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Cera These are far from London but still close enough to get there on foot in a couple of days.

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Atum stopped to look out at the city. The lights resembled the stars that dotted the heavens. The promise of a wonderfl view and colours lured him to the mountain, he was to be at home... or at least he should be home soon. He liked it here.
Atum sighed and made his way back down, picking some berries that were sweet along the path; he placed them on his dark satchel bag. The wind ruffled his honey-brown hair, the cold made him blink, though no tears came. It was a habit. A habit that he wanted to practise in case this was real. In case he was real.
Atum trudged down, he saw something like confetti in the air. His eyes zoomed. Green..., expensive, confetti. Atum made his way down, hurrying over the rocks and slipping through the tufts of grass and mud.

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