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message 1: by Ingrid, Just another writer. (new)

Ingrid | 930 comments Mod
Here are some writing prompts about love. You can use them to write romantic, comic, or suspenseful stories, depending on where your imagination takes you.

1) A character in a retirement home falls in love with his nurse.

2) A character thinks s/he has fallen in love with someone from another country, but neither of them speaks the other's language.

3) A character falls in love with his/her professional rival (for example, they are competing for the same job; they work for competing companies; they are lawyers on opposite sides of a case; they are political opponents; they play for rival sports teams; they are spies for enemy countries, etc.)

4) A character falls is in love again with his or her husband/wife... right after asking for a divorce.

5) A psychologist falls in love with his/her patient. Professional ethics prevents him/her from acting on his/her feelings... but it's so hard to resist...

Happy writing!

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Weldon (sarahrweldon-author) | 6045 comments Lol number 4 made me smile, I used to work for a firm of Solicitors as a secretary and one particular client married and divorced the same person twice. The second time she said 'she now realised why she divorced the SOB the first time round!' Never look back being the moral of that story.

I really do hope she didn't go for the hat trick!

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