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Son of a Mermaid
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The Books > Son of a Mermaid by Katie O'Sullivan

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message 1: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks | 261 comments ... guy's pov. Male half-mermaid loves mermaid princess. Have you read it?

Jaydn | 5 comments I downloaded a sample from amazon on my kindle. I plan on buying it. It seems like a good read.

message 3: by oliviasbooks (new)

oliviasbooks | 261 comments A sample is a good idea.

Howard Parsons (howardparsons) | 181 comments Oliva,
The title character is a half-mer prince who has no idea that his mother is a mermaid . . . or a princess. The love interest is a handmaiden to his mother at the his grandfather's palace.

message 5: by oliviasbooks (last edited Jun 02, 2013 12:03PM) (new)

oliviasbooks | 261 comments Oh, sorry, I seem to have read the description too quickly.

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