The Bride Stripped Bare (Bride Trilogy, #1) The Bride Stripped Bare question

Why does this book polarise opinion so much?
Primula Bond Primula Jun 01, 2013 09:19AM
As an erotica author I learned a lot from this book about the more dreamy, intelligent style of writing erotica, and really liked it for that. But having read the incredibly differing reviews I am interested in how there is such a range of opinion. I do agree with the people who were confused by the fizzing out of the plot and perhaps it should have more bite - even more erotic content! But I love her almost poetic style of writing.

Spot on Vicki I couldn't get into this book either half way through I put it away for a while then went back to it and persevered.
wish I hadn't I just hated it.
I haven't read the second book though and probably won't either
Lori xx

This book is a tough one, it took me something like 4 attempts to finish it. Didn't really click with me, it was hard to follow and I couldn't connect with the character like I do in most books. I think from memory I liked the follow up 'with my body' a bit better.

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