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Hello! So I guess I don't have a specific plot, so charries?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments Hullo. :) It's fine by me. We can make a plot about right now.
Sure thing. I kind of had an idea to go along with yours but we can explain the rest about now if you want to.

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Sure, what's the idea?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments I was thinking maybe there was a war with vampires against vampire hunters. But that's an obvious one. This one specific vampire hunter wants to not only protect this vampire but this vampire's coven. This vampire hunter loves this vampire and so forth doesn't want to let him die. But besides that maybe she wore a ring as like she would live forever like the vampire? Or rather figure that part out later?

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That all sounds awesome. I like all that. She can wear a ring that'll help her live forever if you want. Are you trying to say that this vampire hunter secretly has always loved this vampire, but the vampire doesn't know it yet, and she has been sent to kill him even though she cares for him? Or does she end up loving him after she has been sent to kill him and gets to know him?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments Thanks. I was thinking your first idea where she has been sent to kill him but has always loved him.

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Oh, okay. That sounds so awesome. We can do that then. :)

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments Oki doki then. ^- ^

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((Here's my charrie.))

Name: His name is Shetan, and he is known as Shetan, but his full name is Shetan Seth Callaway.
Nicknames: The Undertaker, Big Evil, Great One, The Devil, The Demon from Death Valley, The Dead One, The Demonic Powerhouse, and possibly a few more. But his servants and followers call him "Your Majesty," "King," "My Lord," and "Master."

Age: His age is unknown. He has been around forever, so he would be immortal. But if you were to ask him exactly how old he was, he would tell you specifically.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: December 13.

Species: Shetan is a vampire.

History: His history would be a lot to go through, but it is also unknown, at least for now.

Fears: Yes, Shetan does have fears. They are large, scary-looking sinkholes, stakes, and crosses.

Personality: There are many aspects of Shetan’s personality. He has two sides: his good side and his bad side.

His bad side

Shetan shows his bad side towards his enemies and anyone else he doesn’t like in particular.


The first thing you will be able to sense about Shetan is that he is the most evil creature you will ever imagine. He is not afraid to do the vilest thing he could ever do. Just by looking at his appearance, you will be able to see the evil. When his presence is near, you will sense it and feel it.


It’s quite simple. Shetan is simply eerie in the way he carries himself many times.


Being evil and eerie, it would be rather strange if Shetan wasn’t dark as well. His mind and heart are as black as his body.


Shetan is naturally animalistic because of what he is, and he is quite uncivilized, sometimes going around with no shirt on.


Being the vile monster he is, Shetan is naturally twisted. He loves to torture his victims and prey at his leisure before killing them and/or eating them.


Shetan is very mysterious. It is very difficult to tell what runs through his mind.


You never know what side of Shetan you will see. He can be harmless one moment and then turn on you the next. This will never happen if you are his best friend, however. Because he is so mysterious, you can never know what he is going to do unless he tells you (such as if he was going to play a prank on someone, for example). He can also be quiet one minute and talkative the next.

His good side

Shetan will show his good side if you are a child (for he is fond of children), and if you are his friend or if he knows you will not be a threat.

Kindness, Gentleness, and Love

Shetan will be kind and gentle and loving towards the ones he cares for. You would end up loving him to death once you discover his good side. He is also quite affectionate if you were to hug him or show him some sort of affection in any way. He responds very well to gentleness and care and is quick to return it.


If you’re sad or hurt or frightened in any way, Shetan is there. He is quick to comfort and is willing to be the shoulder to cry on. He can change from being the nightmare to the one comforting you from a nightmare.


Shetan is extremely and fiercely protective. He is like a guard, watching over you and protecting you. There are moments when he can get a little too overprotective, but that is not often. Once Shetan cares for you, you could never be in safer hands. It is truly bliss and a huge relief when you have this frightening, strong, nightmarish monster on your side instead of as your enemy.


Once Shetan cares for you, that is it. He is not one to betray his friends. He will be loyal to the very end, and he will not hesitate to die for you if you are in danger.


Once you get to know him well, Shetan becomes a total clown. He loves playing pranks on people, and he gets a charge out of their reactions. He has such a great sense of humor that many times he will say something hilarious, but he will be dead serious about it, and he won’t even know he’s being funny. But Shetan knows he’s a clown and sometimes ends up making himself laugh. Sometimes, he gets so silly that he ends up snickering and laughing for absolutely no reason at all. So Shetan has a fun side that will make a person want to be around him more, if they’re bold.

Appearance: Shetan has long, wavy, black hair, which drops down to his waist, and clawed hands, and all of his teeth are sharp and pointy. His eyes are fiery red, one of the most horribly frightening things about him. He has an incredibly huge body, a 600-pound mass of muscle and body fat. He is seven feet and four inches tall, a giant of a monster. His shoulders are broad, his arms huge and muscular, his chest wide and broad, and his stomach large and round, showing how incredibly strong he is. He is so strong that he can literally break metal. His appearance and strength is awesome and frightening. Coupled with his evil thoughts and actions, Shetan is truly your worst nightmare.

Shetan’s face looks like this, only his skin is as black as the night.

Other: Shetan lives in a haunted mansion, an eerie, misty graveyard surrounding it.

Anything else about him shall be roleplayed, including his natural talents.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments Name: Amelia Isabelle Cater

Nick Name(s) Iz, Ara, Darney

Age: Appears to be 22 but is really 521 and the ring she wears is what makes her live longer.

Gender: Female

Birthday June 7th

Species: Human



-Half- truths


I'll work it all out once we start to role play. :)

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All right. Would you like to start?

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments Can you please? I'm multi-tasking at the moment with homework.

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Shetan sat in the woods, it being in the late afternoon. The sunset would be out soon, the blue sky starting to gradually turn red and orange. Shetan looked up at the sky, then towards the horizon, noticing the gradual change in the sky's color. In a few hours, it would be dark, and he knew he would be looking forward to that.

((Also, should Shetan already know the vampire slayer, or should this be when he meets her for the first time?))

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5463 comments ((Already knows her.))

Isabelle staid where she sat on the tree branch in her hunting clothes that fit her like a glove. With the long tight black pants, black shirt, long jacket, and even the boots. She didn't mind it but going to kill, Shetan wasn't on the top lists she was willing to do. She liked him or rather loved him and it broke her heart to have a crossbow and all her tools with her. Somehow she felt her heart aching deeply as she sat there and let her legs dangle. Iz held a tight grip on the crossbow as her knuckles were ghostly white. Maybe she was over thinking it but she didn't feel it like so.

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After a while, Shetan stood up and started walking further into the woods, not knowing that Isabelle was close by....until he caught her scent. He stopped dead in his tracks, his red eyes glowing as he started looking around. But he didn't even think of looking up. Was this an ordinary human he was smelling or a hunter?

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