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Who was the guy on the roof???? (contains SPOILERS)
Christina Teilmann Christina Jun 01, 2013 01:11PM
I feel like my copy of the book might have a few pages missing, because I don't remember getting any explanation on who the guy they were chasing on the rooftop was?
In one of the previous chapters we are in the plastic surgery clinic and it is being told from The Wolf's point of view, and after having killed the clinic staff he exits and the view point switches to Alex Cross who is outside (with another cop/agent) waiting for him, and they chase him, and end up on a rooftop where The Wolf is shot in the throat by Alex Cross and falls to his death in the alley below, at least that's how I understood it.
But then a couple of chapters later, all of a sudden, Alex spots The Wolf outside a house or something, and gives chase, but The Wolf commits suicide just as Alex is about to catch him.
No explanation is given for who the guy on the roof was, if not The Wolf.
I understand that The Wolf had several doubles and people who helped him, but since we were just in his head in the clinic, it doesn't make sense that it would be "another" Wolf.
Can someone help me solve this mystery?

I also would like know that. just finished the book and went back to reread that chapter. need to know.....very confusing

Christina, I think the mystery is that Patterson left a lot of loose ends in this one. I think the reader was supposed to blindly accept that this was another "double." I wouldn't be surprised if the Wolf came back again in a later book. He's on reserve for when Patterson runs out of ideas.

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