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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 116 comments Mod
costume warehouse:


message 2: by Tess, Costume designer at Candy (new)

Tess | 22 comments Mod
Savvy ran in breathless. It was late at night and no one was there. She had the greatest idea ever! All she had to do was start. Savvy groped her way over to the light switch and flicked in on. The once desolate building turned into a vibrant array of glitter, neon, and any other fabric known to man. "What colors?" She thought to herself. She raced down the ginormous isles of fabrics and finally chose a sage green velvet and purple tule. Savvy bolted to the table covered in crystals and grabbed handfuls of purple crystals. She dropped her items on a worktable and ran to get straps, netting, spandex, and other extremely important pieces for her costume. Savvy started right away. After several long and stressful hours, the costume was finally finished, just as her employees headed inside. She was up for a lot of questions!

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