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Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
Starting book 2 of The Kane Chronicles series, well.....TODAY!

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
Alright, I'm about 40 pages in and I already have a list of question that number about, oh, 50...this is going to be interesting.

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I read the first chapter last night. lol right before bed.

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It's a food book!!! I really liked it, but of the three Kane Chronicles, I still like The Red Pyramid best.

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Good!! Not food! Oops

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
The Red Pyramid was great, and this one jumped right back in to action. They didn't take a breathe when starting lol

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I really like how it's written in narrative form. And I like how they title each chapter lol

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
They are hilarious. It's also funny when they butt into the story every once in a while

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
Maybe I'm reading too much into the beginning here, but this friction between Sadie and Carter is not going to end well...

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) yeah i like that...I didnt read much this weekend :( sorry...The Selection took me off guard and I read almost the entire book yesterday before finally pulling my face out of it and being a responsible member of society :(

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
OMG that's a great book, I'm waiting for my library to get the second one so I can read it ASAP!

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I hate that book 3 doesnt come out until 2014 lol

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
I know! There's a short story from Maxon's POV called The Prince between 1 and 2 that's really cute too

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) Well, I am through chapter 6. lol. I read a lot of this morning...a good 70+ pages I think. I am a little thrown off for now, but I am sure things will come together in true Riordan fashion.

I like how he mentions the Greeks though..."I swear I saw a flying horse in the sky..." lol. I really like when he crosses stories like that

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
I enjoyed that one myself! A crossover really does need to happen, could you imagine if Horus met Apollo?

I was a little confused when it came to Jaz and Walt....it was like we know something is off about the conversation they were having but then he just let it go and we haven't really talked about it since...I dunno maybe we will find out more.

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I hope we find out more...maybe...and this is my thought...maybe, she had an out of body experience, and saw what was coming. That is why she gave Sadie the wax doll for Carter and told her she would know when to use it. Maybe she had felt more comfortable first telling Walt? I can see how something like that might be difficult to go to the "teachers" who have these experiences often and tell them...maybe she just didnt know how?

I think Apollo and Horus would result in a new World War ;)

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
I can see that. Actually I can see both of those statements being very true lol. I mean they are kids too, I think it said she's 13 or something. I think I always forget that when reading his books because of what they are going through.

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) Sadie keeps the age a reality check for me...this throwing a fit and just going to London...I know it is her birthday...but she really showed her age...and look what happened. Seriously? If you have to leave for a quest...to save the world...i understand wanting to go do that before you potentially die, though we know you aren't, but to completely risk everything with immaturity? lol...that keeps her age in check for me. Carter is much more well mannered and mature and easier to forget he is only like what 14?

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
Something like that, for some reason i want to say 16 but I think that's too old lol

I do think this series has more of that reminder of how old they are than say Percy Jackson. They are a bit more immature than those characters, not that it interferes with the story, it just seems to be more obvious to me.

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I think I am about half way with the book now. I dont know...maybe it is me. But I don't care so much for Sadie's attitude, in general. I mean, maybe I just love the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series so much...but they would never disrespect the Greek and Roman gods in the same way. At all...I know some of their names are hard to pronounce, sure, but still irks me lol.

How far are you? I ended this morning at the start of Chapter 15..I don't want to give anything away before I start talking more

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
I finished it last night....I had a couple of really good reading days lol but I agree Zeus or Hera would have dropped her by now if someone had spoken like that to them. I like Sadie's love life, it's way more interesting but I like Carter more than her. She annoys me at points.

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) Sadie always annoys me...I am not done yet...lol taking some time. I will finish soon though :)I had a thought earlier and I completely forgot it LOL

Oh...I think it was regarding Zia when she woke up and how Carter felt...I still think that was stupid for them to do.

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
I was so sad for Carter :( poor kid falls in love and she turns out to be a piece from pottery barn....I'm really hoping that all turns around for him

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I'm almost done :) not sure why this one is taking so long for me to read. I think maybe it's not as great as others?

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) yeah. ..I didn't care for that one as much

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
I liked the first one better. This one felt more like a plot mover story than an actual adventure, but for me the last maybe 7 chapters made up for everything in the beginning.

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I wished the end have a little more punch to it. I felt like it was one of those fireworks that you thought was supposed to have this huge explosion and it was just a little dud

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Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
True, very true. But the whole duat river thing I thought was really interesting. Plus, Ra? Hilarious.

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
HEY! Did you want to read number 3 too? I have it on hold at my library and should have it in a couple days!

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) I will see if I can get a copy of it. I will go online and check...I leave for out of town Thursday, so if I can get it before then i will for sure!

Kathy Horsman (kathywithak27) | 1340 comments Mod
Don't feel pressured I can hang on to it til you get back I gotta finish about 3 books anyways lol

Little Bee (littlebeesreads) They are all wait listed, I will get on one of them!

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