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message 1: by Daniela (new)

Daniela (danielalao) | 25 comments Mod
This is the official discussion thread for our June Alt pick, "Ready Player One".

Note: Questions for the live Skype/Twitch discussion will be posted on a separate thread, but like our last discussion I'll read comments/questions from various book club members who have posted on any of the related threads.

message 2: by Daniela (new)

Daniela (danielalao) | 25 comments Mod
Anyone get started on this one yet? I just picked it up today and read the first page (started laughing at the very first pop culture/80's reference). Really looking forward to finally reading it.

Kendra (gamergirl897) | 12 comments I finished it. I thought it was pretty good and really enjoyed the 80's references. It was a good story although the ending kind of fell flat

Sara / \ | 3 comments I started reading it a couple days ago. Hope to finish it soon. I like the story so far, the writing is simple and easy to breeze through after long days at work. I'm probably about 35 pages into it.

I feel so bad for the protag :/ His aunt is horrific.

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