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message 1: by Lani (new)

Lani Ayers (laniayers) | 3 comments Your book sounds great!!! I can also beta read for you! Let me know.

Thanks, Lani

message 2: by Faith (new)

Faith (FaithNichola) | 2 comments Hello. I am searching for an excellent and fast beta reader for my YA Fantasy Serial. The first two installments have already been published but I would still love to have more critiques.


Because of her charcoal black lips and stick straight figure, seventeen-year-old June Mason’s number one crush humiliates her in front of half the school. Before she can hide herself away forever, a mysterious guardian kidnaps her. He takes her into the world of Ethilia, which is home to unusually tall and beautiful winged beings. Some of these beings believe she has a special purpose in their world. However, she must sprout wings to prove it. But can she sprout wings when she can’t even grow breasts?
When Ethilia’s magnificent queen publicly scorns her looks, June once again becomes the ugly duckling and the target of crude jokes. Her desire to return home is thwarted when she falls for a striking winged boy. Unlike most, he is not disgusted to touch her, but she can’t understand why. A boy like that can’t possibly share her feelings. In the adventure-filled land of Ethilia, there is no telling what might happen. She never did see who kidnapped her.

Please message me if you are interested at:

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