfs with Storm, while Ryan will surf a lot with Streak.

[Relationship Status:]Single

{Mother}Elizabeth Snow/Elizabeth Baldonado(50)

{Father}Carl Baldonado(50)*Owns a surfboard making shop*

{Older Brother}Ryan Baldonado(16)

Storm (black lab male dog. acts like a cat.)

Streak (black lab male dog, mostly Ryan's dog though)

-Making friends

-Books (the exception is the math book)
-Reading (exception to this is math)

[Occupation:] Helps his dad make Surf-boards

-Doing math

[Other:] Plays Football. Skateboarder. Ex-girlfriend is Tatiana.

Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) Steven and Tatiana accepted

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli [Full Name] Eden Kali'i

[Age] 17
[Date of Birth/Time/City] September 3, 11:28 AM Ni'ihau

[Gender] Female
[Sexuality] Bisexual

[Local or Tourist:] Local

[Physical Appearance] http://img2-3.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/...

[General Style] She usually has her dark wavy hair up in a Ponytail, When she's on the beach or surfing she wears a Bakini top and Boyshorts, When she's not near the water she wears Cargo Pants and a abdomen baring Tank top or spaghetti strap shirt.

[Personality] She's tomboyish unafraid to get her hands dirty and more then willing to pick a Fight. She loves to train, Surf and Swim, feeling more at home in the Open ocean then she ever does on land. She loves kids and likes to help them with their Surfing training and teaching them how to swim. She enjoys doing most things that men like to do like haning out with the boys and working on cars or skateboarding. Eden hates people who enjoy putting women down or are in general mean spirited, though She's not really the nicest person she won't go out of her way to make anyone feel bad. She hates anything pink, frilly or girly preferring instead to wear boys clothes or clothes that show off her muscles.

[History] After her parents divorced her mother found out she was pregnant with her, and instead of aborting her like her parents had wanted her mother kept her. After moving to the island her mother who had cancer started getting better but it wouldn't last long. On Eden's ninth birthday Eden's mother passed away leaving her all alone. Not being one to ask for help Eden worked as hard as she could doing what she was best at which was surfing and working on car engines. She made money as a Mechanic but her love was Surfing. as she got older she started hanging out with the local boys and getting into fights instead of backing down like a normal girl would she'd throw herself into the fights getting a reputation for being someone who never backs down. After a while she channeled that energy into Training and Diving. She tried to find out if she had other family that might be alive but her efforts were in Vain. She found out that she liked both men and women when she developed a crush on her best friend which she later moved on because her friend liked someone else.

[Relationship Status] Single

[Likes] Surfing, Freediving, Working on Surfboards, Training,

[Dislikes] Men who think they know everything, Tourists who think they can do whatever they want.

[Occupation] Makes Surf Boards (If that's Okay)

[Hobbies] Surfing, Freediving,

[Face Claim] Michelle Rodriguez


Jane Isles-Rizzoli [Full Name] Eliot Spencer

[Age] 27
[Date of Birth/Time/City] June 5th 12:00 AM, Dallas, Texas

[Gender] Male
[ Sexuality] Streight

[Local or Tourist:] Tourist who became a Local

[Physical Appearance] http://www.eonline.com/eol_images/Ent...

[General Style] Usually wears a Tank Top under a Flannel Shirt with Jeans, occasionally he'll also wear a Leather Jacket and a Beanie or a Cowboy Hat

[Personality] Eliot is angry all the time. His temper is hot and extremely dangerous. Fortunately, he is also a master of control. Although he can be prodded to frustration and annoyance fairly easily, it takes a concerted effort to drive him to all out anger. Once that happens, all hell breaks loose. Early on, Eliot learned to channel his massive temper into controlled, directed bursts of violence used for a purpose. In spite of his early years as an assassin, he now prefers to leave his opponents alive whenever possible. That doesn't mean he won't hesitate to kill if he feels he has to in order to survive or to protect someone he cares for. The list of people he cares about is short. His team, Nate, Parker, Sophie, and Hardison top the list. He is also known to have a nephew that he keeps track of, although it is unknown if the boy is the child of a sister or brother. Eliot does not see him often. His word is his bond. It takes quite a lot to impress Eliot and even more to earn his trust. Once his trust is earned, he would follow you right into the gates of Hell if necessary. He is an animal lover and extremely protective of children. He is an enthusiastic, master level chef and a connoisseur of French champagne. He does not like guns, although he is an expert in their use. He is also highly intelligent, although he plays his intelligence down in most situations. Being underestimated, more often than not, plays to his advantage.

[History] There seems to be little Eliot can't do when it comes to bringing down the bad guys. He can level the most muscular henchman in the blink of an eye and recognize the make and model of a gun simply by the sound it makes. Eliot Spencer, called "The Hitter," is the team's highly skilled martial artist, weapons expert, and self-described "retrieval expert." A former black ops soldier, his role in cons is often to play supporting roles while protecting the team, often leading him into hand-to-hand combat that draws on his martial arts skills. Eliot was once a hitman for crime financier Damien Moreau, and he has a long history as being an almost legendary assassin, hired gun and bodyguard, then a retrieval specialist. Despite being a skilled marksman, Elliot has an intense dislike for firearms and uses them only when no other options are available to him. While merely presumed as the muscleman, he demonstrates a subtle intelligence in conversation, often taking advantage of the underestimations of others and later in the series performing as a grifter along with Sophie. In contrast to the other characters, Eliot prefers to keep his romantic life private, as well as much of his background, which includes some very dark deeds of which he refuses to speak. Over the course of the series, he displays an extraordinary talent for cooking, and later takes charge of the kitchen of the microbrewery in Portland where the team has set up headquarters, despite clashes with Hardison on the subject of food.

[Relationship Status] Single

[Likes] Cooking, Women, Working out

[Dislikes] Guns,

[Occupation] Bouncer for a Local Club (If it's Okay)

[Hobbies] Training, Working, Staying Fit

[Skills] Eliot Spencer is very well versed in the distinctiveness of certain organizations. He has a very distinctive knack at it, and it is often used as an inside reference. Numerous Fighting Styles: Boxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, eskrima, panantuken, Kenpo Karate,and Aikido are just some of the Martial Arts he has demonstrated in the series. Unparalleled hand-to-hand fighting ability considering he was able to take out 4 armed guards in the time it took Hardison to drop a bag after said guards caught him. Fixer (often working backup in the con to clean up messes, either physically or in execution, or in a supporting role to the "Inside Man"), he can play the "Inside Man" but usually leaves that job to Sophie Devereaux. A similar asset of Eliot's is the tendency for people to underestimate him. (Maggie Collins noticed this in "The Zanzibar Marketplace Job") This allows Eliot to surprise his opposition when he shows his true skills and talents. Survival in hostile environments Skilled swordsman, and is very good with guns, though he doesn't like to use them. Strategic – able to plan/predict the best possible way the team or other people might take out someone else Gourmet chef Calm demeanor Lurking Ladies' man Accurate throwing ability whether its darts or pebbles. Commercial semi tractor-trailer driver Singer/guitar player, he had a fan club and a bunch of fans (who had been quite an obstacle for him) - He sang well enough to not need Hardison's auto-tuning. This episode marks the first time we have seen Eliot nervous, so much so that Parker startled him for the first time ever. However, despite being nervous, he still managed to get the attention of a music executive. Weapons expert Baseball superstar. Had a sandwich named after one of his aliases due to an excellent home run. Excellent hockey player. He plays as an enforcer, and evidently trains to fight people on ice. Knife expert - doesn't matter if it's cutting an onion or cutting through 8 Yakuza in 4 seconds. Apparently, this expertise with knives stems from his very attractive home economics teacher in high school. He has dealt with cleaver-wielding Triad members before. Familiar with hostage negotiations - he is able to list the 3 types of calls one can get after the first hostage call. Skilled Marksman - Despite the fact he dislikes guns, Eliot is a very skilled marksman, as he took on several of Damian Moreau's men with only two guns. He was even able to shoot one of them without looking at the target. Familiar with the 9 places professional killers will use to deliver an injection to make a murder look like a heart attack – he spots the giveaway mark under the fingernail. Very good spatial awareness and sense of direction - was able to calculate where Hardison and he were, and what direction they should head in, even though they were imprisoned in a van. Knows how to throw trackers off his scent - He rubbed skunkweed on his clothing and left blood off the trail. He claims to have done this before while handcuffed to a dead man. Bombs and Bomb Disposal - Talked Sophie through it when she has one in her hands. He can also make bombs out of fertilizer and molasses. Very well traveled - has been in many, many countries. Diversely knowledgeable - Able to recognize a Russian man by a footprint in the snow, and discern static noise from a recording as from military satellites.


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