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Antonia (adf7793)

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Cadence strolled into the parlour, arm in arm with her best friend. She had recently decided to get a tattoo, a rebellious act she knew but quite honestly, she hadn't gotten one for the heck of it. She had come to get her skin permanently marked to see if that would even faze her disabled father. It was kind of stupid, but she would only get a small one. Taking a seat on the leather waiting couches, Cadence turned to Legion with a casual smile on her face.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion glanced arounded Inked, it had really be cleaned up since the new owner took over. He was kin to her somehow...she wasn't sure of the specifics of their relation. Not that she really cared, it wasn't as if she seen him on a daily basis. Only when he or his family wanted something. But today was different, today Legion was the one asking for something from him, a tattoo for Cadence. Even though Legion disagreed with her best friend getting a tattoo, she was going to support her. Mostly because she understood why Cadence was doing it, it sucked when a family member left you. Whether it was by choice or not...not, in her sister's case. Legion hadn't seen or even spoken to her twin, Lynx, in over three years. She hated it. Legion sighed, pulling herself back to reality, "Are you sure you want to do this?" She returned Cadence's smile, she just wanted to make sure her best friend was certain about it.

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"Positive. Thanks for coming though," Cadence grinned, walking to the counter to grab a portfolio. She wanted something simple and small, that wasn't too detailed but significant on her alabaster skin. She tucked the black folder under her arm before returning to the seat beside Legion, swallowing. Of course she was a little nervous, but what person in their right mind wouldn't be? Caden turned to her best friend, opening the portfolio for the two to search their options. Legion and Cadence had been best friends for as long as she could remember, though in the years that Lynx had gone, the two had become much closer.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion nodded, accepting Cadence decision, "Of course, I'll always be there for you Cady." She scooted over for Cadence to be able to sit down beside her, she could feel her best friend's nervousness pouring off of her in waves. She sent spirit out, allowing it to fill Cady and soothe her nerves with a calming energy. "It'll be okay...it's only permanent." Legion teased her lightly, Cadence was like a sister to her...heck she was a sister to her. If Legion wouldn't have had Cady when Lynx left she would have sunken into a major depression. Being without her twin had been rough, it still was at times, but Candence was always there to pick Legion up when she needed it. Legion loved her for it, and would do anything for her best friend.

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((Tatto:(view spoiler)))

"Ha. Ha." Cadence responded sarcastically, poking her tongue out at her best friend. With a giggle, she threw her arms around Legion and gave her a bear hug. Without her, Caden would be lost in the world of responsibilities. For her, that was a living hell. With a final squeeze, Cadence released Legion from the death grip and opened the folder eagerly. As she flipped the page, she saw one tattoo that perfectly reflected the message she wanted to get her father to understand. "Gi, I think this is the one." Caden grinned, tracing the little bird as their wings flapped separately. They were simple but elegant; perfect.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion mocking rolled her currently light violet at her best friend, a smile creeping upon her face. Only people who knew her very well, knew that the shades of her eyes were a clear indication of her moods. Light was good, dark was...when you needed to run. As Cadence wrapped her arms around Legion, she hugged her back without a moment of pause, laughing right along with her. It earned them a few odd glances from the patrons of the tattoo parlor, she just smiled at them all. It didn't matter to her what they thought, Cady was the only person whose feelings Legion was interested in right now. She looked down at the book, seeing a tattoo that she felt was perfect for her best friend. As she started to tell her about it, Cadence pointed out the same one. Legion giggled, amused that they had liked the same one, "I love it, I was actually about to suggest it myself. Great minds?"

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"Think alike," Cadence finished, beaming and closed the folder while leaving her index finger in between the pages so she could show the artist which one she wanted. Her golden brown eyes blinked at Gi's, noticing she was in her light violet eyes. It was a good sign, meaning Legion was in a happy mood. Honestly, Caden probably would've sunk to the bottom if she hadn't helped her get used to her new position as the Lead Battle Caster. Taking a deep breath and widening her eyes excitedly at Legion, she got the attention of the receptionist and pointed to the bird tattoo, paying the right amount of money. As one of the more elite families in the coven, Cadence's family was pretty loaded. She looked back to Legion and beckoned for her to follow as they made their way to a parlour chair.

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Antonia (adf7793) It had always amused Legion how they could finish each other's sentences, it was something that they had been doing since they got closer. Legion watched Cady grow excited and she released the element of spirit, with her thanks. She was glad that she had been able to cheer up her friend, now they just needed to get the actual tattoo. Cadence had just been promoted to lead battle caster, so far she had done a wonderful job. She was the youngest lead battle caster in their Covens' history, as Legion was the youngest First Enchantress. Their Coven was the strongest that it had been in...well since the original vampire had been cursed. As Cadence went up to pay for her tattoo, Legion's text tone went off, it was Daven. She sighed, he had been trying to get her to go on a date with him for months...he just wouldn't take no for an answer.

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((My Carter? :p))

Caden finished up with the forms and returned to Legion, who was look at her phone in disdain. "Gi, do not tell me it's Carter again. He needs to get a life," She said stubbornly, curling a piece of wavy red hair around her fingertip. That guy was like a bouncy ball, he keeps flying back at the last moment. Cadence grabbed her friends hand and grinned, dragging her to the parlour chair where Caden sat down, relishing in the soft feel of the leather. Whoever had redone this place knew their stuff. A burly man with tattoos on every bare inch of his skin pushed a wheelie-tray over with all the equipment and he held up the tattoo drill menacingly. Cadence gulped, gripping Gi's hand a little harder.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Haha! Sorry! I totally forgot you had a charrie named Carter, I was just throwing out a random name...or so I thought -faceplam- Should we change it or just go with it?))

Legion chuckled softly, of course Cadence would know who it was just by the look on her face. She glanced up at her and shrugged slightly, "It's like he assumes that since we are in an alliance together that he has a chance. I mean he's attractive, don't get me wrong, but he's just...emotionally unavailable." Legion scrunched her lips, she knew that wasn't the best description she could have come up with, but she also knew that Cadence would know what she meant. She followed Cady to Arron's station, he grinned as he seen them approach. When Cady squeezed her hand, Legion gave Arron a stern look, she wouldn't allow him to intimidate her best friend. His smile turned sheepish as a silent apology and he beckoned for Cadence to sit down so he could start.

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((Probably change it because Carter is a solemn, polite gentleman :p))

Cadence saw the looks exchanged between Arron and her best friend and raised an eyebrow. "Let's do this." She said, biting her lip as her went over her skin with a antiseptic wipe. A cool sensation flitted over her skin before he pulled out the drill and turned it on. Caden had to stare at Gi for a while to prevent herself from rocketing out of the chair and into the street instinctually. Arron pressed the needle-like thing to her skin and Cadence bit her lip so hard, she almost thought she could taste blood. The sensation wasn't exactly painful, it just stung a lot and was very uncomfortable. She tried to show no emotion, telling herself to grow up. She kept gazing into Legion's eyes so she wouldn't snap send a punch into Arron's face. After a few more minutes, the stinging sensation faded and Arron lifted the needle away.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Okay, the guy's name is now Daven.))

"So how's my favorite little cousin?" Arron asked Legion in a conversational way, trying to make up for his near blunder before.
Legion arched a brow at the favorite part, but was glad to know what sort of relation they were now. She didn't like not being aware of her surroundings...so to speak. "Very well, thank you for asking. Oh and thanks for fitting us into your schedule...sorry for just springing this on you." Her face was sincere, but she was anything but. She was still mad at him for teasing Cady, Legion was highly protective over the people she loved. He nodded in relief, thinking nothing of her falseness, and got to work on Cadence's tattoo. Legion smiled down reassuringly as she noticed her best friend's pain, even though she was trying to conceal it. She placed her hand in Cady's letting her know that she could squeeze it, if she needed to.

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((Okey dokey:))

Cadence saw the hidden meanings in their words but was too busy gritting her teeth as he finished off the little details. When Legion placed her hand reassuringly in Caden's she squeezed it tightly. She glanced up at her friend and smiled apologetically for taking out her pain on her best friend. Arron finished it off, retracting the needle from her skin and quickly placed a bandage over it. He gave her instructions to not remove the bandage until seventy two hours had passed. Caden nodded, not really paying attention to his words and wiggled her eyebrows at Gi playfully. Now that the pain was over, the fun could begin. "Thanks Arron, for fitting me into the schedule," Cadence grinned, hopping up from the chair and slung her uninjured arm around Legion's neck.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion jokingly rolled her eyes at Cadence, as if she had to apologize, Legion offered her hand as a sacrifice because she loved her best friend. She winced once as Cady put her hand in a vice grip, she chuckled softly as she had realized she was so strong. Legion was glad Cadence wasn't a shifter or a werewolf, otherwise her fingers would be broken. She frowned at that thought, it was no secret that Legion had a strong dislike for shifters and werewolves. They were responsible for Lynx being so broken after her assault that she had to move away. Legion still hadn't forgiven her parents for splitting them up, but if she would have went with Lynx the coven would have been weakened too much. Not to mention that she wouldn't have Cady. She winked at her best friend as they walked towards the door, "Are you ready?" Her violet eyes were full of mischief.

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((Should they walk down the main street and see Lynx there? Or wait until they get home?))

"Oh yes," Cadence grinned returning the wink playfully. She poked Gi's cheek with the hand that was wrapped around her shoulder, beaming. "Okay, so tattoo is checked off the list. What should we do now?" Caden asked, jumping up onto a bench and walking the length of it, the wind pushing her fiery locks back. When the wind blew in her face, she felt as free as the birds on her now inked arm. Gracefully, she jumped off the bench and returned to Legion's side, and ripped off the bandage. It wouldn't get infected and even if it did, she would get Terrence or Theo to heal it. Caden admired Arron's good work and blew on the little birds, hovering her fingers above the markings. The edges were still a little puffy, but she ignored the discomfort and threw the new bandage in the bin.

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Antonia (adf7793) Legion glanced around to make sure no one could hear what she was about to say, "Well we could..." Her voice got really low, "Pull that prank we've had planned..." They had the perfect prank that they had been working on for over a month. Why had it taken so long? Well first the had to order the dye, Cadence suggested that they didn't buy it locally that way it would be hard for the shifters to find out who did it. Then they had to learn the shifters' patrol schedule, that way they wouldn't get caught in the act. That would be bad. Shifters had super strength and were super fast, casters...not so much. But they had their powers, which evened the odds quite well. Finally they hadn't had the time, they had both been so busy they could get free long enough to actually do it...until now.

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At Legion's words, Cadence's eyes gleamed devilishly. "You were reading my mind, Gi." She grinned, linking arms with her best friend as they walked to Legion's car. The two discussed exactly what they were going to do, planning the perfect plan they had set out months ago. The dye was super-strength, so it would take at least a month to get off their skin, let alone clothes. The hardest part would be getting in the territory unnoticed... Cadence put the thought aside for later, hopping in the passenger seat of the luxury vehicle. Gi revved the engine, then reversed from their spot and sped off, heading towards the shifter territory.

((To the shifter territory! :3))

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) Adam walked into the tattoo parlor, he felt like getting a tattoo today, he didn't quite know what of... Yet. Maybe the Union Jack. Adam was exhausted he hadn't slept for a matter of days, and he needed to focus, and although getting a tattoo wasnt helping him to focus much, he was starting get shaky and needed something to get his mind off all of the stress. And he was tired of sitting around waiting for the alphas to come to a decision, he might as well be doing something

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Avalon | 26 comments ((view spoiler))

Tsura walked into the parlor, glancing around, as if appraising it to see if this place was really worth being employed at for the next few months. Sure, she'd already gotten the job and today was her first day, but upon sensing the overwhelming amount of supernaturals, specifically Shifters, she was starting to have her doubts. No one appreciated outsiders meddling in their territory, and she was willing to bet any supernatural creature who walked in would likely either sense or smell her own Shifter blood. Oh, well, too late to think about that, she thought, before glancing down at her outfit. She couldn't help but hope that the overwhelming amount of black and the fact that two of her tattoos, the Latin phrase on her wrist, as well as the little pick me up quote on her shoulder didn't make her seem too much like a stereotypical tattoo artist. She really did hate to fit into molds. still, she loved this top and Steampunk style shoes, as it seemed that sometime around last month she developed a craving for some more antique styled clothing. However, vintage had seemed too flowery, and Gothic too complicated, so she'd settled for a more Steampunk-modern mix of her own.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) Adam glanced at Tsura as she walked in. looking at a sign saying they offered any design of tattoo as long as he provided the design, he sighed, he didn't know what he had in mind, he went to a book full of other tattoos they offered. After a while Adam decided to get a small star on his wrist. That would be filled in black. He looked around for someone to assist him,and again his eyes fell on Tsura, "excuse me miss... Do you work here?" He asked, she looked all dressed up for something, and he could smell that she was a shifter, he smiled at the thought... wonder what she shifts into he thought whatever it was she could probably sense that he was a werewolf, and not one to be reckoned with, but what did that matter, they were all animals here.., except for the humans who got in their way, but that was all fine and dandy, didnt matter much.
Adam was just stressed that everything was breaking farther and farther apart,

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Avalon | 26 comments "Yep, as of," Tsura glanced over at the clock, "as of three minutes ago, I am officially on shift. Looking to add to your collection?" She raised a brow at his heavily inked arm. He didn't look too much older than herself, yet obviously coming here seemed almost like a hobby to him judging by all the tattoos he had. She herself have been coming up with new designs for herself since she was seventeen and couldn't say she'd liked enough of them to actually have them tattooed on. After a moment though, the his werewolf scent hit her, and it took all her effort not to glare at him. She had grown to dislike werewolves and their Holier-Than-Thou attitudes. The way they just bossed around Shifters and expected everyone to bow down. Then again, the Shifters also tended to be cowards. Stop it, Tsura. You didn't come here to be prejudiced, she mentally scolded herself. In the back of her mind though, she wondered if this werewolf was too domesticated to realize that she didn't carry the scent of a pack on her or if he merely assumed she belonged to the one that inhabited this town.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) He followed her gaze to his arm, "what can I say? Im a strong believer in tattoos?" Truthfully they were addicting, first it was for his two sisters and two brothers, now he just got one when he wanted to clear his mind, because he vowed never to pick up a drink, because people did crazy things when they were drunk, and he wouldn't stand for it. He didnt mind shifters as much, they didnt kill his family, but he did hate vampires and casters. He didnt quite know why there was any alliance with them..
"But yes, a small one." He said showing her the star tatto he wanted. "I would like it right... Here." He said showing her where he wanted it on his wrist, he wanted it on the back side close to his hand. "Actually... Make that one on each wrist." He said, why not, he had the time. He didnt quite want the time though. But might as well be doing something than sitting around, he should probably get a new job also...

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Avalon | 26 comments "Aye, I have a fair share of my own, but it still seems you have me beat," Tsura commented, then looked from his wrists to the same location on her right wrist, upon which read 'nosce te ipsum'. It was the first tattoo she'd ever gotten, and possibly her favorite. She then appraised the star he'd chosen. It was likely the plainest design in the book, and she couldn't help but approve. Oftentimes tattoo designers over complicated things, but whoever insisted the star be added was obviously more clear-sighted than most. "I take it you have more free time than you know what to do with?" she asked, though it was more of a statement she'd noticed from the way that he suddenly decided to double the amount. If so, she couldn't blame him. While not working, she found herself wandering the most peculiar places. It wasn't as if she didn't enjoy her walks, as she did meet the most interesting people and learned the most fascinating things, but still, most people probably indulged in different things.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) He laughed, which felt good, he hadn't laughed for a long time. "Yes, particularly, I don't know what to do with myself." He smiled. He didnt quite understand why his pack hated the shifters so much, they werent that bad. "So can we get started?" Its not like he was in a rush, he just didnt like getting to know people... Because then he would start to care about them, and it would end in disaster. He sighed silently though. Being the rank he was and encountering so many people he did have a soft spot for his pack no matter how arrogant the could be, he was arrogant himself. He looked at her at a side glance and sensed she approved the tattoos he would be getting, he smiled at that.

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Avalon | 26 comments "Mhm," Tsura nodded, picking up one of the special black markers set aside for drawing out tattoos before they were inked on people. Honestly, she didn't make mistakes, but she had a feeling it'd probably give him some peace of mind. She'd also noticed the way he suddenly wanted to avoid socializing, and was curious as to why that was. Then again, maybe it was just because talking was something the average person associated with friends. Tsura, on the other hand, didn't worry of such things. She knew that her heart belonged on the road, searching for something that seemed so close, but was likely leagues away. The only things she kept close to her heart were her mother's locket, the letter her grandmother had sent her mother, as well as Mirella, though she really hadn't meant to get so attached to the mare. From there, she stood by one of the chairs, waiting for him to seat himself so she could begin.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) He nodded and gave a brief smile. Sitting down in the chair. He held out his wrists for her to start. He decided that talk wouldn't be venomous, and it would help the time not seem so wasteful. "So...." He didn't know what to ask, or what to even say, and hoped she didn't take offense to his next question, "what kind of animal do you turn into?" He asked, watching her with the marker, he didn't know if it was the thing to ask someone at a tattoo parlor, but what the heck, why not?

((Gtg :/))

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Avalon | 26 comments (Kk, we'll continue later then, I guess)

Tsura brushed her hot pink bangs out of the way before beginning, her lines perfectly straight, having been developing her artistic abilities for almost a decade. When he suddenly decided to make conversation though, Tsura stopped momentarily, her amber eyes searching his features. 'Eerie,' many called them, 'eyes that see more than they should.' Deciding that he didn't mean any harm though, she resumed, but it still took her a few more moments to respond. "A fox. A black fox," she told him, wondering if he'd ask for insight as to why she had that form. She might tell him, he didn't seem terrible, as far as Werewolves went. She definetely wouldn't go into detail of her past, but mentioning that her mother had been a red fox didn't seem like it would kill anyone.

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Ryeleigh (imaginationist) He nodded. He didn't mention he hunted foxes that weren't shifters... Or at least his pack did. He didn't want to feel nosy, but couldn't resist. "And if you don't mind me asking, how did you come upon being a black fox?" He asked, truly interested. He said watching her handiwork. He was glad to start some sort of conversation, it was a lot better, and a lot less awkward then silence. He did notice that his previous question did cause 'something' and he was afraid she wouldn't answer him, but she did, thats why he asked another question. He thought of everything... And he meant everything he went through... And wondered her story as well.

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Avalon | 26 comments "My mother was a fox as well, though a red one," Tsura explained briefly, moving onto the sketch of the second star. She's always found tattoos on the arms and wrists rather awkward to draw, as they required that she lean over in such a position that her brightly colored hair was merely inches away from his face, close enough for even a human to smell, as well as see, the dainty honeysuckle petals which hid amongst her hair. They'd been there ever since she'd found herself unable to dodge its low, swooping branches this morning, and would likely be much more visible from afar if she hadn't done her best to comb them out. Tsura, on the other hand, could feel his warm breath on her neck to the point that it took effort not to shiver at the temperature difference between it and the frigid room, an awfully awkward position to be in with a stranger. Still, at least he wasn't one of those perverted jerks who attempted to grope her until she held them in an armlock and threatened to dislocated both their shoulders.

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