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(( The lake has black water. Don't drink the water or you will be poisoned. Don't swim here or you'll be burned. Don't take the water unless you want to be dragged back into the black depths. At the bottom of the lake is a magical creature that gives you whatever you desire... with a catch ))

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kpcrossan Thrasos stood on a tree branch leaning against the trunk as he stared down at the black water. His thoughts again went to the creature at the bottom of the lake. Thrasos wanted everything and this was the way to get it. How many times his thoughts had fled to this lake the creature and the consequences the creature brought up from the depths. Thrasos again wondered why his mother named him Thrasos instead of naming him after the demon of greed. In the slightest whisper Thrasos whispered to no one in particular as no one was there. "What are you hiding that needs so much protection as to be kept at the bottom of a poisonous lake?"

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kpcrossan Thrasos jumped from the branch of the tree, landing on the soles of his feet. He left the lake for the castle.

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