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Dances are held as well as coronations and speeches. Not the most pleasant place, huh?

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Gabriel was about to leave for the afternoon. He had an appointment with one of the lower-tiered officials' wives. He had every intention of finding out if her husband had any plans to revolt or not.

At least this one would be pretty.

Unfortunately, he almost forgot one thing. He had been made to help transform his youngest sister into a lady and teach her to dance.

Without any he reason he could actually tell, he had no choice but to take a rain check.

To his sister, he asked, "Now, is there at least one dance that you know?"

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"I'm sorry Gabe."Cass snorted. Very ladylike. "I don't want to dance. I'd rather be outside riding Tempest right now. Why does father even want me to dance? It's not like I'll be needing the skill anytime soon." She scoffed, but she knew it wasn't true. The correct words to use would be, 'It's not like she wanted to learn the skill anytime soon.'

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As both of them were arguing about dancing Ithuriel enters the ballroom and saw his siblings talking....

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"clearly you two must be sword fighting soon considering the way you talking to each other" ithuriel said

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Ithuriel! Finally! His savior has arrived. Gabriel had never been very good at handling Cass.

"Brother, come here. You talk to her," he said, under the guise of perfect innocence, he leads the eldest brother to their stubborn sister.

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"cassie what's all this about ??" he asked "our father wants you to learn dance you should oblige him if not for you but for him" he said in a pleasant voice

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"I'm not dancing no matter what you say." Cassandra replied subbornly. She wasn't normally this way, unless it was for something she didn't like. Dancing. She didn't mind other forms of art, but dancing? She despised it.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "As much as I would love to do as you wish, sister dear. Our father's instructions have been very clear. You are sixteen and you should be acting like it I suppose," he teased her, still smiling like an angel. "You should be having a few moonlight trysts at this age. I know I did."

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"I'm not you Gabriel." She returned. She refused to do that as much if not more than the ball they would be throwing for her 16th birthday. Yes, she had already turned 16, but apparently it was appropriate to wait a couple months after the fact. "I will not do that, and I absolutely refuse to dance. I won't learn because I'm not having that party."

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"I know you hates dancing your life is in other arts but our father wants to learn it and you're a talented enough to learn anything" he said saying in a tone he doesn't know he haves

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"So you're going out to meet someone secret" ithuriel said in a teasing voice "brother she haven't introduced us to hin yet " and he winks towards Cassidy

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) That was the kind of reply he expected from her. "I was just teasing, you should already know better than to take me seriously."

He bowed and extended a hand to her. "You heard our brother. You're smart and talented enough to learn. Unless, of course you are saying you aren't. Father will kill not only me but your horse too if you don't."

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"I'm not seeing anyone Ith!" Cassandra snapped. Oh how she wished she was. But who would like her? Really? She was self-confident, yes. Not self-confident of what others thought of her. "And I'm still not going to dance. He wouldn't actually kill my horse anyway."

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knowing that Gabriel had hitted a weak point as he knows Cassandra loves her horse tempest more than anyone Ithuriel said "if you wants we both can teach you how to dance" and wondered to himself how he can as he himself don't know how to dance

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "And who said I was worried about the horse? I was worried about me," teasing kid sister was one of his favorite hobbies.

Gabriel just looked at Ith with one eyebrow raised. He had never seen him dance before. He fought a smirk, wondering if this would lead to something interesting.

"By all means, brother. You teach her. As the eldest, shouldn't this be your responsibility anyway?"

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""You don't know how to dance Ithuriel." Cass stated. "You can't dance any better than I do, and Gabe is probably using you as an excuse to get out of here. But no, Cassandra," She spoke, pointing to herself, "is stuck here, 'learning' to dance."

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caught between his two younger siblings he wonders how will the get out of this embarrassing situation and he said to Gabriel "Gabriel by all means our father have given you this responsibility to teach her to how to dance you wants to disobey him ?" suppressing a smirk to hide his emotions he understood Cassandra better than others and still she is a mystery for him

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Bingo, Cassandra.

"I am hurt, Cassandra. What makes you doubt I wouldn't be happy to teach my youngest sister the art of dancing?" He gave a hurt expression. "I am just saying that Ith might want the responsibility more."

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"We all know what you do when you vanish Gabe." She rolled her eyes. At least her sisters knew and decided it would be a grand idea to tell her. "And since when did you care what happened to me anyway, you're indifferent to anyone unless it benefits yourself in some way."

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grinning from ear to ear he turned toward gab and said "is this what you want brother using me as an excuse" in a total innocent voice and turning to Cassandra he said "yes I don't know how to dance but you are having a Grand ball on your birthday party you should learn to dance thete wil be.prince and handsome lords" and winking whispered to her "with whom you can make out"

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) He shrugged. He was neither going to admit or deny the accusations, but he is curious how she would know. He had kept his comings and goings very private.

"And what makes you think this won't benefit me? Father won't kill me and I like my life, thank you very much."

He smiles and pats her on the head. No, he was not going to deny not caring for her even if he did. The worse his reputation the better.

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Grumbling about Gabe's behavior, Cassie turned and shuddered in disgust at Ith's suggestion. Not necessarily because there would be good looking men her age there, but because as she tried to imagine herself making out with some guy, it just didn't work out. It was disgusting. "That's just wrong."

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seeing Cassandra face he got that he have said something wrong and retorded the choice of his words and said "I was teasing sister bt you can't deny that there will be handsome and worthy guys for you" and turns towards Gabriel looking for some help in handling their sister

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) In the end, Ith was just as useless as he was with teenagers.

Gabriel sighed. "Be that as it may, you still need to learn." He places both hands on her shoulders and smiled. "It would probably make mom and dad pretty happy. Just the waltz. You've seen me or Adelaide waltz before at least, right?"

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"Yeah." Cassandra nodded grudgingly, placing her hands across her chest. Turning away from Gabe was pretty much signing up for disaster. At this point, not dancing was a lost cause.

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Ithutiel knows that he have failed his tasks so he turns away to leave but before leaving he said "Cassy I know you can do this you're a talented girl"

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Gabriel's savior was leaving. It looks like he was going to have to teach her alone after all.

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Smiling kindly, Cass nodded. "Thanks. See you later I guess."

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) With Ith gone, he decided to just have this over with. Not giving Cass even time to think, he twirled her and positioned her for a waltz.

"Would you stop complaining and lets start already?"

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Frowning, but also realizing she no longer had a choice, she tried to do her best with learning the dance. Gabe was rather grating on her nerves right now, though it wasn't necessarily his fault. They both had somewhere they would rather be, which wasn't in the ballroom learning and teaching to dance. "I'm not going to stop complaining, but I obviously can't avoid the dance."

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Adelaide walked in to see...well what appeared to be dancing, though it was in rather crude form in need of massive refining. She could not help but to smile as she watched Gabriel attempt to show Cassandra how to waltz. Attempt being the key word. Cassy was not the dance sort of girl, unlike Adelaide who excelled in such things. She was more of the...outdoorish type, preferring horses and whatnot.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "Not like that," he hissed. Yes, very crude. He was still trying his best to correctly arch Cass's back. He looked up and smiled to see Adelaide.

It seems they have another unexpected visitor. "Ah, Adelaide my dear. How good of you to join us."

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Cassandra felt terrible as she kept stumbling and stepping over Gabe's feet. Once she was sure she hit him in the chin too. It's not like she could help it though. She wasn't cut out for dancing. "Sorry, Gabe." She apologized for maybe the hundredth time, she hadn't even realized her sister had entered the room a few minutes earlier. She was already tired of all this twirling and such, which irritated her. Because she had to learn, as much as she didn't want to.

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Adelaide returned her brother's smile with one of her own, "Why thank you kindly, dearest brother. I see your lesson is going...well..." Adelaide paused at the end, not sure how to politely put what she was witnessing. "Cassandra, darling, you are much to rigid. You must relax, dancing is different in that regard to horseback riding. Your movements must be fluid and graceful." Adelaide hoped that the way she had explained it would be more helpful to Cassy.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Before Gabriel could reply, Cass turned and ribbed him in the gut. His nose, his chin , is feet ... Their father should give him a medal for this. He had more bruises in this lesson than in his last brawl.

He quickly lets go of her hand and backed away in pain. He turned desperately to Adelaide for help. When he finally recovered from that, he dragged Adelaide to the dance floor before turning to Cass. Anything, just to get a brief moment of peace. "Stand there and watch us."

He was not going to live through this lesson.

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She had attempted to change her posture like Adelaide had said, Cass frowned when she watched Addy dance flawlessly with her brother. She sighed, highly unamused by the whole senario. How was she supposed to learn from watching?

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Adelaide tried to stifle her laughter, but that proved to be an impossible task. Poor Gabriel, Cass was definitely in need of some serious lessons. Adelaide was not sure that the allotted time that she had to learn to dance would be enough. She wondered why father had not made Cass learn to dance sooner, he had made Adelaide learn before she could practically walk. Noting Gabriel's pleading look she smiled at him, and allowed him to move her to the dance floor. Dancing came naturally to Adelaide, she moved with grace and ease.

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((I actually have to go. We'll resume this later?))

Cassie couldn't help but feel envious of her sister. It wasn't that she desperately wanted to know how to dance, it was just that Addy was dancing with such grace and ease while she was tripping over her own feet. She didn't even know that she could get so clumsy.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) (( Okay! Gabriel still needs to talk to Adelaide for a bit anyway. ))

"Thanks, Addie," Gabriel whispered as they waltz around the floor. He didn't know how much abuse his feet could take. "I knew Cassie was bad, but not this bad."

He felt a lot more comfortable dancing now. After all, Adelaide was one of his favorite dance partners. Together, they always made a beautiful picture.

He cared for Cassie, though she should probably not know this. But enough was enough.

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Adelaide grinned as her brother thanked her, "Of course, dearest brother. Though I long does she have to learn? I fear it may not be long enough...." Adelaide frowned slightly, it would not do to have Cassie unable to dance for her first ball. Father would would be very displeased.

Addie enjoyed dancing with Gabriel, he was one of the few dance partners that she favored. He could keep up with her, and they complemented each other well. "What seems to be troubling you? Tis more than trampled toes, tis is not?"

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) He grinned playfully. But more for Cass's benefit. What Cass said earlier troubled him. He was worried that someone had already knew about his activities. What he wanted to know now was how much she knew.

"Cassie knows something," he began. Addie knows about his lovers and why he had so many. Only showing the other side of him to her. "Someone's talking and I want to know who. I can't have my title as Playboy Prince removed after all." He tried to hide his worry behind his joking smile. "When I find him, I just might kill him."

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At his words Adelaide forced a smile on her face, he was right it would not do to give Cassie more to think about. Gabriel and Adelaide had an arrangement, they covered for each other when the other one disappeared. It had always been that way...and yet someone knew, about Gabriel anyways-- which meant they could also know about her.

"Well...that's certainly not good. Do you have anyone in mind?" Adelaide tried to think of how someone could have found out, they were both discrete. Addie could tell her brother was worried, as they should be, but she gave him a reassuring smile. They would get to the bottom of this.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) That also meant they had to look into the possibility that Cassie wouldn't be the only one who knows about it. But it really did depend on what she knew. He would have to ask her later.

"Not at the moment," he admitted. It was a frustrating feeling. Once in a while, out of the corner of his eye ... he would steal a glance at Cassie. "Maybe I am over-thinking things. She probably just knows as much as she is supposed to ---"

He paused and spun her again. "--- that I am seducing daughters of peasants. Not wives of high-ranked officials."

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Adelaide twirled back into his arms, her face was devoid of any worry, "Perhaps." She replied, thinking things over, it was true that the duo was too well versed to have a slip up like this. For Cassie to know, well it would mean that someone else knew...someone of a high rank. Which would be dangerous for the both of them. "I could talk to her about it, I think it would be a conversion best handled between sisters." Adelaide felt that Cassie would be more willing to talk to her about it than Gabriel.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) "My thoughts exactly."

For Cassie, he was the brother that would not doing anything without personal gain and he would like to keep it that way.

They couldn't keep dancing forever. Cassie would notice, so he slows down his pace and ends the dance with a gallant bow. But before returning Adelaide to the side, he whispered, "I'll come by your room later. Cover for me. I am meeting the Duke of Grafton's wife."

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Adelaide answered Gabriel's dashing bow with an perfectly polished curtsey, taking his arm as he led her back near Cassie. She kept her face impassive as he informed her of his current target, the Duke of Grafton was not a man one wanted to cross. While she was suddenly worried for her brother, she had faith in his abilities and knew that she should fear naught. Gabriel was good at what he did, and he had never been caught before. "Of course, until we meet again." She beamed at him, "Thank you for the lovely dance, Gabe."

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) He gave his usual cheeky grin. Of course, he knew the dangers but he's been doing this since he was sixteen. But he had to admit though that there was no denying that it was much easier now with Adelaide involved. He didn't have as many questions about his disappearances anymore.

"Did you expect anything less?" Then placing a kiss on the back of her hand.

"Now, Cassandra. I hope you learned something from that."

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Adelaide refrained from rolling her eyes at her brother, she was always the perfect lady in public. She knew that Gabriel would be fine, after all he taught her everything she knew. She didn't envy the things that he did, howbeit. She gathered information strickly from loyal contacts, and through her incredible power of persuasion. Anything more would be inappropriate as she was a lady and a princess which meant certain guidelines had to be followed especially since she was unwed.

"Of course not, you remain my favorite dance partner for a reason, dear brother," Adelaide smiled at him, the truth of her words were clear.

"Okay, Cassie, let us see if I am a better instructor for you." She place her hand gently on her sister's shoulder.

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