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(REVIEWS) Group Giveaway #1 - Kydona by T.K Krug

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message 1: by Sofia (Bookish Wanderess), Founder (new)

Sofia (Bookish Wanderess) (sofia-bookishwanderess) | 221 comments This discussion is for the members that are participating in the first Group Giveaway (Kydona by T.K Krug), please, put the links for your reviews here.

Kendra Mcglothin | 18 comments Can some one tell me how I put a link to my review here???? And how I do a review. Thanks.

Eldarwen | 3558 comments The easiest way is when the book is on your "currently reading" shelf to update your status by clicking that you're finished with it. Goodreads will then automatically give you a window where you can rate the book and write your review.

If you have the book on the "to read" or "read" shelf (or whichever shelf you put it on), you simply go into that shelf, search for that particular book and select "edit view". You will then be able to edit your rating and review through the box that appears next to the book cover.

Once you've written your review, saved/posted it etc, you copy the link from your browser and post the link in this thread.

I hope I was clear enough because I sometimes confuse myself when I'm trying to explain things :-)

message 4: by Trinity (new)

Trinity  (tsundokuproblem) :D

Kendra Mcglothin | 18 comments

Here's my goodreads review. Sorry if it isn't the best.

message 7: by Jim (new)

Jim (gentjim) | 1 comments I was in the middle of moving when I got the email link to the book and now I can not find it. When I do or I should say if I do I will post the review! Sorry for the screw up.

Amber (atgordon) | 5 comments I added my review even though I am now over 20% through the book.

I need to ask. What the heck is going on there. This book really needs a synopsis for those going into the middle of the series because I have no clue. They are in a battle this I know. But where? and why?

And that's a serious actual question. I need some form of background on this story.

Amber (atgordon) | 5 comments Oops wrong book. I got the second one lol

Yesenia Maqueda (annechase) | 140 comments Ok, here is the link for the review. Hope people find it useful.

Amber (atgordon) | 5 comments So I got the first book (as had accidentally started with the second) and restarted a couple of weeks ago. I've been on vacation so it took awhile..sorry about that. But I did post my review. As soon as I get to a place with wifi will post the link :)

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