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Blasphemy should be celebrated, not outlawed.

message 2: by Mark (last edited Jun 02, 2013 01:18PM) (new)

Mark | 785 comments I don't think it's the atheism per se. Americans aggressively oppress and anathematize people who think differently, but even more fundamentally, they viscerally loathe people who think. Most atheists (since, ipso facto, they've resisted social programming) tend to be people who think. That's what really offends the thought police. (And I say this as a nominally "religious" person.)

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner,

We almost have separation of church and state, imperfect but it is practiced. This does allow atheists to practice without fear of religious or legal prosecution. This does not mean they will not be discriminated against like any other disenfranchised group.

A true religion respects the rights of others and will accept the fact that anything can be substituted for the word god by anyone, even atheism.
Countries without separation of church and state are easy to spot, they have blasphemy laws that convict people with a vengeance, even death. This is different from political freedom. A "religious" group that needs tough blasphemy laws and rules via the judicial system is a government not a religion.

So long as individual groups go around claiming they are the ones treated as second class citizens and not part of the entire group that is treated like second class citizens there will always be second class citizens in this world.

The real ruling minority crosses borders, wars, political and religious boundaries and they stay in power by allowing infighting not only to exist but to thrive by denying the masses an equal and decent education which crosses borders, wars, political and religious boundaries. Some times the ruling elite don't even know they are working as one force powered by greed spawning racism wherever it goes.

The real ruling elite obstruct in any way possible the opportunity for anyone to receive a free quality education. A poorly educated public endorses racism as a way of life. A poor person does not necessarily receive a poor education. A rich person does not necessarily receive a quality education.

It's called divide and conquer and it is timeless and it works and it lets your "enemies" do your work for you. If the ruling minority is lucky, the infighting masses will never look up, they will only strike out horizontally, never vertically. The real problem is that ruling by greed and racism will leave a level playing field of rubble.

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Mark | 785 comments Robert wrote: "The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner..."


First person I've ever encountered who's also loved (or even read) that book! (You'll find it on my "read" shelf. I also liked "Stand on Zanzibar.")

Absolutely agree about the rest... except that I don't think the ptb remotely care about the resultant "field of rubble." They don't have to look at it, since it's outside their gated communities, and the windows of their limos are tinted.

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Robert Zwilling I have faith in mother nature, storms, stuff like that to help out with the energy corrections that can't be avoided.

Stand On Zanzibar is one of my favorite books.

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