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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (radiantserenechaos) | 336 comments This is where we discuss One Piece. We are reading and discussing volumes 1-3. Please remember to hide all spoilers.

This series features Monkey D. Luffy, whose main ambition is to become a pirate. Eating the Gum-Gum Fruit gives him strange powers but also invokes the fruit's curse: anybody who consumes it can never learn to swim. Nevertheless, Monkey and his crewmate Roronoa Zoro, master of the three-sword fighting style, sail the Seven Seas of swashbuckling adventure in search of the elusive treasure "One Piece."

message 2: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 224 comments I'm really excited to read this series. I have to pick it up from the library tomorrow. I've heard some really great things, so I can't wait!

A question to those who've already read this: is it pronounced LOO-fee or LUH-fee?

message 3: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III | 15 comments It is pronounced LOO-fee.

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (radiantserenechaos) | 336 comments One Piece is one of my favorite manga to reread because there are so many tiny details (either foreshadowing or little Easter eggs) that relate to future events. For example, Kuro pushes his glasses up with his palm, which is really weird until you find out in volume 4 that (view spoiler). It's still ridiculous, but it makes sense in a weird way. Another example would be the random pirate who scolds Buggy and Shanks in the flashback in volume 2. 50 volumes later, that pirate (view spoiler).

I always forget just how old One Piece is. I mean, the first volume was published in English 10 years ago. And boy, does the translation reflect that age. I forgot how corny it was. xD All those cheesy "Aye Cap'ns" crack me up. It's also clear that the translators were trying to avoid expletives, but the method they used just sounds awkward. Things like "you evil pirates just destroyed the thing I value most in the world, darn you!" crack me up and irk me at the same time. The more recent volumes have much better translations and do include the swearing (which is basically just damn and hell), so going back to the early translation was kinda jarring.

Oh, and Buggy's second mate reminds me of Ghirahim. I will never be able to look at Buggy's crew the same way again.

message 5: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 224 comments I finished volume one yesterday and volume two this afternoon. This is an incredibly fun series to read! The villains, particularly Axe Hand Morgan, are really awesome. The whole thing is very reminiscent of Dragon Ball in the writing style. That's a good thing.

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