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What was the novel title?

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message 1: by Sergey (new)

Sergey Barsamyan (barsamyan) | 30 comments Mod
If you read a JL work long time ago and now you'd like to remember the title, you can apply for helpe here

message 2: by Sergey (new)

Sergey Barsamyan (barsamyan) | 30 comments Mod
There was a short story in which the storyteller didn't like some person for no specific reason so he killed him with the help of a dog, trained to find and return tossed object (and eventually, a dinamite bomb the victim used to fish with)

message 3: by Marek (new)

Marek Janik | 1 comments It's probably "Moon-Face" from 1902, I don't remeber having read this one, but I found the synopsis on this site: http://www.snopes.com/critters/cruelt...
"ctrl+f and type "Jack London"!
Cheers! :)

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