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Megan What was with Emma when it came to Carol? This girl played sports, she was taller, stronger, younger and faster than her aunt. Did she never say I'm sure I can take this short shrimp on? I know that if someone has more fear than respect over you the fear can last until they are old and gray and you are young and agile. They'll still have that hold on you because you fear, not respect, them. But after a while shouldn't you just say forget it let me take my chance? Carol made her black out, poisoned her... well you've read the book you know!

Why do you think Emma never stood up? Out of fear or because she really thought her aunt deserved her kids?

Also how come her uncle NEVER spoke up?

The Emma moment that annoyed me the most was when she just took blame for destroying her room.

Mairead Well her uncle still loves his wife and doesn't want her to go to jail and for his children. But I guess he could have told her to back off a little and let her have as much food as she want and stuff. As for Emma, she had thought of standing up for herself but it was futile if her uncle wouldn't even do anything to help her. What annoyed me was that she helped her aunt cover it up. She would have to clean up the blood of the floor. She would have to stay away from the kid so they wouldn't notice that something was wrong and lots of other stuff too.

R.S. Burnett Sometimes, when you're abused at home it's a completely different scenario to say ... bumping into someone on the street.
If Emma met Carol out of the home environment then yeah, I guess she could have and may have fought back and won but Emma lived with Carol, that changes things, like for instance, how vulnerable she is when she's asleep and not forgetting the children that are there, do they want to see their mom hurt? Would you want to be responsible for them seeing their mom hurt? As for her uncle? Well it seems she was a bully to him as well and I think he'd rather put up with her being there as she is rather than leaving him with the kids, which I'm pretty sure she would have done.

Emily I think it's more like a disavowal or abnegation. Simply put, George just doesn't want to face the reality of the situation. He has two beautiful kids and an unstable wife. His logic is to minus out Emma and he believes that is the solution. I think he knew more than he said, but he thought ignoring it would mean not having to face it.

As for Carol, I'm not so sure where this hurt and anger accumulates from. She has so much hatred and I keep wondering why and how.

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