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Spoiler Alert?

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I haven't written my review for this yet, and I have a question. At the end of The Immortal Rules, it is pretty obvious that Zeke is going to leave Eden to look for Allie. Everyone who read the first book should have long since figured this out. However, I'm questioning whether or not telling people Zeke dies should be preceded by a spoiler alert. I don't consider it a spoiler, as the dedication reads "To Natashya, for encouraging me to kill my darlings". Maybe not everyone is like this, but to me, it was painfully obvious from the beginning that Zeke was going to die. Should I be worried about spoiling something the author made obvious from the first page?

Linda I have just finished this book and i havent written my review yet.
I agree with the spoiler alert but the spoiler alert always makes me look,as your spoiler alert made me look at your post.
I want to talk about Zeke but i would have the same problem so i am going to wait to do my review.
But i cant wait for the next book.

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