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message 2: by Mark (new)

Mark | 785 comments I dunno. I think everything "increases dementia risks for the elderly." It's like pointing out that taking anti-coagulants increases the risk of death for hemophiliacs.

Atherosclerosis and cerebral atrophy aside, the actual cause of the burgeoning incidence of dementia is the formation of amyloid plaques induced by the presence of prions in the brain. This is the ultimate result of our importation of tissue samples of victims of kuru "for research purposes," which then escaped the lab environment and engendered a massive outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, all of which information the meat industry has been systematically, aggressively and very successfully hiding from the public -- because what is menticide on a genocidal scale, compared to the profits from the cattle industry? Also, and not incidentally, the Alzheimer's Care enterprise has become an incalculably profitable industry, in itself, so other interests are involved. People in both industries would doubtless have cerebral aneurysms reading this, except that 1) practically no one reads the posts in this group; 2) no one is likely to believe me, anyway; and 3) the public are idiots and don't care. I'd be worried about it, except that I already have an expiration date that's probably worse than the carton of milk in your fridge, and I'd actually like to provoke the b****rds to waste their energy. So I don't care if I tell you the truth. See:

and, for a clinical treatment:

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling While everything you say is true, I got that triggering it is what they are talking about. Elderly people with dementia who still know what is going on are subject to mental bruising which can last weeks before the memory damage is brushed over back to where it was more or less. Something as simple as leaving them in a hospital for a few days can have a lasting impact because there was no one there that they knew in the middle of the night to tell them that everything is ok when they wake up in the middle of the night in a strange place where people may not be all that interested in their inability to understand why they are there. A couple of mental bumps like that and their mental stability is drifting off center.

Sorry to hear about the expiration date, I drink the no fat milk that seems to last months, hope I won't be talking to myself. Near as I can figure this is a readers site dedicated to exploring other peoples ideas.

So when you give them a good kick in head with a general anesthesia, a lot of them are going to come out very confused which might be cleared up with diligent work but left untreated and up to their own devices many just slip a notch deeper in the abyss that can be just around the corner. It is very easy to slip a notch but much harder to climb back up.

message 4: by Mark (last edited Jun 02, 2013 10:24PM) (new)

Mark | 785 comments I know, Robert. Your point is well-taken, within the context of palliative measures and those designed to promote the avoidance of accelerated decline.

The whole, genocidal tragedy is too painful for me to contemplate, though. I guess I see the avoidance of anaesthesia as tantamount to a policy of discouraging the spillage of lighter fluid in a house that is already burning to the ground. I suppose my perspective may be unduly influenced by my own feelings borne of another set of circumstances. Thanks for the kind comments (in regard to milk).

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