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Becca roared up on her bike, slamming on her brakes at the last moment and coming to an abrupt stop in front of the FallenVale diner. She glanced around for Gary; she knew he'd been right behind her a moment ago. Well, she'd won. She grinned. That would put a little pause in his boasting. Maybe.

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She smiled back at him and swung one leg over so she was sitting facing him. She raised her eyebrows at him. "Sure, but I thought you said you like your meat 'fresh?'" Personally, Becca agreed with him on that, but she'd never been a picky eater. Food was food, she wasn't all that particular about where and what she ate.

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"Okay," Becca agreed, one corner of her mouth curving upward in a half-smile. Besides, now that he mentioned it, she was a little hungry. Racing did work up an appetite. She jumped off her bike, put her key in her pocket, and nodded to him. "Let's go, then."

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Becca scanned the menu, deciding finally on the same thing as Gary: a cheeseburger and Pepsi. Turning to scan the diner, she spotted an empty table for two next to the wall.

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Becca pulled out a chair and sat down facing him. "I couldn't tell you much if there was," she told him in a matter-of-fact tone. "Usually, what's at the top has to stay at the top." That was true. She was the beta female, and so she did usually know everything there was to know about what was going on in the werewolves, and some of what was going on with the shifters. But if she went around blabbing Lucas wouldn't let her live. Not that she would blab, anyway.

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Becca gave a noncommittal shrug. "If we don't take care of it first," she pointed out. "Which we usually do." Many problems didn't reach the rest of the pack for the same reason. "But you're right. Things have been kind of quiet."

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Becca brushed that away with a careless gesture. Humans were just not important enough to be a threat. "Humans can be nuisance, but they're really not dangerous. For us, anyway. But the casters and the vampires..." A shadow passed over her face and was gone as fast as it had come, almost unnoticeable. Only someone who knew her very well would have caught it. "They may be lying low recently, but we can't let our guard down."

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Becca raised one eyebrow at him at the chain smoker comment, amused. "Plan? Did I mention a plan?" she questioned, genuinely puzzled. "Oh you mean the casters?"

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"As though they'd succeed in 'taking us out!'" Becca said scornfully. "They're not any more powerful than we are."
She grinned at his last comment. "I'm sure it does. Plus it interferes with your senses, doesn't it?" She wasn't a hunter herself, but she could imagine how it might be frustrating.

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Becca leaned forward and put her elbows on the table, one hand under her chin and the other on the table. "Don't underestimate them, though," she said warningly. "Especially vampires." She shuddered. Then changed the subject. "Let's eat."

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Becca waited, one hand tapping the table even though se hast really realized she was doing it. Her gaze idly roamed the diner. There were some familiar faces.

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Becca nodded her thanks to Gary and attacked her food with enthusiasm, eating quickly but neatly. She always ate quickly, no matter what food it was. It puzzled people that she was still so thin. She paused to drink some of the Pepsi to wash down the food.

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Becca's finished off the rest of her food and soda, then pushed her chair back from the table. "Not really. What're you up to after?"

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Becca scraped her chair back and stood. She stretched like a cat, then sighed and said, "I better get going, anyway." She pushed a strand of hair back from her face. "Thanks for the meal, G."

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"I might go back up to the pack house, or just around somewhere." She shrugged. "I'll look around, check to see if there's any trouble from the other species."

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Becca nodded and watched him go, then followed him out.

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Becca stood there for a moment, arms crossed, watching him go. She rolled her eyes at his statement, them climbed onto her own bike and took off in the direction of the pack house.

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