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Emily Hickman | 1 comments How was the book scary to you?

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Jack Griffin (crispypanda) | 21 comments Not only one of my favourite King novels but one of the best things I've ever read. It was the third King I read after Christine and Firestarter. Those first two didn't prepare me for how dark his writing could go. I was only a teenager back then, just getting into adult, in the grown up sense, books.
I remember laying on my bed on a summer afternoon reading this novel. Windows open but hardly any sounds from outside. I was so deep into the book, about three quarters through so pretty full on by this time, that I didn't notice my cat Skippy come in the room. Yes I was reading Pet Sematary with a cat in the house. When he jumped up on the bed for a fuss I fell off the bed in panic. He's been top of my list of writers since.

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Becky (beckyofthe19and9) Just a general reminder - please make sure to do a search for existing threads before opening a new one.

We already have a Pet Sematary thread for the book:

And the movie:

I'm going to close this thread - please feel free to continue the discussion of the book in one of the existing threads.

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