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What are your favorite books in the Goosebumps Classic Series?

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I have a lot.

Sally nasralla welcome to the dead house

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Welcome to Dead House was my first favorite book.

Geeky Spice I always loved Night of the Living Dummy the most.

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Geeky wrote: "I always loved Night of the Living Dummy the most."

It is my favorite too.

Geeky Spice Hirun wrote: "Geeky wrote: "I always loved Night of the Living Dummy the most."

It is my favorite too."

I was terrified of china dolls and dummies when I was a kid so it really freaked me out. Going to read it again soon.

Randall Christopher I remember Let's Get Invisible being very good, and I really enjoyed Shocker on Shock Street and Beast from the East for some reason.

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Jay It has been over a decade since I've read most of them (I'm now reading them again in order) but I seem to remember really liking Horror at Camp Jellyjam and Attack of the Jack-o-Lanterns.

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Egg Head I always liked Stay Out of the Basement a lot and The Werewolf of Fever Swamp. I loved The Beast from the East to but I'm not sure if you'd consider that one a classic?

Medha let's get invisible, welcome to dead house, phantom of the auditorium and the curse of mummies tomb are some of my favz :)

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Paul Goina Say cheese and die, Welcome to Drad House and The Ghost from the neighbours. I read them all about 4 years ago, but i still like them so much.

VenomousButterfly My fav would have to be Monster Blood, second Say Cheese and Die. Im actually scared of monster blood cause i had this dream where it sucked up all of my family... Including my cat ): Still my favorite though XDDD

Sindy the cookoo clock of doom , the beat from the east and whats the name of the camping one again..?#$
huh yes the horror at camp jellyjam.

Marcy The first one was always my favorite -- I felt like it actually was creepy, while the others, as much as I liked them, did seem a bit campy.

Also, while it wasn't my favorite, I had a memorable experience trying to read the "Cookoo Clock of Doom" -- the copy I'd gotten my hands on had pages toward the end that were duplicated while others were missing; as I read it, I didn't notice that but thought that the duplication of sections was meant to be an actual play on time travel concepts. I got through a few pages of weirdness before I hit a place where a sentence ended on one page, but the next page started mid-sentence, and I went back and realized that the page numbers themselves were off. :)

Taleisha My favourites were werewolf of fever swamp, werewolf skin, vampire breath, the haunted school, the curse of camp cold lake, ghost beach and welcome to camp nightmare (first ever one i read).

Genilia Mohan monster blood,say cheese & die are my fav

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Beau The night of the living scarecrows

Viktorija The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
Night of the Living Dummy
Welcome to Dead House
The Haunted Mask

Ruihi v i loved the goosebump seris and still do
but the storys are always the same

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Kyia werewolf of fever swamp
girl who cried monster
what the hek i love all gosebumps

zainab alma the ghost next door

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David W. The Ghost Next Door made me cry (tears of joy). :')

Suhaib Asif Welcome to dead house is my all time favourite

Sharell Welcome To Dead House

The Ghost Next Door

One Day At Horrorland

Ghost Beach

zainab alma say cheese and die is one of my favorite

Mariana Welcome to dead house is my favorite but the ghost next door and stay out of the basement are not far behind.

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